Top Affiliate Marketing Websites in India

Top Affiliate Marketing Websites in India

You have a website or blog and it is running properly with an excellent content marketing strategy in place; and a gradually increasing number of visitors; your next step is to make a steady income out of it.

Google AdSense is one of the most popular ways to do this. The next best thing you can do is to become an affiliate partner with different online stores. As an affiliate marketer, you help eCommerce platforms in selling their products; through your site and earn a commission on it.

Present-day, affiliate marketing in India is flourishing at a rapid pace; more and more people are going for affiliate marketing to make money. It is an excellent source of earning money digitally; with affiliate marketing. You only need to promote others' offers and you can generate great revenues as a primary business or side hustle.

The online stores and affiliate networks pay you a commission for every action taken; sale made or app install done via your links. That's how simple affiliate marketing is and that's why people from across the world are involved in it.

If you are also looking to start affiliate marketing in India and need some recommendations. Here is the list of top affiliate marketing websites in India to get started with.

Note: If you want to succeed in affiliate marketing then first, you have to understand it's basic. Check our complete guide on what is Affiliate Marketing" & how does it Work?

Top Affiliate Marketing Websites in India

Amazon Associates

The largest e-commerce brand in the world, Amazon Associates is one of the top affiliate marketing websites in India. You can sign-up to Amazon's affiliate marketing program through your existing Amazon account. After signing up, you can use the Site stripe to add links to your website easily.

On this platform, you can also create customized links like text links; text and image links and image only links offered range from 0.2% to 10% according to the product category. The best part about this affiliate marketing website is that it offers you commission for other products; that the users buy after clicking on your affiliate links.

Flipkart Affiliate

Another giant e-commerce company, Flipkart is also considered as a major player in affiliate marketing in India. Its referral payout differs for desktop/mobile website and mobile apps. The average commission offered ranges from 6% to 20% depending on the product category.

Like Amazon, Flipkart also offers a great range of tools such as widgets; banners and APIs for listing its deals or products on your site or app. You can easily track your performance of referral links and conversions with real-time reports on Flipkart.

V Commission

V Commission is one of the earliest CPA networks in India catering to multiple marketing objectives. It allows you to earn money through lead generation driving app installs and generating e-commerce sales.

Presently V Commission ranks among the top affiliate marketing websites in India delivering performances on both web and mobile to top Indian brands through a growing network of 17,500 affiliates. Also, it boasts of having numerous top clients in its kitty including eBay Myntra, HomeShop18, Snapdeal, etc. If you have a coupon website, you can upload your Coupon CSV, and use the same deep link for building a link to any product registered in the inventory.

One thing to keep in mind that the minimum payout for this affiliate marketing site is $100 that is timely deposited in the affiliate's bank account.

GoDaddy Affiliate Program

World's leading domain name registrar, GoDaddy comes up with a specific affiliate program for India. You can easily sign up either through an affiliate network like Commission Junction or Zanox.

To earn from GoDaddy, you need to send your customers to Go Daddy's website and place one of your banners with your contacts.

Notably, you earn money on every single sale that qualifies through your add. Setting up Go

 Daddy's program is quite simple and free of cost.

Because of its skyrocketing commissions of 100% and its great range of plans, GoDaddy is among the top affiliate marketing websites in India. It provides you with a complete suite of tools required for a webmaster to launch and flourish business online.

Hostgator Affiliates

Hostgator is popular besides hosting companies; it has a broad range of customer-based across the world including India. This is the reason why it is considered as an excellent way for affiliates to earn money by selling their offerings.

By promoting Hostgator products and services, you can earn more than 44 dollars for every customer who signs up from a promotional link, it sounds awesome.

Especially for those who have blogs or websites that deal with web design and hosting services, they must go for Hostgator Affiliates to make passive income. This sounds surprising, but it is true that the affiliate program by Hostgator pays over $700,000 to its affiliates in India, providing that this is an excellent way to earn money.

ShopClues Affiliates

ShopClues is an online marketplace with a huge following in India. Presently the brand is selling over 8.5 million products through its own website and holds a merchant based on more than 350,000.

The USO or Unique Selling Proposition of ShopClues marketplace platform is that all the products sold by the company are at a highly discounted range. It makes it easy for affiliates to promote and sell products. It also provides themed sales days like Wednesday Super Save Bazaar, Sunday Flea Market, wholesale products and other sales held during festivals.

When it comes to the common part, ShopClues offers commissions ranging from 7.65%, now the exact range varies as per the product category.

Rakuten Marketing

Formerly known as LinkShare, Rakuten Marketing is another popular affiliate network and counted among the top affiliate marketing websites in India. It includes many big merchants like Papa John's Walmart, Macy's, Best Buy, etc.

If you want to get access to the big brands, Rakuten is a good option. It also has some awesome features such as the ability to rotate ads without the need for an external solution. The cookie duration depends on the specific merchant you sign up with, and the minimum payout of Rakuten Affiliate Marketing in India is $50.

One thing, Rakuten Marketing's back-end dashboard looks a little outdated and you do not need a big collection like some other affiliate networks.


ClickBank is another among the top affiliate marketing websites in India and has an ideal option who wants to sell digital products. Click Bank offers a lot of digital products and also some physical products.

Whereas other affiliate platforms in India have giant's brands, ClickBank mainly focuses on the smaller end of merchants.

With Click Bank, you will find most of the merchants selling eBooks, online courses, or membership sites. These merchants might not be so popular but they bring amazing offers if they fit your niche.

The downside of this affiliate marketing platform in India is that some of the Click Bank products are not high-quality. While the company has been getting better day by day through its review process to filter out the wrong merchants, you still need to be very careful about which merchants you select to promote.


ShareASale has been in business for over 17 years and with time the company has been innovating its structure with the times. Featuring a plentiful marketplace full of merchants offering almost everything you can think of, there are always going to be multiple products options you want to promote.

ShareASale has digital and standard payout facilities. As you are free to choose which merchants to work, you get huge numbers of products to select to promote. While there are so many advantages in ShareASale and it deserves to be listed among top affiliate marketing websites in India, setting up ShareASale is not as simple as some of the other affiliate programs. However, this is not a major problem; it just needs a little technical know-how.

Shopify Affiliate

Shopify is widely-known eCommerce software; this is used by a lot of bloggers and online retailers. If you are in a niche where your audience will also be trying to sell online, Shopify is an excellent affiliate program for you to join and promote it.

The earning potential of Shopify Affiliate is awesome. You earn the first two months of your referral's subsection fee that is up to $598 on standard plans and 100% bounty on the enterprise plan that pays $20, 00.

What makes Shopify counted among the top affiliate marketing websites in India- it is a leading contender in its space and very few other eCommerce platforms come close.

What's next?

Now, you have a list of top affiliate marketing websites in India, it is time to analyze which among them to start your partnership with.

Do some research and go through each of their websites and check if the platform offers the products or services which your readers might want to purchase. After you sign up, browse through banners, widgets and put them into your blog or share on social media.

We hope that this post has helped you with the query about the top affiliate marketing websites in India.

What are the Indian affiliate websites you have found success with? If you have any doubt then feel free to ask, let us know. Also inform, if we have missed any important affiliate marketing website name.

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