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Satish Yadnik

Satish Yadnik

Founder & Director - Satyan Consulting Engineers

Satyan Consulting Engineers is one of the leading Consultancy & Technology providers having more than three decades of proven track record as a technology solution provider and PMC consultancy company.

The company has executed more than 60 consultancy projects in the field of Distillery, Starch, and Industrial Evaporators in India and Abroad. Satyan is committed to making their customer’s projects technically and financially feasible, with the right process and design consultant being the backbone of any project.

The directors at Satyan are a team of dedicated technocrats who are successful professionals with proven track records in their fields. Located in Akurdi, Pune, India, Satyan is well-equipped for consultancy & design assignments for Distillery, Starch, and Industrial Evaporators.

Pioneers In The Industry

Satyan Consulting Engineers are the leading consultants in the Starch and Ethanol sectors. Their success lies in their unique and customer-centric approach and other factors, including,

Strong process and technical expertise - Bringing alcohol/ethanol and starch technologies to India through tie-ups with Katzen, Delta-T and Dorr-Oliver.

Design innovation and process improvements - Templatizing common processes and overall process improvement establish better process efficiency, higher product yields and lower utility consumptions.

Innovative commercial models that help customers reduce the overall investment - Unbiased technical review and negotiation with the plant and machinery suppliers and coming up with commercial models to help cut down on the overall investment figures.

Stream-specific and detail-oriented leaders - Expertise across process, power plants, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and civil areas help execute customer projects from concept to commissioning.

Specific marketing outreach to targeted customers - The targeted marketing activities put Satyan right in front of its customers and improve its deal conversion ratio.

Thorough understanding of the supplier and vendor ecosystem - Keeping abreast of the latest industry developments, Satyan remains engaged with the vendor ecosystem through its ongoing projects.

Practical understanding of the execution challenges based on experience - The in-depth insight into practical challenges improves execution methodology.

The Minds Behind Satyan Consulting Engineers

Mr. Satish Yadnik, Founder & Director, Satyan Consulting Engineers

Mr. Satish Yadnik spent 25+ years in Alfa Laval and led multiple business segments, including Distillery, Starch and Evaporators. He was instrumental in crucial technology tie-ups with market leaders from the US and Europe and brought alcohol and starch technologies to India.

He spent his last years at Alfa Laval engaged in ethanol projects in USA, Canada, and Brazil, and that’s what led to the inception of Satyan Consulting Engineers in 2006.

Mr. Satish has been at the helm of Satyan Engineers through all ups and downs as the lead consultant on projects. Driving process expertise and project quality, he has successfully delivered over 60 projects.

Committed to bringing value to their customers through technology and execution expertise, Mr. Satish scaled up operations in 2021. At present, Satyan is handling over 14 ongoing projects across India and Africa.

An avid believer in giving back to society, Mr. Satish ensures hiring from the local pool and provides internship opportunities to engineering students to help them get exposure to real-world business scenarios.

Mr. Rahul Joshirao, Partner & Director -

Mr. Rahul Joshirao is responsible for driving marketing, business development, client liaison and project management at Satyan Consulting Engineers. He is at the helm of the ongoing projects and is also responsible to bringing new business to Satyan.

Apart from Mr. Satish and Mr. Rahul, Mr. Chinmay Mukadam (Distillery Process Head), Mr. Amol Khalkar (Distillery Project Head), Mr. Vivek Prabhu (E&I Head and Manager of Projects) and Ms.Prajakta (Starch Expert) are equally responsible for the success and growth of Satyan.

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Key Services Offered By Satyan Consulting Engineers

  • Feasibility report preparation

  • Detailed project report preparation

  • Detailed design and engineering services

  • Technical specifications and technical tendering process for supplier selection

  • Engineering design reviews, technical assistance, visual inspection and expediting

  • Project planning, monitoring and management, and supplier co-ordination

  • Commissioning support at the site

  • Site supervision and construction management through full-time personnel deputation

  • Process troubleshooting and custom solutions

  • Modernization, de-bottlenecking, and troubleshooting for existing plants

  • Process plant simulation for distillation systems

  • Process modelling and configuration of most energy efficient systems

Leadership Solutions For Industry Challenges

Utilizing technological advancements and process improvements, the team at Satyan is committed to creating value for its customers. Their templatized models with robust technical specifications and tendering process ensure minimum landed project investment cost.

