Contract Research: A Guide To Outsourcing Research And Development

Contract Research: A Guide To Outsourcing Research And Development

Contract Research: A Guide To Outsourcing Research And Development

Contract Research: A Guide To Outsourcing Research And Development

Contract research, also known as contract R&D or outsourced research, is a form of scientific research conducted by external organisations on behalf of clients. This research method has become increasingly popular among businesses, both large and small, who lack the in-house resources or expertise to carry out research and development (R&D). In this article, we will explore the basics of contract research and the benefits it offers.

What Is Contract Research?

Contract research involves a client company outsourcing their R&D activities to a specialised research organisation. The research organisation, also known as a contract research organisation (CRO), provides scientific expertise and resources to carry out the R&D on behalf of the client. This allows the client company to focus on other business activities while the CRO handles the R&D process from start to finish.

Benefits Of Contract Research

The benefits of contract research are numerous, and the process has become increasingly popular for a number of reasons. Here are some of the main advantages of outsourcing R&D:

Access to Expertise: Contract research organisations specialise in scientific research and therefore have access to a wide range of experts and resources that may not be available to a client company.

Cost-Effective: Outsourcing R&D can be more cost-effective than conducting research in-house. This is because CROs have specialised equipment and expertise, which eliminates the need for the client company to invest in expensive equipment or hire additional staff.

Speed: Contract research can be done quickly and efficiently with dedicated teams and streamlined processes.

Flexibility: Contract research can be tailored to the specific needs of the client company. This means that the client can choose the level of involvement, from a single project to a long-term partnership.

Regulatory Compliance: Contract research organisations are well-versed in regulatory compliance, meaning clients can trust that their research will meet industry standards and guidelines.

Types Of Contract Research

There are several types of contract research that a client company can outsource to a CRO. These include:

Preclinical Research: Research on potential new drugs, therapies or medical devices before being tested on humans.

Clinical Research: Research carried out on humans to test the safety and efficacy of new drugs or medical devices.

Analytical Research: Research conducted to analyse the composition and properties of a substance, such as a drug.

Process Development: Research focused on developing the most efficient and effective product manufacturing process.


Contract research has become essential for companies looking to outsource their R&D activities. With the benefits of access to expertise, cost-effectiveness, speed, flexibility, regulatory compliance, and more, contract research organisations offer a valuable service to companies of all sizes. By outsourcing their research, companies can focus on their core business activities and rely on specialised experts to handle the scientific side of their operations.

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