8 Best Revolutionary Technological Innovations in 2019

8 Best Revolutionary Technological Innovations in 2019

8 Best Revolutionary Technological Innovations in 2019

8 Best Revolutionary Technological Innovations in 2019

8 Best Revolutionary Technological Innovations in 2019

The technology is influencing us in endless ways. It has completely rebuilt the functioning of business and interaction with customers.

Top businesses have a sense of worry with the arrival of new technology whereas new businesses or start-ups are depending on this rising technology to gain profit. Whatever it is, but we are living in the age of technological advancement.

What's the latest tech in the market that is going to change to the world for good? Well, some are quite obvious and some might be a little surprise for you. Below are listed the most interesting and revolutionary technology which are under research and about to develop.


1. Advancement of AI

Artificial intelligence in on the receiving end of massive financial support from the last few years and data from Forbes says that almost 80% of organizations are already investing in artificial intelligence (AI) and those who had already invested are going to expand it.

This boom has given a great rise for innovation. Most tech experts agree that AI will be the next big thing for businesses.

2. Lightning Speed Internet

Need for faster and better internet is pushing technology to its limits. Businesses, as well as private users, are persistently demanding better and faster response and they are getting a response.

As we all know super-speed internet is coming to us and it is going to transform our lives in so many aspects. Once achieved, it will enhance the efficiency of businesses and will work as a reliable tool for companies to communicate with freelance workers.

We are talking about 5G, and this could be a game-changer the same as the internet first came into existence. Despite all the advancements and benefits, its harmful radiation might also kill us, we have to think about this as well.

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3. Home Tech

As technology is advancing, we are getting surrounded by more and smarter techs.

We have some smart home techs now like home entertainment system and now we can control our home lights with an application as well. Well, this is just a starting, there will be many more technologies to come.

By studying current trends we can get an idea of the future demand for more and more technology for the home.

4. Updating Dextrous Robots

Robots are dumb, or they are just performing tasks which they are programmed to do. If they are told to do something outside of their program, they can't do it. Robot experts are trying to overcome this problem by enhancing their robotic dexterity which will make them more flexible.
It might be possible to make a robot that will learn anything by just seeing but now robots are learning through trial and error methods.

5. Swallow-able Medical Devices

This technology is developing currently that will allow us to capture the image of our internal organs. This technology will be best for infants and babies.

After these techniques are developed, they will change how the medical professional operate, diagnose and monitor the diseases. This technology can also help to cure diseases like cancer, enteric dysfunction, and intestine disorder.

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6. Brain-computer interface

This technology is almost complete and experts are trying to develop and test it ASAP. This technology will allow us to control computers with our thoughts. This could be a revolutionary technology which can change our daily life. Elon Musk's Neural-ink is a great example of this.

7. Custom Cancer Vaccines

With the help of developments like the Human Genome Project, medicines and vaccines can be personalized soon. This will also lead to the making of personalizing medicines for cancer.
It looked like that this tech is far from the future but medical professionals can soon train your immune system to identify and destroy cells of cancer. This technology can make cancer extinct.

8. Block-chain

Blockchain, we all know, is a distributed digital ledger, in which the stakeholders of a particular network record transactions in real-time, without involving any central or regulatory authority.

Having earned recognition with the surge in the use of crypto currencies, especially Bitcoin, Blockchain is a critically acclaimed disruptive technology, which is thriving among businesses across the world. According to Deloitte, 2019 will be the year in which enterprises will further explore the potentials of Blockchain.

It offers features like robust security to protect any business transactions. It requires ingenious hacking skills to break into transactions as it is cryptographically secured. There is another method to keep the transactions safe which is "Permission Blockchain".

Permission blockchain and Public blockchain are very unique as public blockchain allows the user in the network to view every detail of transactions.

In the matter of permission blockchain, only selected users are allowed to view or access details of your transactions. This helps in the protection of any kind of breach.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>8 Best Revolutionary Technological Innovations in 2019</p></div>
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