Comparing the Betting Odds of the ICC World Cup Across Different Bookmakers

Comparing the Betting Odds of the ICC World Cup Across Different Bookmakers

Comparing the Betting Odds of the ICC World Cup Across Different Bookmakers

Comparing the Betting Odds of the ICC World Cup Across Different Bookmakers

Cricket is among the most popular sports worldwide, and the ICC World Cup is the biggest tournament that is about to start. Such a big tournament attracts a lot of viewers and bettors who try their luck and skill to win huge rewards. On such an occasion, you can also try betting on your favourite team playing in the World Cup. You can support your favourite cricketer or team by being more than just a viewer.

However, before diving into World Cup betting 2023, you must discover the World Cup winner odds that will help you make successful bets. At the same time, different betting odds are available according to several bookmakers online. Hence, you can familiarise yourself with betting odds on teams playing in the World Cup 2023.

ICC World Cup Betting Odds by Bookmakers Online

Following are the different betting odds made by bookmakers available online:


Fun88 is among the most popular betting sites online, which gives you the option of betting on the World Cup in many ways. According to Fun88, the best betting odds are for India, Australia, England, and a few more teams. The betting odds for India are 9/4, whereas it's 9/2 for Australia. At the same time, the betting odds for England include 13/4. With the help of these odds, you can make a successful bet on Fun88 to win money.

Furthermore, Fun88 also allows you to bet on a match before it’s played, during, or after it. Also, if you do not want to bet on the match, you can always bet on a specific team or player playing in the ICC World Cup 2023.


Bet365 is another popular international betting platform where you can bet in the Indian currency and win rewards that you can withdraw through your preferred banking method. According to Bet365, India has some of the best betting odds at 11/5. Similarly, the betting odds of other teams include England - 3/1, Australia - 9/2, New Zealand - 15/2, Pakistan 13/2, and more.

Bet365 has considered the previous performances of the teams when calculating their betting odds. And you get a higher chance of having a win when you make your wager with the help of these betting odds.


Unibet is another online bookmaker where you can consider the Cricket World Cup betting odds before making your bet. According to Unibet, the betting odds of India are 2/1, England is 33/10, Australia is 9/2, Pakistan is 7/1, South Africa is 8/1, New Zealand is 10/1, Sri Lanka is 18/1, and more. The betting odds of Unibet suggest that the Netherlands has the lowest chance of winning the World Cup in 2023. And if you want to win by betting on Unibet, your best option is to bet on India, Australia, or England.

At the same time, these betting odds are given so that you can compare and understand which platform has the best betting odds. You can make your bet and expect a high win according to your estimations.

Tips on Making Successful Bets on the ICC World Cup 2023

Now that you know all about the different betting odds from the top bookmakers in India, you can also discover some tips that will help you make the most successful betting on the World Cup. Some of these best tips include the following:

Diversify Your Bets

Whether wagering for the World Cup betting 2023 or another tournament, you must diversify your bets. In this case, putting all your bets in one basket is never a smart choice, and when you spread out your wager, you can bet on multiple matches and make different types of bets. Such an approach also helps with mitigating risks and boosts your chance of overall risk.

Stay Updated

It’s great to research the ICC World Cup 2023 from before, but information also changes or alters often. Moreover, the circumstances of a match can also change quickly along with a team’s performance if it might have to replace one of its players because of injury or some other challenge. The outcome of your betting can also change depending on the playing conditions. Hence, staying updated with the latest information gives you a significant advantage in making informed decisions concerning your bets.


The ICC World Cup 2023 will be a thrilling tournament full of excitement and vigour. Moreover, you can use the betting odds and tips above to make a successful bet. You can also implement special strategies to ensure your win through one or more bets. Once you have won a prize, you can always bet again and continue the cycle of your success in betting on the World Cup.

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