GEM3S: a name synonymous with Telemedicine and patient health solutions

GEM3S: a name synonymous with Telemedicine and patient health solutions

GEM3S: a name synonymous with Telemedicine and patient health solutions

We live in an era where building a positive perception for businessis the key to establish itself as a brand and gaining edge in the market. How people perceive a brand entirely relies upon three pillars: quality, customer service and value realized by customers; the stronger the foundation, the more powerful the brand. To quote Jeff Bezos – CEO at Amazon, "A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well."

The commitment towards delivering maximum value with highest standards of quality through best possible solutions has been the philosophy that has always guided GEM3S. A frontrunner in Health Care IT consulting and development, GEM3S is a name synonymous with groundbreaking and world-class value-centric technology solutions that are poised to spark sustainable growth for businesses. With its dynamic portfolio, GEM3S brings to the clients' table a broad spectrum of specialized solutions and servicesdedicated toHealth Care IT,Web application development, E commerce development, Cloud Solutions, Magento development services, Hosting services as well as maintenance and allied servicesas per clients' suitability. In its nearly decade long journey, the company has built an extensive clientele that is adorned with leading names from diversified business verticals encompassing healthcare, aviation, construction, finance, hospitality, logistics, legal, e-learning & education and many more. The company has been uniquely positioned as a leader in software development for Healthcare and E commerce. The firm was recently recognized as one among the most promising telemedicine service providers in India. With many sub brands operational, the company leads as one of the fastest growing entities in this space thriving on the core values of integrity, transparency, excellence and client centricity.

Product Portfolio Highlights

Mobile App Development

Telemedicine and Patient Health Record Solutions, Lifestyle Solutions

Healthcare Software Services

Pioneer in innovating patient centric healthcare solutions for hospitals, clinics, Primary Care Centers and for other institutional buyers. Services which include EMR / EHR Integrations, HIPAA Compliant Solution, e-prescription integration, veterinary, patient health record management (PHR) and health information exchange.

Since its inception, GEM3S has been at the forefront of innovation and development of 'smart solutions' that are highly engaging, futuristic as well asbrand focused.  GEM3S' remarkable journey traces its roots to 2009 when a group of friends graduating from prestigious Loyola College discovered that they shared same interests and are driven by their passion for entrepreneurship. Soon, the core team started traversing the road to success amidst breakneck competition with the foremost challenge of being noticed by the audience as a unique service provider.  A profound insight into the panorama of services offered in the segment clearly revealed the need for development of solutions that are sustainable but not tenable; and are built with a futuristic approach. In line with their observation, the core team came up with the mission statement – 'Always think ahead' which constantly motivates them to excel stay abreast with expeditious advancements in tools and technologies. Once the team is onboard with a client, it ensures its best that the solutions developednot onlycater to the temporary requirements of the clients but are also flexible to accommodate future enhancements.

During a conversation with The CEO Magazine, Michael Allwyn M – one of the Founders and Director at GEM3S Technologies shares, "We envision to be acknowledged at par with the giants in this sector with a wide network of clientswho put their trust in us enjoying highest standards of quality along with a great value in our services. We aim to achieve such a paramount position with an uncompromised adherence to perform our best; going out of our way and doing all that we can to build the best possible solutions for our clients. This helps us in delivering robust services and creating enduring business relationships that transcend contracts and agreements." The team's will to excel has translated into rigorous efforts towards creating unprecedented solutions keying on holistic growth assuring a peerless value. What distinguishes GEM3S presence among other players is the exclusive approach on handing over to the client out-of-the-box concepts that are rooted in profound expertise, brilliance and resourcefulness. It involves empathizing with clients on their situation to gain a deep understanding of their business and then the team contemplates upon the best possible solution.  "We put our heart and soul into the applications that we develop and this is what makes them innovative, influential and nevertheless, highly affordable. These value based applications empower our clients to connect and communicate with their audience intensely and that eventuallyleads to building a powerful brand image with improved levels of productivity. Our expertise in various tools and platforms, the close rapport that we share with our clients and our closely knit team is what has helped us excel in our services and we look to continuously grow and excel in the years to come."

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