Yudiz Solutions, Your One-Stop Solution To Everything Digital

Yudiz Solutions, Your One-Stop Solution to Everything Digital

Yudiz Solutions, Your One-Stop Solution to Everything Digital

Bharat Patel - Chairman - Yudiz Solutions Limited

“A simple thing that many people take lightly nowadays is passion. I am extremely enthusiastic about the unpredictability of technological breakthroughs. So be passionate. If there’s nothing you are passionate about, find it.” Bharat Patel, Chairman, Yudiz Solutions

The undeniable shift to digital has paved the way for incorporating new technologies in every industry. To flourish in any realm, businesses must establish their digital presence. It does not just help them reach their potential customers but also builds their credibility.

Yudiz Solutions is your one-stop solution for anything digital. Being a digital transformation and technology services company, they provide creative, scalable, and authentic solutions for various industries.

Yudiz Solutions started shaping up in 2009, and in 2011, it was formally incorporated. Today, they have established their roots not just in India but also in Canada, the UK, and Malta.

In the initial days, the company worked in the mobile app development sector before gradually venturing into website development, 2D/3D game development, windows development, IoT development, AR/VR development, AI/ML solutions, and blockchain development. Starting this year, it has also entered the Metaverse and Web 3.0.

The Visionaries behind Yudiz Solutions

Bharat Patel

Bharat Patel is the Founder, Director, and Chairman of Yudiz Solutions Pvt Ltd. Apart from laying down the foundation of the company back in 2009, he is responsible for coordinating various company verticals and leading it on a high-growth path even today.

With his passion for everything technology, Mr. Patel is a highly regarded name in the industry for his leadership skills and vast technical knowledge.

He has contributed immensely to the growth of IT and Electronics in India and established India's stature globally. Bharat Patel is also actively involved in fostering startups, trade associations, consulting organisations, and academic institutions as a part of his commitment to giving back to society.

An engineering graduate in Electronics and Communications from Gujarat university, Mr. Patel spent the early days of his career in research projects at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Trombay, Operations Research Group, and Space Application Centre of ISRO for designing microcomputers and integrated circuits.

With more than three decades of ambitious, goal-orientated, energetic, and highly skilled IT leadership expertise with proficiency in Business Development, Strategy Planning, Solution Building, Delivery, and Complex Program Management.

He also has extensive experience identifying, evaluating, and selecting appropriate technologies, achieving seamless technology transfers, and focusing on new concepts and emerging technologies and solution architecting in Mobility Solutions at Enterprises and Industrial Automation.

He is a man of many hats and has been the vice chairman of Gujarat Innovation Society, President of Association of British Scholars, a division of British Council, Ahmedabad, advisor at Software Technology Park of India, former chairman of Computer Society of India, chairman of startup mission with ASSOCHAM western region, and many more.

He is also actively involved with various companies in different capacities. He is also the co-founder and director of Abrizz Global NGO Foundation, which works in the fields of social uplift, education, and agriculture by optimising resources, tools, and technologies. He is a trustee at the Society of Promotion of Technical Education and Research.

Bharat Patel is also the recipient of Fellowship of The Institution of Engineers (India), Computer Society of India, and The Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers.

Pratik Patel

Pratik Patel is the co-founder of Yudiz Solutions. He is highly active in academics, LBN, BNI, and O7BN. Pratik leads the business development at Yudiz, where he integrates across verticals and drives growth. His leadership skills and vast technical knowledge have been critical in the company's fast-paced growth.

In his own words, Pratik's vision of leadership is, "The key to achieving success is to assemble a strong and stable management team."

Chirag Leuva

Chirag Leuva is the other co-founder of Yudiz Solutions. He heads operations/ project deliveries and manages all aspects of project implementations, including requirements and systems analysis, design, development, test, installation, and delivery, along with monitoring project development constantly. He is also actively involved in building strong relationships and strategic partnerships.

An Insight Into Yudiz Solutions

Bharat Patel was approached by a group of youngsters from The Institution of Engineers (India) when he was the state chairman to help them create a technical event at that Infrastructure.

He shared his experience in technology, explained about technology entrepreneurship, and offered to join hands with them after completing their Master's in Computer Applications. Soon after that, they started a firm providing IT solutions, leading to the foundation of Yudiz Solutions Ltd.

Bharat Patel mentions, "We had a small start but the right one. Yudiz is practically a blend of people, experienced in their respective fields, and fresh young minds willing to learn."

According to Bharat Patel, the idea of Yudiz solutions was to collaborate his knowledge with the modern software-influenced world.

They are working towards developing and growing with the fast-moving IT industry and to find the right balance of growth of the entire ecosystem consisting of industry, academia, and policymakers.

They aim to build a community of academic excellence and fresh minds and provide innovative solutions for their clients.

Talking about the company name, Bharat Patel mentions, "At Yudiz, it is our belief in providing solutions through a collaborative approach." He discusses the unique philosophy behind it.

Upon breaking up the name, it transforms to 'You Did It to appreciate the work done by fellow colleagues. Yudiz is a multilingual word influenced by Japanese and stands for 'Collaborative Approach'.

As of now, Yudiz Solutions have two operational offices, and they have plans for upgrading and sufficiently advancing their offices' presence around the best competitive environment, national and international.

At Yudiz Solution, they believe that providing an efficient working environment for their employees significantly affects the pace at which they can tackle critical projects.

Yudiz solutions have over 500 top-of-the-class employees. With their support, Yudiz Solutions cater to many reputed clients, with 80% of them being from overseas.

