Which One Is Better: Google Adwords Or Instagram Ads?

Which One Is Better: Google Adwords Or Instagram Ads?

Google AdWords and Instagram Ads are two popular and best mediums of PPC advertising. Both are quite effective and can play a significant role in maximizing your reach. But, since time and budget are limited, especially for start-ups, going with the one is a better option. Now the question arose, which one are better, Google Adwords or Instagram?

Both these ad platforms have some common factors while some different factors that will help you to find which the best is fit for your brand.

Work Process

Google: Google's major form of advertising is its search ads. It works by showing relevant ads that align with a user's search queries. The ads appear to show at the top or bottom of the search results with short headlines and two lines of ad text. This search ad is effective as they allow companies to reach users who are looking for the same term. While Google's Display Network works differently. It is shown on different websites and with an image or a video on a different website.

Instagram: Instagram ads are focused on creating demand just like Google's Display Network. With this, marketers use interest-based and demographic targeting to have their ads appear in placements on and off-platform. This advertisement does not need any certain search. Instagram Ads should be used on different stages of sales funnel to drive users all the way. Through Instagram ads, you can reach your target audience also on Messenger, Instagram and other participating apps.

Buyer Intent

Google: When a person uses Google Search, most probably he is intentionally looking for an answer. So when a user searches something that you also offer, they might click on your Google ads. So, Google Ads help you to place your business in front of a potential consumer at the exact timing when they are looking for the same.

Instagram: Most of the people spend far more time on Instagram or Instagram than in Google Search. But Instagram ads are found less effective here. Because people's purpose of using these platforms is not for looking for any product or service. But they are looking for updates from a friend.  Still, Instagram is useful for creating an audience base. Building brand awareness is considered as the long-term goal of any strategy.

Average Cost

Google: Although the average CPC on Google Ads can be expensive, people clicking your ads may be your potential customers. Google Ads are better options if you want to reach the target customers at the time of their purchase decision.

Instagram: Instagram ads tend to be slightly cheaper per click than Google Ads and can work great if you are focused on building brand awareness. The average CPS depends on the industry and also places. According to the study of Adespresso, Instagram feed ads are going to be double than the cost of Instagram Placements.

Ease of Use

Google: It is quite easy to work on Google Ads with just a dashboard for Express Version. In the advanced version, it will take some time to understand the advanced version. For the first time, it can be pretty complicated.

Instagram: For Instagram Ads, you have an ads manager. Whether you are working through a simplified version or a comprehensive version, your ads will be taken care of by managers. All the money you are spending on ads shows up there. This is simple and straightforward.

Targeting Options

Google: Google allows you to target a specific audience by age, genders, location as well as income level.

Instagram: Apart from the above specific targeting audience features, Instagram also brings other advanced targeting options. It allows you to target users on the basis of interests and behaviours. So, with Instagram, you can go very special in reaching your audience. Instagrams ads can work great if your target audience is very niche.

So Finally, which is better, Google AdWords or Instagram Ads?

As mentioned above, Google Adwords and Instagram ads both are platforms that operate on a pay-per-click basis. When you create an ad on either platform, you will enter an auction where you place a bid for how much you are okay to pay for ad space. Then, you need to pay a certain amount every time someone clicks one of your ads. 

Both Google AdWords and Instagram Ads are powerful advertising platforms. When evaluating each platform's strengths and potential applications, both are exceptional places to advertise your business. Both are cheap and each has billions of active users with diverse targeting options.

Instead of comparing Instagram Ads to the Google Display Network, find how you can generate more benefit to your business under your budget, ultimately the answers depend on your business goals budget.

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