Going through verification at Strifor

All you need to know
Going through verification at Strifor

Going through verification at Strifor

all you need to know

Strifor is a broker that offers its clients a wide range of trading opportunities. Through the platform, you can trade more than 60 pairs of cryptocurrencies, metals, CFD shares, Forex indices. The service also attracts traders with favorable conditions:

●        Low spreads and commissions;

●        Leverage of 1:500 (except Professional account);

●        Possibility of keeping funds on the deposit with the yield up to 18% per annum.

In order to become a full-fledged client of Strifor Broker, you will have to pass the verification procedure. Why this procedure is needed and how it is carried out – read the answers in our material.

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The Background Verification Industry: An Overview

Why do you need verification?

Identification is a basic requirement for any broker, as spelt out in KYC (Know Your Customer or Know Your Client) standards. Verification shall be designed to simultaneously protect the interests of both the broker itself and its clients, because it:

●   Allows you to confirm that you are working with a real, adult person who has the right to engage in commercial activities. For the broker, this also guarantees that he/she is working with a user who has registered for the first time and who does not have any duplicate accounts here;

●   Promotes a higher level of client protection against unfair actions of trading platforms. No international regulator will consider a trader's claim against a broker if it has not been verified. This is also why the website strifor.bid requires verification of one's identity before one can start trading for real money;

●   Helps to combat corruption, money laundering and other illegal financial transactions.

How to get verified at Strifor broker?

For this purpose, on the website strifor.bid, after registration on the platform, go to your personal account and then do the following steps:

  1. Select the Settings section, where you go to Profile - Personal details and click on the Verify button.

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edit profile

edit profile

2. Fill in the information on the form provided. You will need to give your name, date of birth and telephone number. The city where the trader lives does not have to be specified.

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uplolad a file

uplolad a file

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Going through verification at Strifor</p></div>

3.    Upload a scan or photo of your ID card; a page of your passport with a photo can also be used.

Strifor, like other brokers, also requires documents that can prove the client's place of residence. These documents must not be older than the last three months.

The following options are suitable instead:

●        A bank statement with the name and address of the new client of Strifor Broker;

●        An invoice issued for the provision of utilities. The client's name and address are a prerequisite.

Judging by the feedbacks left by the clients about Strifor, the broker gives the identity verification feedback within 24 hours.

If the user has not been verified, the appropriate notification will appear in his/her personal account, and the reason for refusal will be indicated next to the Verify button.

The most common reason is that clients have provided expired documents to prove their residential address.

Is it necessary to be verified immediately after registration?

Strifor broker is notable for its loyal policy towards its clients. That's why traders have almost full access to the services even without verification. The only exception is trading with real money.

However, clients can open a demo account to test the entire functionality of the platform, as well as the MetaTrader 5, which is used as a trading platform.

A demo account allows you to try out various trading strategies without the risk of losing your real money.

The broker also does not impose any time limits on verification. Clients can do this at any time, after which they will be able to use all the platform's tools.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Going through verification at Strifor</p></div>

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