Evolutis India Pvt. Ltd.

Moving Fast Towards Achieving Its Target Of Acquiring 100% Market Share In The Indian Orthopaedics Market
Evolutis India Pvt. Ltd.

Evolutis India Pvt. Ltd.

Sudhir Shetty - Director - Evolutis India Pvt. Ltd.

Orthopaedic problems are most common today, with severe lifestyle changes coinciding with corporate growth. As medical science advances and new technology is introduced, it has pushed medical facilities to provide better care.

In this journey of betterment, Evolutis India Pvt. Ltd. has been a distributor and marketer of joint replacement products for Evolutis France.

Since 2006, Evolutis India Pvt. Ltd. has been an international partner for Evolutis France. In these 16 years, they have distributed and marketed HIP, Knee, Shoulder, and Arthroscopy products all over India through a strong network.

The wide range of products marketed by Evolutis India Pvt. Ltd. is ISO certified (ISO 13485 – 2003), marked by CE, and comes at a competitive price. The company is proud to have been featured in “Best Place to Work For 2022 (Yearly Special Edition)”

Though the company was formed in 2006, the marketing efforts only started in 2007. They are recognised as per international standard requirements. Evolutis India Pvt. Ltd. is an orthopaedic-based product marketing and distributing company.

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The Orthopedic Revolution Brought By Evolutis As A Brand

The orthopaedic industry deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders of the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. There are two types of orthopaedic surgeons: the general surgeon and the specialist in specific body parts such as the Hip—knee & Shoulder.

Evolutis is a brand inclined towards providing quality and innovation in its products and it is constantly improvising its existing product lists.

Additionally, EVOLUTIS commits a significant part of its annual turnover to developing new implants yearly. Their products have made a name in terms of long-term security, improved functional outcomes, reduced complications, and ease of usage. In this way, they choose to remain relevant to the competitive market.

The Brand Is Absolutely Inclined Towards Offering Excellence Through Its Products

Evolutis France is the mother brand that looks over the entire implant manufacturing process. Implant manufacturing refers to the entire process of design, development, and post-marketing surveillance phases, such as validation, manufacturing, and marketing of prosthetic joint implants.

Evolutis France has partnered with a group of highly skilled and specialised surgeons for every single project they take upon. The experts guide the products’ technical characteristics, performance level, and longevity.

Currently, they have established a fruitful trade relationship in 45 countries, including Australia, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Egypt, Hong Kong, South Africa, Spain, New Zealand, UK, India, and many more.

The company has one solo goal to achieve. And that is to provide cost-effective health care products and services to all. In this improved effort, they plan to become one of the best-performing companies in the Healthcare Industry.

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The Service Structure For Evolutis India Pvt. Ltd.

Two specific products have had quite an impact on the company and the medical industry. Firstly, the Dual Mobility Cup for hip replacement is a product sought mainly by orthopaedic surgeons. Its precise fixation/stability allows patients to move at a maximum range of motion after surgery.

The second product is UNIC Shoulder. With UNIC Shoulder, Evolutis India Pvt. Ltd. became the pioneer in introducing shoulder replacement in India. UNIC Shoulder is an innovative product in the case of arthroplasty. This product helps in every stage of shoulder replacement surgery. It requires minimal invasion, which is the key reason for surgeons to choose this product.

Evolutis India Pvt. Ltd. has successfully offered premium services to some reputed clients. The names include Bombay Hospital, Bhatia Hospital, Breach Candy Hospital, Fortis Hospital (Mumbai, Mohali & Delhi), Hiranandani Healthcare Hospital, KEM Hospital, Lilavati Hospital, Nanavati Hospital, Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, Sahyadri Hospital, Birla Hospital, Ruby Hall Clinic, Jehangir Hospital, Batra Hospital, Apollo Hospital, AIMS Hospital(Delhi), Base Hospital, Medicity Hospital, Primus Hospital, Spine Arthroscopic & Joint Replacement Centre, Dr Muthu’s Ortho Centre, Lakeshore Hospital, S K. Hospital, Trivandrum, Gokulam speciality Hospital, Sunshine Hospital, PGI Chandigarh, Live 100 Hospital, Sparsh Hospital, Amandeep Hospital, Civil Hospital, Saviour Annexe Hospital, Sterling Wockhardt Hospital, Shalby Hospital, and Saha Hospital (Ahmedabad).

