Poised Media rises as the ‘only Digital Marketing Agency that does not just do wonders for mega brands, but also masters B2B marketing for SMEs and Corporates’

Poised Media rises as the ‘only Digital Marketing Agency that does not just do wonders for mega brands, but also masters B2B marketing for SMEs and Corporates’

Poised Media rises as the 'only Digital Marketing Agency that does not just do wonders for mega brands, but also masters B2B marketing for SMEs and Corporates'

Already booming high, the digital marketing industry in India is expected to hit a soaring rate of growth in coming years; which indicates its immense resourcefulnessfor constantly evolving Indian business landscape. The Digital Marketing Industry is on the rise and brands are spending more than ever across digital platforms. However, keeping a track of Return on Investment has posed a great challenge for businesses while some of the other ones include lack of quality in content creation and lead generation. The study clearly exhibits the huge gap created by dearth of innovation and knowledge in the domain towards leveraging digital medium much more productively for brands.

The realization of such paucity motivated Jay Thadeshwar, a passionate Digital marketing professional and innovator to walk the journey of entrepreneurship and found Poised Media, an integrated full service digital marketing and technology solutions provider in Mumbai. Established in early 2015, the firm has pioneered transformation in the digital marketing space across multiple geographies having specialized incutting edge innovations in digital experiences. The firm has been able to achieve prominence with its Avant Garde cross-platform digital campaigns that are technology driven and embrace a proven track record of success in facilitating brands to enrich their customer base, at an affordable price.

The firm operates from its offices in Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Dubai. It houses a team of visionary experts and specialists, who are filled with creativity and put their most sincere efforts to deliver utmost value to clients. Within two years of inception, the firm has successfully developed engaging digital experiences for a multitude of Startups, SMEs and leading mega brands from across diversified verticals.  Some of the major ones that secure spots in Poised Media's rich clientele include Oreo, Parachute, Saffola, Livon, Nestle, Zee Cinema, MTV, Bingo, Marico, ITC and more.

Innovative Solutions for Nonpareil digital experiences

The Poised Media's exclusive portfolio envelops result oriented solutions and services that are specially focused towards empowering organizations with competitive edge. The whole range of services includes Digital Strategy, Content Strategy, execution in terms of Social Media Marketing, Digital Media Planning& Buying, Web& Mobile Development and Interactive Solutions. The two specialized solutions which make the portfolio unrivaled are:

  • Interactive Digital Experiences–highly innovative, technology driven and interactive digital experiences across digital platforms that are unique and unprecedented. Poises is the only agency in India that develops interactive experiences on WhatsApp.
  • Business to Business (B2B) Digital Marketing– The multiple complications associated with B to B digital marketing have confined its space with few players leading it across the globe. The Poised'scrackerjack team excels in B to B digital marketing space.

What sets the Poised Media apart?

  • Unparagoned expertise in B to B digital marketing
  • Unique approach coupled with powerful strategies
  • Excellence in delivering engaging digital experiences
  • Only agency in India that develops WhatsApp based interactive chatbots for research, branding, sampling and engagement
  • Expertise in mobile based interactive solutions, especially on popular social media platforms that provide a great understanding of the target customers

The journey

When Poised started its journey in early 2015, it was a one man show. Today, the Poised houses a vibrant team of more than thirty skilled & talented professionals, who 'love to help you think big and deliver on the details'. Within two years of inception, the firm has been able to position itself strongly as an emerging leader in the space. A lot of Startups, SMEs as well as corporate giants across the globe have entrusted the firm for its uniqueness and supremacy in approach, strategy and delivery of services.  Speaking about the Poised's journey, Jay shares, "When we started, the market was already populated with agencies; we realized that we need to be different. We knew that to open our gates to brands we have to show them something that can really benefit them and is unique. Initially, we kept an unswerving focus on developing unprecedented innovative digital solutions and robust strategies for B to B digital marketing."

Road Ahead

Having achieved a leadership status, the firm has been following a clear roadmap for expanding its footprints across various states in India while strengthening its foothold in the Middle East markets. Also, Poised's dynamic team endeavors proactively towards innovating and creating more interactive and futuristic solutions to add diversity to service portfolio.

The CEO magazine interviews Jay Thadeshwar, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Poised Media

TCM: How does Digital Marketing enable growth for businesses?

Jay:  Digital Marketing offers tremendous opportunities to businesses for growth. It serves as a rich platform to target customers at every level of buying and covers customers' buying journey entirely. There are various formats in which brands can communicate with their audience very effectively and creatively. It serves as a very sophisticated targeting platform and is equipped with advanced features like remarketing. It provides immense opportunities to brands to capitalize and reach out to right audience, with the right format of communication and at the right time.

TCM: Which trends will shape the future of digital marketing in next five years?

Jay:Mobile will be the main marketing driving force five years from now.With high speed internet available at affordable prices, Mobile has already started creating the future. This industry will witnessan up shift, as virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) are soon to find their way into the mainstream rewriting the tenets in place.

TCM: Which are the best digital marketing tools in 2017?

Jay: Thereare a lot of tools and platforms if used properly can give us valuable insights. Google Trends, Facebook Audience Insights, Facebook Analytics for Aps, GTM, Social Bakers, HubSpot, Hootsuite, App Annie, and many more. In terms of platform, Facebook, Google and WhatsApp will keep leading in next five years and grow very strong for their immeasurable capabilities in developing and retaining connect with customers. Next to that, Instagram and Snapchat could emerge and rule as the best digital marketing platforms.

TCM: What are the common mistakes organizations do while marketing their products digitally?

Jay: Most of the organizations don't get the fundamentals right when they market their products on digital platforms. They need to invest their efforts on developing an appropriate strategy that is robust and proven effective. They need to understand the product, its market and finally its buying process. This helps to determine what platforms and formats must be used. Most of the times, teams use a wrong format for their product which affects their marketing extensively.

TCM: Why is it crucial for entrepreneurs to know digital marketing?

Jay: A close look at the market trends reveals that the digital marketing industry has been growing at a phenomenal rate. It won't be surprising if digital media buying reaches fifty percent within next five years. So, it becomes imperative for entrepreneurs to be aware about the power and possibilities of digital marketing.

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