Mission And Vision Of The Company

Regarding their company's mission, Bharat Patel mentions that in the age of rapidly evolving technologies, they want to keep providing cost-effective assorted solutions that can keep up with the pace of the industry.

Yudiz Solutions' collective goal is to keep researching and innovating new ideas in information technology to create a roadmap for the upcoming generation.

Yudiz Solutions Key Services

Yudiz solutions provide comprehensive IT solutions. Some of the key services in which they excel are blockchain development, game development, Mobile app development, web development, AR/VR Solutions, AI/ML, and RPA.

Differentiating Factors

Yudiz Solutions differentiate itself from the rest with its client-centric, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions based on extensive research.

Success And Recognitions Over The Years

Yudiz Solutions defines success in terms of the rippling waves of their company's quality services. From creating maximum impact to taking on challenging projects, they have grown over the years and received countless praises.

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Overcoming Challenges Along The Way

Bharat Patel mentions the biggest challenge during the initial days of his entrepreneurial journey was finding like-minded people. Over time, people and experts with similar ideation and energy joined the team, and together they overcame challenges in their journey.

What Led To The Idea To Join The IT Industry?

The stubbornness to provide scalable solutions led to the idea of Yudiz Solution. Bharat Patel mentions, "Often, I would look at a product or technology, and a simple question came to my mind "Is there a substantial solution to that problem?"

That curious thinking was the first thing that led me to join the industry. I was not a novice - I had experience and knowledge and just wanted to apply that knowledge effectively."

Revenue Model

Yudiz Solutions don't have a complex revenue model. Their main earnings are from the key services they offer, and a considerable portion of their revenue comes from overseas clients.

How Yudiz Solutions Differ From Its Competitors?

Bharat Patel believes that academics made all the difference and made them this successful. He considers Industry, Academics, and Policies as the three pillars of success of any community, whether a society, a country, or a company.

The innovations are based on government policies, but the research comes from academics. Their belief in the value of academics sets them apart from their competitors.

They carry out educational programs for academics, introduce modern minds into their company, educate them and provide a platform to prove and upgrade their skills.

Major Milestones In Their Journey

Yudiz Solutions have received several awards and national recognition internationally. Another major milestone in their journey was that in 2014, they were the only company to provide game development solutions in Ahmedabad and diversified their services with recent trends in technology.

They were awarded as the best mobile app development company in Gujarat in 2015 by GESIA.

Fundamental Values Of Yudiz Solutions

Yudiz Solutions values the creative and influential merits that it has been following over the years. Working as a team and being supportive has yielded tremendous results for them.

Bharat Patel mentions, "Our guiding motto is "Stronger Together," and I believe that particular way of thinking indeed represents our working methodology. We approach the optimal solution together as a team."

What Business Problem They Solve?

Yudiz Solutions is working towards creating a transparent and reliable working system for every person in their company. They believe that being able to share the same values with your colleagues is an amazing attribute. To put together a collaborative effort, surrounding yourself with like-minded people is essential.

Upcoming Trends In The Industry

When talking about upcoming trends in the industry, Bharat Patel discusses Mobile development. In mobile development, customers want simplicity and interactive stability.

The current strategy is to provide the solution to even the simplest needs of a potential customer- a comprehensive framework with more features. To further evolve the technology, experts in the industry are working on combining quantum computing with blockchain.

The game development industry has also seen significant changes and advancements with technologies like AI and VR. With the announcement of the metaverse, many game development industries quickly took an interest in its features and the level at which the technology can scale.

AI and machine learning are the foundation of Web 3.0 and will ultimately steer the industry to a new age of digital revolution.

Transitions Underway

Yudiz Solutions is working on expanding its company in terms of technological and geographical aspects. Their commitment to their clients is finding solutions and delivering great service. They avidly believe in building reliability and not just finding solutions.

Yudiz Solutions: Five Years Down The Line

Yudiz Solutions plans on expanding its roots and building a balanced and smart team of young professionals and experts to guide them. They will continue utilising state-of-the-art technology to deliver intuitive and adaptable solutions. Bharat Patel says, "We are confident that we will grow much bigger in every aspect in the next five years."

Challenges And Learning Curves Along The Journey

Yudiz Solutions also faced several hurdles along its journey. Creating a network of like-minded people and talent acquisition were the most crucial challenges during their initial years.

However, finding other team members became easy once they had established the core. Bharat Patel says, "Challenges are part and parcel of a venture. We have learned on the job and continue to do so in our quest to provide the best solutions to clients."

Road Map

Talking about the road map of their work, Bharat Patel mentions that they set common quarterly goals, which consist of common business practices like bringing in new clients, retaining them, providing a good working environment, assessing their productivity, and discussing how we can build reputable brand perception.

They utilise their extensive research skills to develop innovative solutions for their clients.

Future Plans

To succeed, it is vital to keep up with the new trends and technological advancements. Yudiz Solutions are working on plans to enhance its knowledge and capabilities and expand the company. Their commitment is to bring out their branded products into the market.

They have plans to add new products and more locations, staff augmentation, research wing, incubation and co-working, product development/white label/creative IP, and infrastructure development. Bharat Patel is sure they will realise these goals and many more in the future.

A Word Of Advice For Young Entrepreneurs

For young entrepreneurs, Bharat Patel's advice is to be perceptive and good at selecting things. He says, "Choosing a proper mentor is as important as picking the right time to introduce yourself and your product into the market.

Don't be afraid to innovate and create out-of-the-box solutions. Be thorough with research, and always remember it takes combined efforts to find a scalable solution."

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