Evolutis India Pvt. Ltd. holds its office in Mumbai with an employee count of 50 personnel. They are a self-invested firm. They have always paid attention to small details such as Surgeon friendly Instruments, Quality of the Implants, Clinical studies, and long-term follow-up.

Things That Made It Worthwhile For Evolutis India Pvt. Ltd In Terms Of Success

To talk about the statistics, Evolutis India Pvt. Ltd. has seen a drastic growth in the turnover of 50 lakhs to a whopping 25 crore, just in 10 years.

Their contributions speak volumes about their success, and for the same reason, they are considered the Number one Implant company in the Field of Shoulder Arthroplasty in India.

Evolutis India Pvt. Ltd. has also pioneered the concept of Dual Mobility in India for Hip Arthroplasty. This product ensures safety and efficacy for patients.

Even though with all the recognitions, the challenges faced by Evolutis India Pvt. Ltd was far too many. They have competed against MNCs who have cemented their place in the industry with over 25 years of existence.

However, the hard work paid off, and they could identify a good team that delivered good Implants boosting the team’s confidence. Based on the growth expected in the Medical Device Industry, the idea of Evolutis India Pvt. Ltd. first saw the light of the day.

Initially starting the business with Hip Segment, I.E. THR & Bipolar, they were the first to introduce The Dual Mobility and Shoulder in India in 2009. In 2008, they introduced the knee system.

They are the pioneers of Reverse Shoulder Surgery and Stemless Shoulder in India. In 2010, they introduced the Ceramic On Ceramic System. The Knee ROLFLEX TONIC was launched in 2016.

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Director Sudhir Shetty & His Motivational Journey

“It is not enough to be compassionate. You must act.” a quote by Dalai Lama is the life mantra for Mr Sudhir Shetty. He also believes people can do miracles with their hands, feet, and a small leap of faith.

With all the noble beliefs, Mr Sudhir Shetty brings the best orthopaedic implants and joint replacements through Evolutis India. Under his direction, Evolutis India is expected to go a long way to help people have healthier life options.

For nine years, Mr Sudhir Shetty has been the director of Evolutis India. In this journey, he has brought forward his expertise in strategic planning. He also has an undying knack for generating business through marketing and sales promotion.

Under Mr Shetty’s reign, Evolutis India has become a leading brand among orthopaedic implant manufacturers and joint replacement products in India.

Sudhir Shetty is an Industrial Electronic Engineer by academic qualification and has always thrived in making the team work together and inspire each other.

Mr Shetty takes inspiration from the parent company Evolutis France. He aims to make the Evolutis India chapter as successful as Evolutis France, which is well-known worldwide.

Mr Shetty brings over 25 years of work experience and around 15 years of working in the Healthcare and Life-Science Industries. In Evolutis India, he manages the domestic and international distributor-dealer networks.

The Future Trends For Evolutis India Pvt. Ltd.

The medical industry is witnessing new trends in Navigation, Robotic Surgeries, and Hololense (Virtual Imaging). With their knee and shoulder implants, Evolutis India’s dreams of capturing 100% share remain the primary goal for the company.

At the rate at which Evolutis India is going, they will clock a 100-crore turnover by the next five years and may even acquire 100% shares of the shoulder implant market.

Evolutis India is collaborating with almost 10 -15 new surgeons to train them about the implants and spread the word about the products. They want to be able to stage “Make In India Implants” and meet the international standard of the Arthroscopic Market.

Mr Shetty also says that gathering proper knowledge about products and markets without adhering to any shortcuts to achieve the desired goals is essential. And this is the reason the venture has not looked back since its inception!

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