Who has the Highest Salary in India? Highest Paying Jobs in India

Who has the Highest Salary in India? Highest Paying Jobs in India

There are many job profiles in India that can provide you a good salary package, high job security, reputation and several other perks and benefits. But when it comes to the highest-paying jobs in India, doctors, Chartered Accountants, and Civil Services are some popular and traditional options. Besides, some newer roles like business analysts, software engineers are also grabbing the best salaries in the market today.

Here is the list of 10 highest paying jobs in India. Go through each profile to understand the trends, skill requirements and salary insights.

Doctors and Surgeons

Doctors and surgeons are among the highest paying jobs in India. Because of the huge population of India, there is no doubt that the nation suffers from different health issues. But the ratio of available health professionals is very low in the country. And that is why; the medical field has become the most sought after career path.

Even within the domain, there are some areas of expertise that are on more demand than the rest. For example, surgeons should be extremely skilled and knowledgeable and they are often paid more. Besides, all the medical professionals should have exceptional communication skills, problem-solving skills, decision-making skills and other important skills. The entry-level salary in the medical field especially in surgical, one can start with 10 lakh.

Qualification: Doctors should complete Bachelor of Medicine or Surgery (MBBS, BMBS) 25 years ago to start practising. And for further specialization, they can do a doctor in Medicine, the doctor in Osteopathic Medicine (MD, DO) or any of their desired specialization.

Data Scientist

In the last few years, career opportunities in data sciences have grown exponentially. It is because India has gone through great technological revolution and advancements in these years. And for the year 2020, it was expected that there will be 62% increment in Data Science job openings in India.

Well, true, a data scientist job has come up as a high ranking professional with a great salary package and has one of the highest paying jobs in India 2020.

A scientist, mathematician, computer professional and also a statistician, a data scientist is a technical analytical expert who deals with a huge amount of data to resolve the issues in business.

Qualification: To be a data scientist, one should have a bachelor's degree in Mathematics, data science, computer science, statistics. He must hold analytical skills, technical skills, computer programming skills, data visualization, etc.

Civil services

Civil services, the dream job of Indian people, it is one of the most satisfying career options for students and professionals across different disciplines. The initial salary of any civil servant is minimum INR 50 K per month on average. Apart from being one of the highest salary jobs in India, the Civil services hold great reputation and recognition in the society.

To enter in this field, one has to appear in the UPSC civil service examination. Every year, the UPSC exam is held. Working as civil servants, one gets the opportunity to explore challenging fields such as IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS, etc and also enjoys a lot of perks and benefits. That's why; the demand for the civil service profession has always been high since its inception. T

Qualification: There is no need to have any specific degree to enter civil services. There is no any certificate or short course that can help to get a job in this field. You should have an undergraduate degree in any discipline. And then appear and qualify the Civil Services Exam, a nationwide examination conducted every year in India.

Commercial Pilot

The glamorous job profile, a commercial pilot is highly demanding and among the highest paying jobs in India. A lot of people have a dream to make a career as a pilot. But becoming a pilot is no piece of cake. One has to undergo numerous protocols and strict aspects of judgements.

There are various physical needs like a perfect vision and many other factors. The starting salary of a commercial pilot is Rs. 1.5-2 Lakh monthly on average. But there are some drawbacks also. The job of a commercial pilot can be tiring and you might need to be in the air a LOT. Besides, you need a lot of money to get a commercial pilot license.

Qualification: You should have passed classed 12th with Maths and Physics. The training for becoming a commercial pilot is an instance. There is a need to have ground and also 200 hours of flying.

Chartered Accountant

An age-old career option, Chartered accountant or CA is favourite and most demanded career option for many commerce graduates and 12th grade students. The demand for CA has always remained steady not only on a national level but on an international level. Job security, perks, long-term benefits, and good remuneration are the major factors why the CA profession is a demanding profession of all time. Moreover, it has been one of the highest paying jobs in India for a long time.

The starting annual package of a Chartered accountant is 3 to 7 LPA on an average. With some experience, one can earn up to 30 LPA. Additional advantages of this professional are that one can start his own CA after 4-5 years of experience, and here there is no fixed upper limit to the earning.

Qualification: Graduation degree in commerce is good to understand the basics of the chartered accountant field and students who passed 12th and have studied accounting can also apply for CA. Besides, if any arts or science student wants to switch their career in CA, he/she will have to prove their merit through the CPT examination.

Investment Banker

Another name in the list of highest-paying jobs in India, Investment banker is an emerging job choice in India. Investment bankers work with financial organisations to raise capital through equity financing or debt management. They also investigate the stakes involved and deal with them accordingly.

 It is a highly demanding job because investment bankers have to work in a fast-paced environment where decisions can make or break the financial fate of the organisation.

The entry-level salary of an investment banker is 9 lakh on average and with some experience, it can go up 20 lakh and more.

Qualification: To be an investment banner, one should have a bachelor's degree in finance, economics, maths, business administration or related field. Besides, masters in an area of specialization in a related field


Working as a scientist in different defence research and development departments or other organizations of the Indian Governments like ONGC or ISRO is an excellent career choice. This is a dream job for those who have a keen interest in any branch of science. As today every country is thriving for cutting edge ideas and innovation to grow, there is a great scope for scientist profiles globally.

The job of a scientist is a highly reputed profession and it is one of the highest paying jobs in India. This is also a fact that getting into this profession is very tough. You have to be highly efficient and need to qualify numerous exams to be a scientist, especially in a government agency.

Qualification: To be a scientist, you need to start your preparation from school only. Do your 12th in science in +12 and get your graduation/ PG/ PhD degree in the related field of interest.

IT and Software Engineer

The unprecedented growth of the IT sector in India has opened the door for students to make a bright future in the IT field as a software engineer. No doubt, jobs in IT are ranked among some of the highest paying jobs in India and across the world.

Many multinational corporations look to India for hiring some of the brightest minds to take care of their digital needs. In this modern world, there is a huge demand for software engineers, programmers, coders, and ethical hackers. You can have great exposure and nearing opportunity in this field as per your skills and talent.

The starting salary for IT and Software Engineers can be 4.33 lakh per annum on average; it goes high with experience and can reach up to 1Milion per annum.

Qualification: To be a software engineer, one should do 12th with Science and graduation in computer.

Business Analyst

If you are a kind of person, who focuses on getting solutions instead of asking questions, the professional of Business Analyst can be a career option for you. The minimum requirements for this job profile are to have skills and knowledge for taking up analytical roles.

The main work of a business analyst is to come up with technical solutions that can be vital for any business. There are various modern sophisticated tools that make it easy to scan and prepare accurate data for predicting the future growth trend of business. Business analysts are a valuable resource for any company to develop strategies and immaculate business planning. The start-up salary of a business analyst is 6 lakh per annum and it can go up to 12 lakh.

Qualification: There is no specific qualification or course required for business analyst, one should have excellent analytical skills.


The last name in this list and one of the highest paying jobs in India; a lawyer is such a profile that will always be a demand, irrespective of the state of the economy. This profession has great growth opportunities and earning potential.

Law is a broad term that includes different fields such as criminal, litigation, corporate, and many more. Besides, corporate law is also the part of it that encompasses law requirements in a company, leading to better packages. A corporate lawyer's salary can go up to Rs. 7 Lakh per year on an average.

Qualification: To be a lawyer, you should have a BA LLB degree to their name, which is either a 5-year course straight out of school or a 3-year course after graduation. After this, for specialization, you can go for any particular stream of law.

  That's it on highest paying jobs in India. Hope you find this article helpful and interesting.

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