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Meghnand Dungarwal

Meghnand Dungarwal

Founder & CEO - Shoonyas Ace LLP

“We are here to challenge the status quo,” - said Mr. Meghnand Dungarwal

The business landscape is full of examples of successful businesses. Why is it so that some businesses get to the heights of success while some set out to fail? What do successful businesses and leaders do differently that make them succeed, and would it not be easy for businesses if they had access to a set path they need to follow in order to succeed in the industry? With these questions in his mind, Mr. Meghnand Dungarwal sculpted Shoonyas.

Shoonyas is a unique blend of Business Coaching and Management Consultancy enabling mid-size organizations to solve their critical problems and scale up their businesses, organically and inorganically.

Focusing on Strategic Decision-making, Next-Gen Leadership Development, Operational systems and processes, Data Dashboards, and Holistic Health, the team of Shoonyas helps to create business legacies. They aim for business sustainability by augmenting the 5Ps, i.e., Purpose, People, Plan, Process, and Profits.

Mr. Meghnand Dungarwal, Founder & CEO, Shoonyas

A thorough Business Coach, Chartered Accountant, and CPA, Meghnand comes with 18 years of deep experience solving critical business problems for forward-looking companies and leaders.

In his professional journey Meghnand has served in leadership roles at a high-growth advisory firm (SKP/Nexdigm) and consulting roles in Big4 accounting firms (EY, KPMG). He also is a speaker on professional platforms internationally.

As an executive coach, Meghnand has authored a book ‘The Simple Path to Freedom & Success’, and an online course ‘From Clutter to Clarity’. As a personal purpose, he is an evangelist for ‘Meditation for all’.

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Inception Of Shoonyas

While working for global consulting firms, Meghnand enjoyed solving critical business and people problems for his clients. He soon came to a realization he was not just meant to be a consultant all his life.

He was destined for something greater, something bigger, something that would help him find his inner fulfillment and would allow him to help firms in a variety of ways.

Upon discovering “Business Coaching”, Meghnand realized that this could help him achieve his purpose, goals, and dreams.

But before he took any step ahead, as Meghnand always says, “Practice what you Preach”, he allotted a coach to himself first to answer a simple question, ‘Does it really impact?’ he found the answer to this as a YES. He then began the journey to become a Business Coach and, on 7th Feb 2019, founded Shoonyas.

The journey of Shoonyas has been quite eventful, with several learnings. Mr. Meghnand shares

  • Failure is not when you try a thing with different ideas; it is when you stop trying.

  • Never stop pursuing your passion; if you are passionate about a thing, you will make it possible.

  • Aim for 1% improvement on a daily basis, and it will have a profound benefit in the long run.

Shoonyas: Infinite Possibilities Of Growth

Coaching is rooted in helping people make significant and lasting changes, including methods like clarifying goals and creating action plans. Coaches provide their clients with accountability and encouragement. To put it all under one umbrella, coaching is helping another achieve their goals.

Consulting, on the other hand, is defined as the practice of providing third-party expertise on a matter. The service may involve either advisory or implementation services. For the consultant, taking an independent and unbiased stance on an issue is central to his/her role.

Shoonyas as a brand is a perfect blend of both Coaching & Consulting, strengthening its capability to serve clients across the globe. Shoonyas’ mission is to help scale-focused organizations and leaders amplify their growth and impact to the next level.

With a vision to make significant contributions to the greater good by bringing solutions that give speedy and solid results, the team has a non-negotiable commitment to be people of incredible character, refusing to accept mediocrity and embracing the pillars of personal and professional growth. Mr. Meghnand shares,

“All of us commit to holding ourselves and each other accountable to these pillars. Our collective strength is determined by the sum of our individual strengths.”

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Services Offered By Shoonyas

A. ‘Leadership Accelerator’ for creating Next-Gen Leadership

Aspiring Leaders are the backbone of any organization. It is up to them to take the organization to the next level. They are the ones who catalyze clients, juniors, and senior management, the three main stakeholders of the organizations.

Shoonyas helps these next-gen leaders by offering business-focused, immersive, and cohort-based learning.

The learning solutions and strategic partnership approach of Shoonyas help them equip their clients with the tools to build next-in-line leadership, increase people engagement, and achieve business outcomes.

The team at Shoonyas tailors the learning to the client’s needs so as to deliver the right learning experience to the right people in the right format.

B. Strategic Consulting

Strategic consulting contains three major verticals.

1. Management Review Service (MRS)/Board-like Service

MRS is an essential management practice and is a review of the complete business dynamics on a periodic basis to consider timely improvement and focus on actions toward the set goals.

In simple terms, the MRS acts as

  • A formal review of the business status and progress towards the objectives of the organization.

