Suresh & Co.: team of expert CAs redefining tax advisory with DNA of trusted partnership.

Suresh & Co.

Suresh & Co.

team of expert CAs redefining tax advisory with DNA of trusted partnership

Suresh & Co.:  team of expert CAs redefining tax advisory with DNA of trusted partnership

"The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax", said Albert Einstein and that goes absolutely true; may be even more keeping in view an increasingly complex and dynamic business landscape.

In a large democracy like India, businesses encounter several challenges apropos of management, performance, security, growth and more.

Not to mention, Tax risks add a lot more complexity to each of them and impacts the entire business model obstructing its growth.

In such a backdrop, it becomes quintessential for corporates to seek effective tax advisory services that would help them navigate all the regulatory and compliance hurdles in their success path.

One of the trailblazers in Indian landscape of tax advisory, Suresh & Co is a prominent name among professional CA firms in Bangalore known for its best practices in the industry.

The firm has been at the forefront of delivering excellence and maximum value to businesses through best practices that involve highest standards of professionalism, integrity and client relationship mixed with an Out of Box Lateral thinking capabilities.

The firm is home to a young team of highly qualified and skilled Chartered Accountants, Consultants and assistants who bring with them dynamic expertise in diverse areas and handhold clients in their journey to help them steer through complications conveniently ,planning for the long term , visualizing the future impacts and challenges a dynamic business would face..

The organization stands on the pillars of innovation, authentic approach , process experiences,transparency and customer centricity which strongly reflects in the team's performance in every project it handles.

A systematic and innovative approach to develop end to end solutions towards execution in the best possible time frame bringing efficiency in processes and providing maximum value is the motive that drives the entire team.

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Variation Compusolution

Suresh & Co's journey traces its roots to 1968 when D L Suresh Babu, a qualified Chartered Accountant stepped into his entrepreneurial journey envisioning an organization that would act as a pillar of growth to businesses besides generating employment for Indian youth.

Over the course of its journey, the firm achieved manifold growth and evolved significantly in terms of people, processes and portfolio.

The company's robust portfolio caters to distinctive needs of the clients enveloping a broad spectrum of services for Business Consultancy in Direct , Indirect Taxes and Accounting Policies, M & A Transaction Advisory & Support , Internal & Management Audits, Statutory Audits, Family Business Succession Planning and Restructuring, Personalized Regulatory & Financial  Advisory to High Networth Individuals, Corporate Law Service, Advisory for International Cross-border transactions, Accounting, Management & payroll, Transfer pricing, Tax Representation and much more.

Such a grand portfolio enables the firm to offer flawless management of end to end functions in a project and become one of the most preferred destinations to go to for tax consultancy.

It caters to diversified industry verticals including manufacturing, trading, technology products & services, insurance, banking, e-commerce,real estate development, financial services,consulting, hospitality, healthcare,publishing & media, ITES, engineering, charitable organizations, social enterprises, education and many more.

Suresh & Co. has been entrusted by a number of businesses for their critical needs time and again for its gilt-edged specialized solutions that are proven to fetch success and be productive.

The company's rich clientele encompass Indian business conglomerates, multinational companies, small & medium enterprises, high net worth individuals, start ups and family owned business with their core focus on Business with a Turnover between 50cr to 250 cr, Promising High Growth Start Ups and High Networth Individualsand Persons having Tax exposure in multiple countries .

During a conversation with The CEO Magazine, Mr. Suresh Babu – Founding Partner at Suresh & Co. shares, "In our long journey, we have acquired many clients spread over all sectors and sizes for a long term; with most of them having grown with the firm over multiple decades.

As an organization, we are guided by a strong passion to serve the society in best possible ways; and, hence our services are dedicated to all those business houses that play a pivotal role in economic development of the nation.

These include giant corporates; start ups with a great potential to be scaled and funded as well as selected Non-Profit Organizations. Since our inception, we have served some of the leading brands of India, many mid-sized multinational corporates and also start-ups who have left indelible marks in their respective sectors.

Beyond serving corporate classes, our services have always been open to entrepreneurs who have charted unexplored territories; those who endeavor to shoulder the responsibility of nation building creating wealth for themselves and others around them.

Through our unique approach towards problem solving, we have successfully empowered many serial entrepreneurs, who are now business tycoons and have established Billion dollar Unicorns in India."

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Suresh & Co.'s positioning as a frontrunner is the reward of five decades of trusted partnership with clients. This has been the key that has enabled it to carve a niche in this space standing tall among rest of the service providers.

A relationship that translates to trustworthy association with clientsis rooted in catering to their needs with a sui generis approach. It gives assurance of the best decision making; taking over theownership in resolving complicated matters related to Tax, Regulatory & Finance.

Elaborating on the uniqueness of the approach, Mr. D S Vivek, Managing Partner shares,

"Once we are onboard, we start with the thinking 'yes, there is a solution' for the challenge being faced and know there will be a. "Way" for every challenge. Our approach involves a careful analysis of the problem which is followed by devising innovative solutions covering an end to end management of the entire project and is focused on value maximization. We just do not advise our clients on what to do, but we empower them to take their own decisions in the right perspective.Our solutions visualize and plan for the long term and not just meeting current needs of our clients.This leads to building an alliance that is based on reliability. Our clients trust us and this is our biggest accolade."

Established in Bengaluru as the leader providing cutting edge services to businesses around the globe, the firm is now all set to take new steps towards achieving sustainable leadership.

The core team has been following a strategic roadmap that keys on extending reach across major trade hubs of the nation with an aim of serving more and more businesses and support their needs. In this regard, setting up of full-fledged offices in Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai is lined up.

Besides, there are plans for developing a unique Network of CA firms across India, so that the intellectual properties, experiences and expertise developed and nurtured over these years can be easily utilized by professionals across the country in providing high quality value-based services to their clients.

Inspirational Leadership

D L Suresh Babu, Founder & Managing Partner is a veteran Chartered Accountant, whohas been one of the pioneersof tax advisory services in India. Right after his qualification as a CA, he started this firm Suresh & Co in 1968.

His vision was to create an organization that could take care of at least 10 families, as was desired by his father. True to his vision, today, the firm provides direct employment to more than 120 families and indirectly to more than 200 families.

D S Vivek, Managing Partner is a renowned Chartered Accountant andone of the very few in India who have passed the ICAI Post Qualification exam on Taxation called Diploma in Tax Management and has also co authored few books on International Taxation and e-commerce. 

He is a business catalyst, an entrepreneur, a coach, a trusted advisor, a speaker and an Out-of-the-box thinker. Prior to joining Suresh & Co., he was associated with PriceWaterhouse Coopers as a Tax Consultant.

His two decades long career journey encompasses expertise in building commercial efficiency without compromising on corporate governance through simple yet holistic solutions.

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