GST DOST: Helping businesses to incorporate GST compliance to go beyond the customary corporate practices

GST DOST: Helping businesses to incorporate GST compliance to go beyond the customary corporate practices

GST DOST: Helping businesses to incorporate GST compliance to go beyond the customary corporate practices

With July 1, the biggest tax reform in India – GST – rolled out into the economy with the notion of "One Nation, One Market, One Tax". The single stroke dismantled all inter-state trade barriers but brought uncertainty and left the industry puzzled. When there was not even the smoke of GST, someone was brewing up the idea to assistand guide businesses through the upcoming odd hours. People are prone to making misconceptions in understanding guidelines and filing return. Even experts were never so susceptible. This is where GST DOST fitted in. With the rich expertise of GST and service, the organization ensures businesses and individuals do not make mistakes and, therefore, do not have to pay penalties. GST DOST began its operations in 2004 to assist people file Service Tax, offering consultation and a lot more. Today, the organization is spearheading the domain by delivering service excellence and expertise in the GST framework.


The journey was not smooth for GST DOST and the struggle was jaw breaking. The aim was clear, to cover that extra mile for meeting clients expectation and guiding them on every turn including book-keeping, computing the right amount, filing taxes and suggesting them the best practices to comply. There is no margin for error when it comes to keeping businesses' confidential data safe and managing and processing hundreds of documents. But it was the expertise and transparency of GST DOST's skilled team which helped in building a harmonious relationship with clients, thereby trusting GST DOST with sensitive information. Soon, the numbers began to multiply. GST DOST got flooded with more service requests from individuals and companies' which, in turn,motivated GST DOST stretch its limits and expand further.

In a way, by making every possible effort to offer a pleasant experience to clients, GST DOST strives hard to make its place not just in their mind but their heart as well. GST DOST separates itself with its belief in getting into a harmonious and fruitful relationship with its clients. Outlined below are the factors contributed for the uniqueness of GST DOST:

  • Offering consultation in client's preferred language
  • No cookie-cutter solution. Every business is unique in its own way and so are their problems. GST DOST offers only Personalized and customized solution
  • The organization works on the model for client servicing as SQT2 = Quality Service on Time with Technology
  • The company takes full responsibility and is accountable and answerable for its deeds
  • Making GST simple for better understanding and offering most practical and feasible solutions driven by updated technology
  • Offering within the ambit of the law
  • GST DOST Portal: With every passing day, GST DOST is fine-tuning itself to be more responsive in providing clients immediate support in the hour of need. The company has incorporated a new service which rests on technology and service commitment. We have even gone so far as to start a new service where our clients can talk to us at their comfort. Clients can log in GST DOST's portal and can register their name. Team GST DOST takes these requests on priority and gets in touch as soon as possible.

Product Portfolio

Focused on offering consultation and GST compliance solution, GST DOST also helps businesses register under GST, migrate to it, and comply with the new tax system so they can attend to their daily routine and stay safe with GST DOST's flawless consultation. The company still has its Service Tax/VAT/Excise Wings very much active to assess, audit or investigate the clients, thereby having its clients covered in every way. GST DOST enjoys a full bouquet of clients across all sectors, such as manufacturing, trading, service, and more. We specialize in the Service Industry. To name a few, GST DOST clientele includes leading corporates like South Eastern Railways, Dollar Industries Ltd, Lux Industries Ltd, Maa Annapurna Transport Agency Pvt Ltd, Mohan Motors Pvt Ltd and much more.

The Gems: GST Consultants

GST DOST has stumbled upon some gems – talentedand energetic Chartered Accountants (CAs), Company Secretaries (CSs), lawyers and management graduates – forming together a headstrong team of dedicated and seasoned tax professionals committed to helping individuals and business of all size by helping them battle GST queries and comply with the new tax framework.

Man Behind GST DOST

"We like to believe we are getting into a relationship with our clients when we associate with them. The same value percolates to our work culture as well. We are a family and our employees believe the same. This is precisely the reason we have been able to perform as a team and do our best in resolving our clients' issues."

Vikash Dhanania


DOST Vikash Dhanania, the Founder of GST DOST, is an established Chartered Account and a well-known face in the business community. He is the winner of the prestigious Haryana Pratibha Puraskar and is a renowned name in Service Tax and GST. He is also an eminent multi lingual speaker at taxation-related seminars and frequently comes up with innovative concepts to foster knowledge of GST among businesses and individuals to alleviate their taxation woes.

Expansion Binge & Journey Ahead: Getting Larger, Growing Stronger

Speaking of the milestones Vikash Dhanania adds, "I like taking one step at a time. When we started, our concern was to have happy clients. We didn't want to be a marathon participant, running our way through the course. Instead, we decided to take pit-stops. So we thought it would be best to have a small client base of 15 and focus entirely on offering the best service we could and nurture a good we all could cherish. I would consider having been able to do that successfully was our first major milestone. The second milestone was to integrate technology with our business. We joined hands with some great minds last year to digitize GST DOST entirely and create and deliver great marketing material. This has helped us eliminate the communication barrier between us and our clients. I'd also take this opportunity to thank our partners for their assistance."

GST DOST has some big plans in store.  GST DOST is involving Digitalization and Techno-innovation to reduce communication barriers that arise due to the distance by preparing itself to address customer queries 24×7 to every corner of the country.  The organization is looking ahead for its geographical expansion as soon as possible while carefully treading on hiring the best professionals and our monitoring performance. The company has already spread its branches in Lucknow (UP),Varanasi (UP),New Delhi, Mandsaur (MP), Raigarh (Chattisgarh), Baruipur (WB), Newtown (WB) and Howrah (WB).

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