Adhering to quality and completing parity with all suppliers gives customers tremendous negotiation power and brings down Plant and Machinery costs.

Satyan Consulting Engineers’ process improvements have led to minimum steam consumption for the process, reduced water requirement and have ensured complete adherence to “Zero Liquid Discharge” norms needed by the industry.

Their team is also building capabilities in other green energy sectors like CNG/CBG to cater to a broader customer base and align with the Government of India’s “Atmanirbhar Bharat” and “Urjadata” visions.

Setbacks Along The Way

The journey for Satyan Consulting Engineers has been full of highs and lows. Their journey started with projects in North America, but the recession of 2008 had them shifting to the Indian subcontinent.

During 2008-2012 they did multiple projects on the distillery side with good government support. Parallelly starch industry also picked up, and Satyan saw good growth during 2010-18.

Impact Of Pandemic

The covid 19 pandemic impacted the entire business dynamics. Meeting clients in person, site visits, international travel, supply chain, shipment, and deal conversions got hampered, and many projects got shelved.

The team at Satyan utilized the time to improve the process and technology areas and came up with fine-tuned and templatized models.

The post-pandemic era found Satyan consulting in a good place. The team leveraged their models and templates to speed up their execution process. Online meetings became the norm, and customers got comfortable with remote operations.

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Success For Satyan

Having a multi-disciplinary team with complete technical and process expertise in the distillery and starch industries separates Satyan from its competitors. Value creation of the customer, Customer centricity, Quality of execution, Teamwork, and Open and transparent communication with all stakeholders are the core values Satyan is known for.

The team at Satyan prides itself on being “Owner’s Engineers” with customers’ priorities and objectives as their guiding principles. Their unbiased and vendor-neutral stance of putting customers’ objectives above everything else is the prime factor of their success.

“Customer success is our driving factor. We succeed when our customers achieve their goals with regard to the quality, schedule, and cost of the project.”

Mr. Satish

Milestones In The Journey

  • Bringing alcohol and starch technologies to India

  • Executing Vietnam’s first alcohol plant from sugarcane juice

  • Being the pioneers in industrial evaporator design

  • 100% success ratio in all engagements

  • Long-lasting relationships with customers

  • Technology improvements in the alcohol/distillery field reduced steam consumption by over 1kg/lit.

Upcoming Trends In The Industry

In the distillery space, Ethanol is the buzzword. Supportive government policies and subsidies make this sector lucrative for investors and project proponents. To stay ahead of the competition, proponents must expand horizons beyond the Indian market, especially for bi-products like DDGS and create export market.

Ethanol dispensing retail pumps (like petrol pumps), flex-fuel engines in the two-wheeler and four-wheeler segments, Sustainable aviation fuel, Jet fuel, 2nd generation ethanol from feedstock sources like Agri waste are the upcoming trends in this industry.

In the starch space, the emphasis has shifted to derivatives like dextrose, liquid glucose, dextrin, and Modified starch rather than native starch. Bi-products like germ, gluten and fiber are revenue-generating streams.

The downstream industries, like food processing, chemicals, pharma, paper, etc., have opened up to Indian starch manufacturers, providing global market exposure.

Future Outlook

Focused on long-term growth, the team at Satyan remains in continual upgradation and keeps exploring new avenues and industry segments. With templatization and a model-based approach across industry segments, Satyan strives to be relevant for its customers.

In the coming years, the ethanol market will consolidate in India. With greenfield projects drying up, the work will focus on brownfield and improvement projects which need specific expertise from a process side. Satyan is developing their team accordingly and building design skills in-house over software like ChemCAD and Aspen.

They are also growing their team in starch- an evergreen field and exploring other green energy sectors through technology tie-ups to keep the order inflows.

“Indian market showcase a great opportunity, and we are determined to make it BIG! We at Satyan are building capabilities to get into new industry verticals while continually improving in our core areas of distillery and starch.”

Mr. Satish’s

Words Of Wisdom

Mr. Satish advises young entrepreneurs, “There is tremendous potential in the Indian market. You should give enough time to your ideas or ventures to realize their full potential.”

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