Europa Technosoft Pvt Ltd.:  Providing an edge to forward-looking education societies and corporate with its cemented technological dexterity- UROSECURE and UROBOARD

Europa Technosoft Pvt Ltd.:  Providing an edge to forward-looking education societies and corporate with its cemented technological dexterity- UROSECURE and UROBOARD

Europa Technosoft Pvt Ltd.:  Providing an edge to forward-looking education societies and corporate with its cemented technological dexterity- UROSECURE and UROBOARD

Stirred by the evolving nature of the technology world, competition claims to be #1, thus making it difficult to stand distinguished and creating your own identity. But this technology magnet built its brand identity to command a large share of the Indian market. There was no magic formula or a fancy marketing plan; rather, it was a cumulative experience of more than 50 years of brilliant minds flagging from IIT and IIM. Incorporated in 2012, Europa Technosoft Pvt Ltd today stands on greater pinnacles in providing customer-centric solutions backed by refined technology and innovation excellence to streamline its customers' various processes and give a hand in achieving their competitive advantage. What has been the running this technology magnet's endeavour? The answer lies in the leadership of Mr. Prabind Kr Singh, Co-founder & CEO- Europa Technosoft Pvt Ltd. The CEO Magazine has an exclusive talk with Mr Singh over a host of issues in line with Europa's journey and plans.

Edited Excerpts

How did the idea for Europa come about? How does it sit within the technology ecosystem of India today?

With our products and solutions designed under the 'Make in India' concept, we bootstrapped Europa Technosoft Pvt Ltd. back in 2012 with a futuristic vision to address some very prominent problem of today's world. We pioneered first ever IOT based preventive security solution (UROSECURE) in 2014 as a concept and today it has sustained more than 200 customers from last 3 years. Moulding our expertise while keeping in mind the requirements of our customers, we have emerged as a best-in-class partner for leading corporate and institutions, including COWI, Vodafone, PVR, WoodLand, DPS, GD-Goenka, The Modern, SIS-Tech, PowerGrid corporation, NCERT, to name a few.

Our prowess, UROSECURE and UROBOARD are the two solutions from the organizations' wide gamut of solutions. UROSECURE is a first-ever preventive security solution based on IOT. Harnessing its dexterity, a company can assure a secure environment for its customer, thus assisting in the overall productivity by more than 95%. It's a service-based offering where the customers only have to pay a nominal fee to use the services, not bothering about the maintenance burden on their pocket. Another star product, UROBOARD is a patented technology based on DBSM. This solution has been designed for keeping in mind various problems identified in teaching and training environment such as schools, Medical college, Skill Development centers, various training institutes, Boardrooms, Collaborative training centers etc. UROBOARD designed from scratch comes with complete peace of mind solution where company assures replacement guaranty.

To enhance our adroitness, we have created three more tech solution for which patent applied and the pilot is already running. They are ready to disrupt the market anytime.

How did you plan to make your mark in the industry?

We created this brand not by advertising but by creating trust with our customers. Today we proudly say more than 90% of our customers have been associated with us for a long time. Almost 60% of our customer base is by reference to our customer only. We also believe that creating a "BRAND" takes time and advertisement is not the only means of doing it.  We are on a trip to create a brand in the tech space whose real innovation mettle to get acknowledged on the global front.

What is the company planning to bet on in the coming quarters?

Europa Technosoft is very sure about multiplying its revenue by4 folds in coming quarters. The present government has already announced policy changes for both our solution's category in its budget speech. In this regard, the company is very optimistic about sound results in the coming days. We are closely working with various govt/Private bodies from last 3 years and now it's the time to get the fruit of it!

As compared to your larger peers, what is working for you and where do you see the opportunities?

We believe in our own created niche and we are very proud of it. Any larger or new peer in our segment has to work very hard to snatch our portion from us. This is because ours is a self-designed solution platform where we stand sure about the future roadmap and we do not believe in copy paste.

What are the differentiating factors?

Our continuous innovation approach and understanding of the current market need has always helped us in refining our capabilities to understand the problem and provide the fastest possible solution. Our team has always visualized future needs and has designed/tweaked the solution, protecting it through legal means like Patent, Copyright, Trademark in India and USA. Since our solutions are homegrown and dependence on the third party is almost negligible, we have been successful in emerging as the blue diamond of the industry.

Do you think your company needs to reorganize in line with other firms?

We believe in creating the niche for ourselves and rule it ourselves. As far as 'need of reorganizing' is a concern, we do not see any reason for it in current time.

As you look towards the future, what do you foresee for the future of technologies in India?

I believe, we are living in a very volatile world and tech is the key to the future success of any society. Faster we adopt sooner we will get familiar. Future is very interesting and most of our function is going to handle by tech gadgets. IOT, Big-data, Drones and humanoids with sound AI are the future. Most of the idle information in data centers is going to have tremendous meaning for us in the future by applying good tech algos.

Your message for start-up tech entrepreneurs

Believe in creating a niche and walk on it until you make it acknowledged

Failure in entrepreneurship is an achievement, not a taboo; learn from it

In today's world, everyone has an idea but it's not sufficient to build an organization. Money, idea, Product, and Market are only ingredients but the real sauce is the confidence and tenacity of an entrepreneur.

Expansion Binge and Future Ahead

  • 2012- Inception
  • 2013- Sales activity initiated with UROBOARD
  • 2014- beta release of UROSECURE with a handful of customers
  • 2015- Registered with MSME, GeM, UPSPS
  • 2016- UROSECURE started spreading in northern India
  • 2017- A Registered member of CII, FICCI, ASOCHAM, UROSECURE operation in south and eastern part of India
  • 2018- Startupindia registration, Government customer acquired, started operation in the African market.

Future Ahead

Europa is currently focusing on putting thrust in its exports operation for the African market primarily. Soon, the organization will roll out 2 more technology solutions in the market and is seeking to raise equity capital at sizable valuation. Europa is all set to scale up the operations in all tier-1 & 2 cities with a fresh human capital of more than 100. The future surely stands bright for Europa to invade new business territories.

Dynamic Leadership


Co-founder & Director

Prabind Kr Singh

Co-founder & CEO

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