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Providing unrivalled financial advisory services
Mudra Portfolio Managers

Mudra Portfolio Managers

Nishant Kohli - Director and Business Head

Mudra Portfolio Managers.: providing unrivalled financial advisory services.

Portfolio Management is the consultative procedure of meeting and fulfilling the needs and desires of clients by providing them with fitting and apt financial services and products. It is a high-level professional service that incorporates diverse financial advisory together into one approach. It requires a team of skilled investment management advisors like Wealth Managers, CA and other professionals, along with competent management to guide them.

Portfolio Management goes beyond just investment advice because it encompasses all aspects of a client's financial life. A client will profit from a holistic approach that draws together various products & Services to meet their distinct financial targets and goals. A client no longer has to assimilate and consolidate different chunks of financial advice from different sources. Portfolio management can help preserve a client's wealth and facilitate them in achieving their definite financial objectives. For instance, various wealth management solutions are tailored for particular clients. These solutions take into consideration a client's present situation, current wealth, future goals and more. A portfolio manager can help a client safeguard their investments and minimize taxes and fees. They will ensure that a client's wealth is distributed and allocated according to the client's wishes. Changes in financial situations can lead to changes in financial objectives, a portfolio manager takes this into account, so they hold regular meetings with their clients to revise & update goals and review & rebalance the client's financial portfolio.

Established in 2012, Mudra Portfolio Managers was created with a vision of being a service oriented financial distribution and advisory company. They wanted to build a business:

  • which commands respect and is driven by ethics and clear ideology
  • where clients really come first
  • which caters to all financial asset classes
  • where a financial advisor is not just a client's relationship manager but also a friend, mentor and part of family

Thus, Mudra Portfolio Managers came into existence as a fair and transparent investment solution platform for "each and all". Mudra has specialised departments in Wealth Management, Taxation, Real Estate, Loans and Property Management, hence catering to all financial and investment needs of a client under one roof.

In a conversation with Nishant Kohli, the Director and Business Head-Wealth of Mudra Portfolio Managers, we unravelled the business model, its clientele, how company assists the clients in solving the financial maze, and much more. Here are the edited excerpts.

What inspired you to initiate your career in an entrepreneurial path and establish this firm?

We had seen that most of the organisations always run after clients who have deep pockets, a normal middle-class client who is working hard to earn, and is looking forward to save, invest & grow had no one to go to. We recognised that these are the clients who are looking forward to make the most out of their savings, and want somebody to really guide them, as financial stability is the first bench mark for them to achieve in life. We cherish to cater to this segment of clients. We know what a client actually wants and also what is being offered in the market, and that there is a huge gap between expectations and deliverance. We are here to fill this gap. Generally, an organisation focuses on how much money they make from a client whereas we are focusing on how many clients we can make from a client. Because of our good service and right financial advice, 100% of our clients have referred us to either their family, friends or colleagues. With proven approach driven by money management and sophisticated planning, the firm ensures to deliver greater tax efficient and risk adjusted -returns covering all the asset classes.

What problem does your company resolve and how it is different from others in the Consulting Industry?

The biggest challenge a client faces is that he/she has to deal with different people to address the need of different financial products. For Taxation a Chartered Accountant, for Real estate a real estate agent, for wealth investments a banker or investment advisor, for HNI investor a senior investment advisor … however through dealing with us they get all these products & services addressed through one company and one relationship manager only. Thus, we take care of entire portfolio of clients instead of a part of it.

What is your current business model?

Mudra was launched as a wealth advisory company. However, based on feedback and requirements from our clients who were happy with our services, we kept on adding new product lines at regular intervals. Today Mudra has specialised departments in Wealth Management, Taxation, Real Estate, Loans and Property Management. This gives us an edge over competitors.

Also, our business provides a technology based personal Interface. What we mean is that on one hand yes, we do use technology towards making the interaction and transaction processing easier and more efficient, however on another hand we firmly believe that a face to face human interaction is the most important part of our business. So, we ensure that our clients are being served and met at regular basis by the Relationship Managers.

 Who are your clients? How do you work on your long-term relationship with your clients?

We serve both retail and HNI clients. Also, we have a separate team to cater to NRI's. As mentioned earlier we know what a client actually wants and also what is being offered in the market, and that there is a huge gap between expectations and reality. We are here to fill this gap. So we don't only offer what we have but what client really requires.  Yes, we are into business and we are required to earn money but we ensure that our advice is aimed towards managing profitability for both client and us. Also, our focus on retail ensures that we are not dependent on less clients to earn hence we are able to give them much better advice. Our clients have been associated for years and we are also serving the 2nd generation now. The best litmus test for client's satisfaction is whether he has refereed your services to others or not? Because only a satisfied and proud client will refer the services, he is availing to others. We take pride in saying that almost 100% of our clients have referred us to their friends and family.

Throw some light on your team and area of expansion.

The company is joined by experienced bankers, wealth managers and chartered accountants who wanted to be part of the adventure and offer new and innovative service approach to the clients. The firm thus becomes a flexible platform to such like-minded employees. Presently, headquartered in Mumbai, Mudra Portfolio Managers has clients not only in various cities of India but across 14 countries in the world.  The independent and entrepreneurial approach of the company ensures that hierarchies remained flat and the decision-making process is short. Thus, clients and business partner's requests can be checked and evaluated quickly and professionally. We are trying to develop new product lines and skills so that we can serve more to our clients. Currently, we are in a process to expand our horizon in both domestic and international locations.

Kindly share your favourite quote that motivates you.

"It's not how much you make, its how much you save and invest"

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