8 Reasons to Make Oyster Perpetual Your Next Purchase

8 Reasons to Make Oyster Perpetual Your Next Purchase
8 Reasons to Make Oyster Perpetual Your Next Purchase

8 Reasons to Make Oyster Perpetual Your Next Purchase

Rolex, a revolutionary name in the watch-making industry, releases the Oyster Perpetual timepieces' new generation and highlights a new lineup that comes in five sizes: 28, 31, 34, 36, and 41mm. 

The brand takes pride in its original and classic watch models. It consistently creates a new generation of timepieces using advanced technology and methods exclusively developed by itself. Pieces in Oyster Perpetual's collection are descendants of the original Oyster—the pioneer, the very first waterproof wristwatch. The Oyster carved the Rolex name in history and became an enormous success. This success happened in the fall of 1927; swimmer Mercedes Gleitze wore an Oyster Perpetual on her trial to swim across the English Channel. Though she gave up on her aspiration, the fate of her wristwatch was exactly the opposite.  

Having said all the above, here are the eight ultimate reasons to make Oyster perpetual your next purchase.

  1. An incorporation of style and elegance of the classic and modern era

Rolex preserves the beauty of its pioneer watches while leveraging their style in a contemporary touch. If you prefer earlier Rolex versions with their classic aura but wanted a modern feel, look at Oyster Perpetual lineup's selections. Without a doubt, you will find one that matches your liking.

  1. A distinctive upgrade on bracelet technology

All Oyster Perpetual comes with an Oystersteel bracelet equipped with Rolex's patented Easylink extension system. Adjustment of the bracelet is as easy as one, two, three. You can adjust the bracelet in 5 mm increments using the Easylink system. A simple fold and click into your bracelet shorten it. 

8 Reasons to Make Oyster Perpetual Your Next Purchase
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  1. The stunning and vibrant colors selection

The Oyster Perpetual has two basic colors for its dial: black and silver with gold accents. The size variations offer some changes to the available color selections. 

In particular, Rolex Oyster Perpetual 34 has a bright blue color. While Rolex OP 41 displays in silver, which contrasts with the Radiant Black of OP 28. If these colors do not suit your liking, watches from this collection offer other color variations.  

The 28/34 mm has other available color options, including pink, popularly known as rose, and silver. Conversely, the 31/36/41Oyster Perpetual watches are in coral red, green, turquoise blue, and deep yellow. Oyster Perpetual 31 and 36 are also available in a candy—pink color if you want fun and more exciting hues. This color is exclusively available for these watches. 

  1. Notable modifications on movement 

Rolex changed the movement technology of OP 36/41 models. It took about 20 years for models such as Oyster Perpetual and OP 39 models to improve or alter the movements they utilized. The brand applied significant modifications to these two watches, Oyster Perpetual 36/41 models. Rolex achieved this upgrade without a remarkable escalation in prices. 

Both Oyster Perpetual 36 and 41 highlights the new Rolex in–house caliber 3230. Such modification mentioned comes with Chronergy escapement with a power reserve of 70-hours and amagnetic Parachrom Balance Spring. Another in-house Rolex caliber- 2232 powers the other models that include Oyster Perpetual 28,31, and 34. This caliber features a silicon balance spring which is known as Syloxi. 

The silicon and Parachrom balance spring provide for a two-movement technology, thus bringing out significant benefits.

Way back in watch manufacturing history, a balance spring is crafted from gold, glass, or steel.

They work well; however, such materials may post some issues with magnets. The magnet issues have a direct effect on the watches' accuracy. This problem is where the innovations come in. Moreover, modern innovations provide for more temperature-resistant alloys or metalloids such as Syloxi and Parachrom.

  1. The double baton markers at three, six, and nine o'clock 

The 36mm is fashioned with a white- dial, unlike those found on the 34mm or 39 mm models. Someone knowledgeable about Rolex would notice the dial's resemblance to a Datejust. However, he can immediately identify the absence of the date and the presence of double baton markers at three, six, and nine o'clock. 

8 Reasons to Make Oyster Perpetual Your Next Purchase
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  1. Excellent chronometric precision 

As the new generation of the very first waterproof wristwatch—expect only the highest quality from Oyster Perpetual. It possesses all the reliability and functionality features that you can find exclusively in Rolex. To add more are the waterproof case and self-winding of the movement via a Perpetual rotor. Rolex used Oyster Steel for the watch cases. The Oystersteel is a member of the 904 steel family, alloys most commonly used in the aerospace and chemical industries. Osytersteel is highly resistant and maintains its best condition even in the harshest environments. Lastly, it is a fact that Rolex is obsessed with perfection and the highest standards it sets for every single watch it produces. With this, you can expect that your watch is tested to the extremes before it lands on your wrist.

  1. OP 34: his and hers watch 

A glance at Oyster Perpetual 34 will give you the indication that it can fit both a man's and a lady's wrist. Technically, Rolex identified it as a women's model; however, the OP 34 appears as a unisex timepiece. The Oyster Perpetual 34 is a model that caters to both female and male consumers. The 28 mm variation shares the same dial with the OP 34. 

  1. The winding crown of Rolex, a tiny masterpiece in watches 

This little piece masterpiece is composed of about ten parts and is screwed hermetically onto the case. Another pioneering technology from Rolex, the winding crown is waterproof and provides ultimate protection for the watch.


Rolex surpasses expectations and their own set of standards for crafting a new generation of watches. The Oyster Perpetual is not an exemption. Indeed, it is another lineup to look out for, given the enhanced features of this collection. Rolex has something in store for you as this lineup comes in variations of colors and also offers a watch that suits both a female and male wrist. Again, Rolex could combine functionality and style in the best way possible.

8 Reasons to Make Oyster Perpetual Your Next Purchase
8 Reasons to Make Oyster Perpetual Your Next Purchase
8 Reasons to Make Oyster Perpetual Your Next Purchase
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