Internet Down in Nuh, Haryana, After the Arrest of Congress MLA

Internet Down in Nuh, Haryana, After the Arrest of Congress MLA

In response to the arrest of Congress MLA Mamman Khan in connection with the communal clashes on July 31 in Nuh, the Haryana government has taken measures to maintain peace and order in the district. 

On Friday, the government ordered a two-day suspension of mobile Internet and bulk SMS services in the area. Additionally, Section 144 has been enforced in Nuh until further notice, urging individuals to conduct Friday prayers at home to ensure the preservation of peace and public order.

The directive issued by T V S N Prasad, the Additional Chief Secretary of the Home Department, states, "This order is being issued to maintain peace and public order within the jurisdiction of district Nuh in Haryana and will be in effect from September 15 (starting at 10.00 am) to September 16 (ending at 11.59 pm)."

Prasad explained, "I have been informed by the Deputy Commissioner of Nuh through his request dated September 14, regarding concerns over potential tensions, disruptions, agitation, damage to public and private property, and disturbances to public peace and harmony in the district."

Haryana Congress MLA Mamman Khan, who stands accused in connection with the communal violence that erupted in Nuh in August, was taken into custody on Thursday.

Haryana Police assert that there is substantial evidence linking him to the violence that followed a Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) yatra.

Mamman Khan, representing Ferozepur Jhirka, had sought protection from arrest in the Punjab and Haryana High Court on Tuesday, with a hearing scheduled for October 19. Khan maintains that he is wrongly implicated, as he was not present in Nuh on the day of the violence.

However, the Haryana Police informed the court that they named the Congress leader as an accused after a thorough evaluation of the evidence, citing phone call records and other supporting evidence.

Mamman Khan is set to appear before the court on Friday.

Previously, the MLA had been summoned twice by Nuh Police to cooperate with the investigation, but he had not complied due to viral fever.

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