Firstcall India Equity Advisors extends horizon, desires to be a Private Bank in the long term

Firstcall India Equity Advisors extends horizon, desires to be a Private Bank in the long term

Firstcall India Equity Advisors extends horizon, desires to be a Private Bank in the long term

The recession following 9/11 hugely affected the globalized, liberalized and de-socialized world and the subsequent actions taken have helped the economies across the word including India. Research of yesteryears in economics and industry,combined with collective experience in banking and investment banking,have presented a prosperous time unlike the days of the doomed years.Needless to say, investment banking has played a significant role here, that has moved up Firstcall India Equity Advisors year after year since 2002.

Envisaging the need for a financial house to serve the fast growing companies and institutional investors of the-globalized world, industry veteran, researcher and economist Dr. V.V.L.N Sastry decided to form an Investment Banking House around the time of 2002, and with his bonafide financial expertise, a boutique investment banking house namelyFirstcall India Equity Advisors Pvt. Ltd or FIEA was created in response to the needs of the market for the 21st Century in India and in particular, with the blend of new and old economy segments as the contemporary theme. A child of post-liberalization and globalization, FIEA's research strengths provide access to a robust range of investing and corporate building tools with the personal guidance of financial experts and involvement of sectoral and management experts. FIEA operates its investment banking services through its dedicated arm- First call India Investment Banking.

Based out of India's financial capital Mumbai, FIEA – the parent company of Firstcall India Investment Banking, is a full spectrum investment bank specializing in Mergers and Acquisitions, Private Equity, Venture Capital Advisory and Corporate Finance Advisory Services. This financial management house offers this great combination of investment banking clubbed with Research services through which it not only channelizes the client's investment into the ventures but also advises them on right strategies. The long list of satisfied clients speaks volumes of the impeccable quality of services, commitment to customers' interests and matchless passion and professionalism of FIEA. FIEA is a partner of choice of global newswires, media houses and financial firms. Thomson Reuters, Capital IQ,, Emerging Markets Euro Money Publications-UK are some of the clients of FIEA.

Though FIEA's revenue stream includes raising Capital, Mergers & Acquisitions, Research, and Investment Advisory activities, the firm also offers selectively, advisory and solutions to clients in terms of Structured Loans, Secured Financing backed by Receivables, and other Collaterals and also structures products so as to meet the investment needs of clients.

The company has received several prestigious prizes including The Star Mine Analyst Award from Thomson Reuters. The company's outstanding contributions to the BFSI industry have been recognized through the 'STAR OF THE INDUSTRY -2015' award by 94.3 MY FM and Kannada News Paper Vijayavani. The company's research has been contributing to the Business Connect forum of IIFA held every year in various countries since 2014.

How do you see the company changing in one year? TCM asked FIEA's Chief Mentor and Director Dr. Sastry.

"For the past few years, the company's corporate offerings have been hampered due to lackluster corporate activities prevailing in the overall economy. A sudden shift to start-ups has changed the landscape of the investment banking firms. Structural changes like GST have also brought about several changes to the service offerings. Given the current and future expected scenarios, we intend to rejuvenate our activities by inclusion of more offerings in the next one year which makes the company cater to the requirements of all kinds of services that clients seek for in the corporate segment," he stated.

FIEA also claims to be the first firm to set up a full-fledged financial research team in India. Backed by updated and state-of-the art technology, FIEA offers solutions through different mediums. The firm nourishes different approaches on organizational culture.

Much of the credit for the success of FIEA goes to Dr. V.V.L.N Sastry, Mentor and Director of FIEA, for his untiring effort to raise FIEA's standard. He has also worked hard at infusing talent into the company and building capabilities. A graduate in technology, Dr. Sastry also holds M.B.A, LL.M, ACMA, Ph. D in Banking and Ph. D in Financial Management. Bringing over20 years of experience in the banking and investment banking industry, Sastry mentors a team of highly qualified professionals at FIEA.

Commenting on their services, Dr. Sastry said, "FIEA is one firm defined by total commitment to clients. Our objective is to build unrivalled partnerships with and value for clients, through the knowledge, creativity and dedication of our team leading to superior solutions to client specific requirements.

As we have always focused on credible clients and adopted research based approach, we do not have great revenue numbers to talk about or boast of. But the divergent and innovative solutions provided by us make us distinct when compared to others."

Cementing its position in the financial market space, FIEA is in the process of extending their horizon. The firm is expected to cover more areas through their comprehensive financial advisory services. Under the guidance of Dr. Sastry, FIEA is chasing its dream to be a private bank in the long term. The firm has unveiled a few new services in and around the universe of investment banking. The boutique investment banking house considers those services to be a new revenue channel in the coming future.

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