Are Premium WordPress Themes Worth the Cost?

Are Premium WordPress Themes Worth the Cost?

Are Premium WordPress Themes Worth the Cost?

Are Premium WordPress Themes Worth the Cost?

Pros & Cons of Premium WordPress Themes

The most popular website builder, WordPress, is empowering millions of websites. The open-source software is available for free with customizable designs, responsive mobile sites, high security and much more. 

While WordPress offers many free options, is there also the option of using WordPress Premium that is an upgraded version of WordPress free of charge? 

WordPress with many additional features and services. You need to pay a fee to access advanced features like contestant live support and custom domain name. 

Are Premium WordPress themes worth cost? This is a common question people ask to decide whether they should go for the premium version or not. 

To help you make the right decision, here are some pros and cons of a premium theme. 

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Pros of Premium WordPress Themes

  • Better Quality:  Generally, the theme is well-coded but they are often not SEO-optimized. But premium themes are up-to-date and adhere to standard coding practices. An additional benefit is that code reflects on your website's page load speed. And this is the reason why websites having premium themes rank higher on search engines than those using free themes. 

  • Customization: With free themes, you get limited customization themes if you don't know how to code. In premium themes, you get numerous options to choose. You can easily design your site to make it look unique with different colours, layouts, images, fonts, etc. 

  • Monetization Options: This is the best advantage of using WordPress premium is that it allows monetizing your WordPress site. With the premium themes, you can add advertisements to your pages and earn money through the clicks and impression.

  • Stand Out: Premium themes often provide flexibility in terms of design that give you the opportunity for your website to make it stand out. With the premium theme, you can create so many variations that by the time you are finished with fixing up your site, you can say that you are using a completely unique and different theme. 

  • Documentation: A well-documentation theme is important. But you rarely get documentation in free themes. That means you left on your own to figure out how to use a theme. With extensive documentation in premium themes, you get knowledge-based articles and tutorials that help you resolve your specific issues.  

  • Better Functionality: Using premium themes means you can make things far easier, more functional user experience. You can set up and customize your site look to provide users with better function. Moreover, you can resize thumbnails, change the layout and insert advertising code to give your site a better style. 

  • 24*7 Email and Live Chat Support: WordPress means you can get access to unlimited and round the clock support whenever you may need it. You can take advantage of full email support, and live chat support in any time zone and your problems will be resolved instantly. 

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  • Free Domain Name: When you go with the WordPress Premium, you can get a custom domain name for your website. It is an excellent way to promote the branding of your online business or blog by choosing the domain yourself, instead of being given one. 

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Cons of Premium WordPress Themes

While there are many pros to using WordPress premium, there are some cons also. Cost is the main difference, as you need to pay a monetary fee for getting a premium feature. 

  • More Expensive: The main con of WordPress theme is that you have to pay a monetary fee for using WordPress Premium themes. When you can have many features from the free version, paying for a few additional features does not make sense. Generally, WordPress premium themes come in different types of plans including one for personal use, one tailored for small businesses and one for entrepreneurs. 

  • Unnecessary Stuff: Free themes provide a minimalist design but paid themes offer numerous features and widgets that make your work lengthy and tough. If you have a simple website with a limited number of features, you can easily make a speedy WordPress website that improves your technical SEO using a free theme. But with too many unnecessary features, your website becomes slow. 

  • Crossing Over Plugins: Sometimes, Premium themes can cross over into the plugin domain and provide irrelevant features that disappear as soon as you switch the theme. 

  • Frequent Updates: Frequent updates are good to get new changes but sometimes, they can also be something of an inconvenience. Updates make your website safer, more mobile responsive and web browser compatible. But updates can also lead to losing data if not done carefully, making a backup necessary. 

  • Lack of Official Review Process: The development of paid WP themes can potentially ignore the policies and practices of WordPress. That over time can turn into major issues. Like a theme can be incompatible with some plugins. 

  • Poor Code: Sometimes, you may invest in a premium theme that looks great but has a poor coding standard that could make it incompatible with some plugins. It mainly happens because these themes do not have to go through a strict review process. 

  • Limited Customizations: If you buy a premium WordPress theme, you can customize the core functionality of the theme, but you cannot upload themes or plugins manually. Instead, you need to choose from an extensive list of compatible themes and plugins available to them with the monthly fee. 

Bottom Line on Premium WordPress Themes

These are pros and cons to find out Premium WordPress Themes worth the cost or not. You should with the premium these or not it totally depends on your website's needs and your budget. See, this is completely found to start with a free WordPress theme and upgrade it when you need it. 

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Are Premium WordPress Themes Worth the Cost?</p></div>
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Are Premium WordPress Themes Worth the Cost?</p></div>
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Are Premium WordPress Themes Worth the Cost?</p></div>
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