BigTrunk Communications: Make Big Happen

BigTrunk Communications: Make Big Happen

BigTrunk Communications: Make Big Happen

Akhil Nair - CEO - BigTrunk Communications

The shift toward everything digital has an undeniable effect on the business industry. For businesses to reach their target audience, digital marketing has become a necessity regardless of their size.

BigTrunk Communications is a full-service 360-degree Digital Marketing Agency that plans and executes data-driven and customer-centric marketing strategies that can add value to the brand across all digital formats and touchpoints.

In 2013, Mr. Akhil Nair and Mr. Bharat Subramaniam founded BigTrunk to offer effective yet distinctive marketing strategies and creative solutions for Media Planning & Buying, Social Media Marketing, SEO & SEM, Content Creation, Graphics, Advertising, and much more.

The team at BigTrunk believes that a solid integrated digital marketing strategy and a strategic, analytical, and customer-centric approach can help brands achieve their targets and marketing goals while creating a memorable impact on the target audience.

The involvement and engagement of leadership, from decision-making to execution, stand at the core of BigTrunk Communications, making it the best place to work for employees.

Mission- BigTrunk aspires to be a full-fledged digital agency that enables its clients to improve their overall end-consumer experience through strong insights powered by data and the latest technologies.

Vision- BigTrunk strives to be India’s top Digital Marketing Agency that believes in a consumer-first approach and is driven by a passionate team of innovators and creators backed by data and technology.

The Visionaries Behind BigTrunk

Mr. Akhil Nair, a Master’s in Business Administration, worked as a Product Manager in the Insurance Business. With their exposure to various facets of marketing during their earlier roles, Mr. Akhil Nair, CEO of BigTrunk, and Mr. Bharat Subramaniam, the MD and Co-Founder of BigTrunk, realized there was a need for a solution in the ever-evolving digital advertising arena.

Mr. Akhil says, “The Digital Marketing landscape is evolving at a fast pace, and to catch the changing trends, you need to be on your feet, and that’s the most challenging yet exciting part of being in this business.” With the motto of #MakeBigHappen, the team at BigTrunk puts in extra thought and effort to take their game a notch higher.

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BigTrunk: Inception And The Journey So Far

In 2013, India underwent a mobile explosion, and Indians had just started evolving with smartphones. Although there were many advertising conglomerates like InMobi, at that time, most of them were traditional agencies and not digital-specific players.

Mr. Akhil Nair wanted to venture into the smartphone advertising market. With a mission to enable growth for its clients, enhance consumer experiences, and improve decision-making through data, media, content, and technology, he laid the foundation of BigTrunk.

The journey of BigTrunk has been anything but a cakewalk. The first 12 months after the company’s inception and the pandemic were particularly challenging. However, the highly expert team and employees of BigTrunk made it possible to overcome the challenges smoothly.

The global pandemic was a significant setback for many businesses, and the aftermath was no different. Industry scenarios have changed, and there was a need for new strategies to survive in the new normal era.

However, the team at BigTrunk took it as a stepping stone to innovate and reinvent themselves to understand consumer expectations and overcame one of the most challenging phases of their journey, as they say. In the end, the team emerged stronger and has grown from strength to strength ever since.

Differentiating Factors

BigTrunk Communications’ listening and learning approach to digital marketing differentiates them from its competitors. Starting with understanding the target audience, consumer behaviour, and expectations inside out, they offer a tailored digital marketing solution.

The nimble and agile team of BigTrunk has a place for everyone, from creators, innovators, and strategists to technology experts capable of weaving together award-winning digital marketing campaigns for top brands across industries.

Identifying the latest trends and innovations in digital marketing, following a consumer-centric approach and data analysis, the team comes up with insights to make their campaigns more impactful. Mr. Akhil says, “Once a client onboards BigTrunk, their milestones become ours, and we work as a team to bring out the best ideas on the table and execute them effectively.”

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Recognitions And Milestones

Their excellence has won them several awards across categories. Still, according to BigTrunk, their best reward is witnessing their brands and clients achieve their end marketing objectives and, at times delivering more than expected.

As Elvis Presley famously quotes, “Values are like fingerprints. Nobody’s are the same, but you leave ’em all over everything you do.”

Continual learning, data-driven, client-centric, strategic thinking, passion, curiosity, integrity, agility, compassion, resilience, and intrapreneurship are the fundamental values of BigTrunk Communications.

Incorporating these values into their work, the team at BigTrunk Communications has managed to cross several milestones since its founding, including

  • BigTrunk has over 100+ employees with diverse skill-set and expertise, most of whom joined last year.

  • Its presence is in three key metro cities across India, with its head office in Mumbai and offices in Delhi and Bangalore.

  • BigTrunk has been an Agency On Record (AOR) for 30 companies.

Over its decade-long journey, BigTrunk has worked with many clients across different verticals. Some of their imminent clientele include Madhur Sugar, SPAR India, Bhima Jewelers UAE, Gritzo SuperMilk, H & R Johnson, Saraswat Bank, Equirus, and NPS School Banashankari, to name a few.

Industry Trends And Future Goals

The digital advertising sector in India is flourishing and continues to grow at a rate of 22-25% every year, surpassing TV media to become the largest advertising channel. AI/ML will account for a considerable amount of advertising spending.

After establishing itself as a trusted digital marketing advertising partner in India, BigTrunk is currently focusing on expanding its presence on a global level. They plan to explore international geographies like UAE, Australia, USA, and Canada in the upcoming years.

To young entrepreneurs looking to join the industry, Mr. Akhil Nair shares a word of advice “Stay Hungry, Stay Curious, and always go for the long haul.”

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