  • A method to change the course as the firm’s needs change.

Key objectives of MRS

  • Validating business strategies in light of recent changes.

  • Periodic progress check against the plan

  • Refreshing short, medium & long-term goals, action plans & KRAs

  • Providing advisory insights

  • Sharing relevant industry benchmarks & best practices.

2. Operational Systems & Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

The main goal of setting up systems & SOPs is to reduce or eliminate time and resource wastage, unnecessary costs, bottlenecks, and mistakes while achieving the business objectives.

Shoonyas cover the entire business functions while defining and implementing SOPs across the organization.

3. Mergers and Acquisitions

The goal of Mergers and acquisitions, or M&A in short, is to achieve synergy where the whole (new company) is greater than the sum of its parts. Shoonyas plays a major role in finding the correct matches (buy side/sell side) for companies seeking M&A by keeping in mind the company’s culture, visions & ideologies at the center.

C. Performance Dashboards

We live in the age of data. Performing data analytics means the extensive use of data, explanatory and predictive models, and fact-based management to drive decisions and actions. The range of analytical software goes from relatively simple Excel or other spreadsheets to visual analytics using Power BI and other such tools.

Importance of Data dashboards:

  • These are extremely useful when strategic decision-making processes needs to be summarised and turn them into actionable insights and reports.

  • This is easily done by using reporting software that helps CXOs provide detailed business performance across main metrics with real-time data.

D. Holistic Health-PEACE HANGOVER

In today’s fast-paced and competitive world, people often forget to take care of their own selves. Long working hours, untimely consumption of food and lack of sleep, along with a lot of issues with today’s working class leads to being unfit, & far away from being healthy.

In order to keep up with this world, taking care of oneself is the need of the hour, with change in habits being a necessity. Under the guidance of Nilima Dungarwal, Health Reboot Coach at Shoonyas, the team delivers holistic health coaching to leaders and people across organizations.

What Sets Them Apart

Shoonyas differentiate itself from other players in the market on several fronts, including its measurable ROI and Implementation Support. They also offer a blend of Group and One-to-One coaching while providing Holistic and Sustainable Development. Shoonyas, with its services, helps businesses deal with

  • Stagnancy in the growth of the organization

  • Unstrategic decision-making processes

  • Haphazard working systems in the organization

  • Lack of sense of ownership in the next-gen leadership of the organization

  • Unable to find fit matches for mergers & acquisitions

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Success For Shoonyas

Since its inception, Shoonyas have served 30+ marquee clients, impacting 3000+ lives. Their clientele includes firms from the Top 10 Global Consulting firms and various Indian and multinational manufacturing groups, among others.

Based out of Pune, India, the highly qualified and passionate 15 members team at Shoonyas has managed to serve international clients.

Mr. Meghnand has no plans of stopping anytime soon. He shares,

“Success for me would be when we manage to establish Shoonyas as an international brand, helping organizations all over the world grow and getting listed in the top 10 business coaching and management consulting organizations globally.”


Responsibility, Integrity, Precision, Speciality, Reliability & Professionalism as its fundamental values; Shoonyas has grown tremendously during the course of four years and achieved several milestones.

Key Highlights Of 2020

  • Started serving internationally

  • Commenced extensive usage of ‘technology’ for deliveries

  • Added three new service lines

Key Highlights Of 2021 & 2022

Shoonyas Take On The Pandemic

Although the pandemic has been devastating for the business industry as a whole, the coaching industry showcased growth during the pandemic. Marketing and building the brand identity of a coach gained a lot of focus during and post-pandemic, which helped increase their virtual reach.

For Shoonyas, the pandemic turned out to be rather fruitful and helped them build connections and grow their business to international markets. They started their business coaching in the Gulf region during the pandemic via virtual sessions.

Adapting to the needs of the times, Shoonyas have incorporated more and more tech tools for coaching sessions compared to the in-person coaching interactions prior to the pandemic.

Mr. Meghnand shares,

“We have become more diversified, more remote, and more dynamic. Our growth was multiplied 4 times as there were no limitations to growth.”

Present And Future Outlook

At Shoonyas, their major focus is on branding, marketing, and giving coaching experience to as many people as possible. With the right marketing tactics, they will reach more people and provide coaching experiences which will help in spreading word of mouth.

In the next five years, Shoonyas aims to become one of the top 10 Business Coaching and Management Consulting firms in India while establishing itself in at least three foreign countries.

The team wishes to achieve that with Associations and Collaborations and by incorporating Automated consulting and coaching using tech tools.

Mr. Meghnand’s advice to young entrepreneurs is,

“Dream. Never stop dreaming & work on that dream systematically until it becomes a reality.”

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