Benu Gopal Bangur

The Cement Czar of India
Benu Gopal Bangur

Benu Gopal Bangur

The Cement Czar of India

In the vast landscape of India's industrialists, one name stands tall, synonymous with success and innovation – Benu Gopal Bangur. As the chairman of Shree Cement, he has not only revolutionised the cement industry but also carved a niche for himself in the world of business. Let's delve into the life and achievements of this visionary leader.

Early Life and Roots

Born in 1931 into a Marwari Hindu family, Benu Gopal Bangur's journey began with humble origins. He pursued his education at Calcutta University, laying the foundation for a future that would see him at the helm of one of India's most prominent cement companies.

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A Legacy of Business

The Bangur family's business legacy traces its roots to the late 19th century when Benu Gopal Bangur's grandfather, Mungee Ram Bangur, and his brother Ram Coowar Bangur ventured into the world of business as Calcutta stockbrokers. Over the years, the Bangur business empire grew and prospered.

However, in 1991, the family business faced a significant split, dividing it into five groups, each managed by different grandsons of Mungee Ram Bangur. Benu Gopal Bangur emerged as a prominent figure, assuming control of Shree Cement in this intricate family reorganisation.

The Shree Cement Revolution

Under the leadership of Benu Gopal Bangur, Shree Cement underwent a remarkable transformation. The company, which had its beginnings in 1979 in Jaipur, soon became renowned for producing high-quality cement efficiently.

Shree Cement's branded products, such as Shree Ultra Jung Rodhak, Bangur Cement, and Rockstrong, became household names in India's construction industry.

Hari Mohan Bangur

While Benu Gopal Bangur's vision laid the foundation for Shree Cement's success, the future of the company is in capable hands. His son, Hari Mohan Bangur, took over the reins of Shree Cement in 1990 and has been steering the company towards new horizons.

Hari Mohan Bangur, a chemical engineering graduate from IIT Bombay, has been instrumental in the company's growth. He became the Managing Director of Shree Cement and played a pivotal role in a crucial decision in 2002.

Faced with adversity, he declined a merger with the French cement company Vicat and turned the company's fortunes around. Shree Cement's capacity expanded tenfold, and its share price soared, cementing its position as an industry leader.

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The Bangur Family's Legacy

The Bangur family's association with Shree Cement remains strong, with a significant ownership stake of 65% in the company. The family's commitment to excellence and innovation continues to drive Shree Cement's success in India and beyond.

Cementing a Fortune

As of Forbes' data, Benu Gopal Bangur's net worth was estimated at $6.0 billion, making him one of the wealthiest individuals in India. His wealth is a testament to his dedication, vision, and ability to steer Shree Cement towards unparalleled success.


In conclusion, Benu Gopal Bangur's journey from humble beginnings to becoming a titan in the cement industry is a story of resilience, entrepreneurship, and unwavering commitment.

His legacy, carried forward by his son Hari Mohan Bangur, ensures that Shree Cement remains a beacon of excellence and innovation in the world of business.

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