Yogesh Chourasia & Associates (YCA): vesting clients with the power to thrive in GST era

Yogesh Chourasia & Associates (YCA): vesting clients with the power to thrive in GST era

Yogesh Chourasia & Associates (YCA): vesting clients with the power to thrive in GST era

Despite Indian government's several attempts to reform the taxation system, the nature of tax laws still remain complicated; specially, for the fast paced growth of corporate sector the laws don't seem to be encouraging. In such a backdrop, businesses find themselves swarmed by a number of challenges while steering through tax compliance procedures and percolating benefits out of the same. What is more, the entire thing becomes a convolution; aligned with the growth of business the process keeps gyrating itself. The situation is worsened by persistent evolution in the landscape of tax laws which exposes businesses to new threats with new guidelines. The impact of implementation of GST on businesses is exemplary of how backbreaking it could be for businesses to acclimate themselves with such shifts. Whether it is an everyday compliance with procedures, forms and rules; development of efficient tax strategies or evergreening of tax, it demands for a professional as well as specialized guidance with requisite expertise to come up with the best course of action that ensures an optimum value.

Positioned as a vanguard in the industry for its commendable transparency, client service and commitment to profession, Yogesh Chourasia & Associates (YCA) leads the panorama of tax consulting in the country with an astounding success ratio of 75-80% in tax litigation matters. A boutique indirect tax advisory, YCA brings to the clients' table extensive advising for Goods and Services Tax, Service Tax, Central Excise as well as Sales Tax or Value added Tax specifically concocted to cater to the complexities unique to the business.Remarkably, YCA has the highest number of Special audits across Pan India to its credit; a fact which demonstrates that the firm flourishes as a leader in the industry. The firm has successfully carved pathways to sustainable industry leadership with its reputation for incontestable expertise in handling tax compliances right from the inception to the tribunal stage. YCA's grand client portfolio shines being studded with a multitude of giants from public as well as corporate sector. The firm also has a long history of providing services to Individuals of low income group, entrepreneurs of Small scale and tiny industries at Adjudication and Appellate stage at a Minimal cost.

The firm is a home to a multidisciplinary team which encompasses highly qualified and skilled Cost Accountants, Company secretaries, Chartered Accountants, Excise consultants, Service tax Consultants other Indirect Tax consultants equipped with rich domain experience. Every Indirect tax assignment is handled by a dedicated team of domain experts who work in close coordination with the clients and provide solutions as per their requirements. One of the foundational pillars of the company is its policy statement – 'Where excellence is the law' which drives the entire team to perform their best with an unshakable belief in espirit de corps.  Abiding by the highest standards of professionalism, each and every member of the team keeps a steadfast devotion to fetch optimum advantage to the clients' business through implementation of groundbreaking solutions while ensuring their best that the services offered are in compliance with Indian laws and regulations. The key strength of the firm is its robust information mechanism that enablesit to offer all relevant updates in statues governing Indirect tax laws on real time basis.

Stellar journey

Incorporated by CMA Yogesh Chourasia, YCA embarked on its grand journey unfolding success as a leader in tax consulting in 2005 as a practicing cost accountants firm. The journey began with baby steps conducting only cost audits for clients. The firm's efforts towards achieving acceleratedgrowth took shape when it diversified into indirect tax consulting within a year. This endeavor opened avenues for the first and one of the most significant milestones that came with an assignment of Special Audit from The Department of Central Excise, Customs and Service tax. The successful and impressive execution of the project proved to be a stepping stone towards YCA's emergence as an expert provider of this service. The success was soon followed by formation of a separate and a dedicated team to look after indirect tax assignments. The development was significant enough to be eyed by leading players seeking such services. It paved way for another big milestone in the journey bagging an indirect tax assignment from a renowned publicentitythat dealt in thousands of crores.

By 2010, YCA has earned reputation as a name to reckon with for delivery of excellence and best practices in the industry. The year also witnessed extension of service portfolio with inclusion of consulting for litigation matters. In line with what the founder envisioned, YCA's core team continued to write the growth story with utmost devotion and zeal. The entire period from 2012 to 2016 marked a stretch of vital growth recorded in terms of revenue and clientele; which entailed the firm's establishment as the troubleshooter with specialized expertise in handling criticalities in matters related to Central excise and Service tax. With the implementation of GST in India, the firm shouldered the responsibility of educating masses about how to bring out the best possible results with the enforcement of the new tax structure in the organization. The firm has dedicated its efforts towards GST Training of Corporates so as to enable clients to be compliant with it and optimize their revenue.

The motive of upholding the brand image as 'the expert in special audit' continues to drive the entire team to excel and offer peerless services in this disruptive phase of GST. Envisaging empowerment of more and more business houses, YCA has been treading upon a strategic roadmap that is soon to unfurl plans for expansion of footprints in major trade hubs across Pan India besides increasing its presence in the commercial capital, Mumbai.

Inspirational Leadership

The Founder, Yogesh Chourasia is a renowned Certified Management Accountant, who holds extensive expertise stemming from one and a half decades of experience in advisory for matters concerned with indirect tax. A fellow member of Institute of Cost accountants of India, Mr. Chourasia has also been associated with several organizations of repute such as ASSOCHAM and PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry. At present, he heads the Bhopal chapter of ICAI as the Chairman.

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