SPC Management:  A metonym for Innovation, Responsibility, and Value-based people management solutions in the country

SPC Management:  A metonym for Innovation, Responsibility, and Value-based people management solutions in the country

SPC Management:  A metonym for Innovation, Responsibility, and Value-based people management solutions in the country

"The key inspiration to create "SPC" came from a desire to bring HR out of that "Personnel function" mould and see it play a more strategic business role in the organization. I always believed that human resources are the key drivers of growth in any organization be it Government or Corporate. When I started my career as a corporate HR executive, the word was in fact viewed mostly as a compliance and discipline enforcing functions which were not very comforting. It was the beginning to dare something new in the horizon of Human Resource function. I left my job and started in an individual capacity, worked with few traditional manufacturing industries helping them to leverage their human resources towards higher productivity, making a paradigm shift in approach and creating simple tools and process to make employees an integral part and key stakeholder in organization's long-term and short-term vision and plans." discloses Mr. Nabajyoti Das as he tells the success Saga of SPC Management, the leading Management Consulting and HR Business Solution Company providing need-based HR outsourcing, Recruitment and Consulting services to a broad range of clients globally. The organization's voyage has been quite tremendous since its inception. Let's have a look:

The advent: Making itself a differentiator

With the growth of new economy and competition becoming tougher, hiring right talent and managing the workforce has always remained a key issue with organizations. The genesis of SPC started in 1998 as an HR consulting arm of a larger engineering consulting firm based in Delhi primarily catering to Sugar and allied industry segments in Northern India. Spotting the opportunities, SPC Management came into existence in 2004 and initiated its services in the vertical of recruitment and consulting, providing leadership hiring as an exclusive service. In 2005, SPC started its outsourcing services. During last 14 years of operation, SPC has established itself as a key consulting organization for Indian development sector offering Recruitment, Management Outsourcing, and HR Consulting services. The company is channeling its excellence throughout the geography from its branches located in Mumbai, Bhopal, and Bhubaneswar.

The key differentiating factor with SPC is the approach. Each assignment, be it individual recruitment for a position to large projects for recruitment and outsourcing, SPC follows a research-based approach for implementation or solutions which are tailor-made rather than being "consulting templates" for various clients. SPC identified development and social sector as its core sector of interest and engaged in recruitment and consulting support since 2003-2004 with multilateral and large NGOs. SPC extended its expertise in HR outsourcing services to UN and international agencies. SPC presently managing consultants and providing management support to programs funded and managed by many major multilaterals and bilaterals.

Product Portfolio

  • Hiring Solutions

SPC fills this need of the industry with constantly innovative ways of hiring and advising on talent management strategy.

  • Outsourcing Solutions

SPC has been offering outsourcing solutions to domestic and international clients for Manpower and staffing services, Transactional HR Services, Accounting Services and Travel support.

  • Consulting Services

SPC conducts research and survey in manpower, compensation and talent mapping capturing industry trend in IT, manufacturing and Services industry. SPC has achieved a niche in its work with Indian Social Sector for providing consulting services in people and process management area.

  • IT Support Services

SPC has an in-house IT support team, which has developed HR technology. Some of the product are successfully operating in large organisations.

SPC family: A stimulating environment for a young workforce

SPC nurtures a team of 30 people. The work culture in SPC is open with minimum hierarchy, more of a flat structure. SPC provides individual space for innovation and growth.

Milestones Earned

Expansion Binge and Journey Ahead

Working as a consulting support organization to Indian development sector, SPC now works closely with various State Governments, central ministries, and major UN organizations in India along with international and domestic NGOs. It provides management support to various components of flagship programmes of Government as per the need in different states. SPC has concluded some of the benchmark consulting studies and research in different sectors including SMEs, Textile, and sector-specific talent and compensation surveys etc.  SPC works with a diverse group of clients in Corporate and Development Sector. In Development sector, SPC works with several ministries of Govt. of India and State Governments, major INGOs and major UN organizations in India. The scenario is changing very fast in the country  in the talent management area, skilling area and hence as a consulting organization, SPC Management sees itself settled enough adapting to the changing needs of the corporate environment. Also, SPC is looking ahead to explore new areas of opportunities. SPC Management is looking further to have large project execution capabilities in terms of volume and geographical expansion.

Expert behind SPC Management

"Growth is the new Mantra for sustenance. Expand geographically. Explore new business areas."

Mr. Nabajyoti Das

Founder Director

A Graduate from Ravenshaw College, Cuttack and alumni of Utkal University and IIM, Calcutta with specialization in Human Resource Management, Nabajyoti spent 8 years working in a Corporate HR function role before venturing into consulting and entrepreneurship. After 14 years of creating SPC and taking it to a good level of success, he still feels is in the process of understanding and scaling the human success factors in organized and unorganized environment. In career spanning over two decades, he has now worked with wide variety of clientele from SMEs, small NGO to large multinationals and Government organization. Human Resource is his area of passion.  In the ever changing landscape of this domain it's been an exciting journey to see and navigate through more complex dynamics at workplace ranging from a  multicultural, multiracial environment to managing productivity with a highly mobile workforce. SPC is now adding value to many organisations in their talent acquisition requirement and supporting with right consulting intervention for a productive workforce.  He has a philosophical take on the SPC's journey so far. "Creating a big organization does not entice much as creating a sustainable and satisfying solution to people and organisations."

Mahender Aswal

Chief Operation Officer-SPC

Building the foundation block of SPC since it's inception, Mahender  played a pivotal role in SPC's journey till date. He has a career spanning over 17 years with major expertise in financial management and outsourcing management. "It was an exploration process, while shaping the journey of SPC all these years. Outsourcing management has increasingly assumed a higher significance with the organisations adding cost efficiency and value addition to their core businesses. SPC tried to adapt to the changing need of the industry and built the technical competence. Now we are poised to manage large scale operation as an outsourcing partner" – he adds.

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