Digital powerhouse eOrchids Techsolutions is commanding the heights of digital wave in India



Digital powerhouse eOrchids Techsolutions is commanding the heights of digital wave in India

Digital powerhouse eOrchids Techsolutions is commanding the heights of digital wave in India

With over 200 million people connected to the internet, Indian economy is definitely witnessing the digital transformation among various industry verticals, enhancing business value and unfolding new business opportunities.

The speeding digital transformation, going by the worldwide trends demands something unique with every disruption. Sprouting as a distinction between these plethoras of options requires implementation of adept technical services and groundbreaking ideas. And that's exactly what eOrchids Techsolutions is offering with its expertise under the digital umbrella.

Renowned as one of the most prolific digital transformation companies globally for providing the most efficient Digital Channel platforms for some of the biggest companies, eOrchids not only enables the clients to gain a significant competitive advantage but also ensures a considerable peak in the market shares.

Carving a niche

Going with the words of Musthafa Kamal Hussain, Managing Director, eOrchids Techsolutions, "The key to a successful business is maintaining the promises kept by both the client and the service provider. We have crafted our products and software developments keeping in mind the touch points of the customers."

With its initial embedding in 2004, eOrchids was officially announced as a private company in 2014. Becoming a go-to name in the digital industry space is filled with strife and ripe with challenges, but eOrchids overcame the hurdles very well.

The initial footprints of the organization fell into the spectrums of Branding, Creativeness and Media Production.

With the time passed by, eOrchids sprouted as a niche and further expanded its wings over media as well as software spaces. Company's excellence proved there and today with its quick and efficient changeovers, eOrchids is concentrating both in Multimedia as well as IT sphere.

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Product Portfolio

Since its inception, eOrchids is driving innovation and excellence in the field of application development right from desktops to mobiles on a cloud-based system where synchronization of data is the core of the current business trend.

With every approaching project, the company digs deep to dive out with every possible solution to bring out positive and accurate results. Right from the scratch and till its completion, client's requirements are respected and looked upon carefully to explore different options and technologies, platforms that can be provided in accordance with the accomplishment of the tasks.

The organization has become one source of contact for all web related needs right from application development to cloud storage and reaches to online security services. eOrchids' expertise has been spanned across the geographical boundaries of India, USA, and Canada.

eOrchid has successfully established a global footprint and seamlessly integrates its various entities into a single servicing structure, giving customers a greater "in-depth" local services created by the integrated mindshare from around the world.

eOrchids is no stranger to the so-called cream of the crop. The company's client list is vast and filled with notable individuals across numerous fields, yet they remain tight-lipped about specific names citing the importance their clients hold for privacy and discretion.

The eOrchidians

Numbering 40 in strength, the team at eOrchids nestles into one of the best working environment in the industry. Openwork culture makes it easy and maintains transparency in the business for eOrchidians. Irrespective of his or her designation, everyone is treated equally.

A boss can question an employee whereas the same employee can question the boss! To be blunt, there is no boss and employee relationship. The management here always strives to create Leaders rather than Bosses.

Creating Milestones

Back in 2003, the founding roots of eOrchids were embedded in a 10×10 room with a two-member team, two PCs, and a dream. Time changed, the duo's passion grabbed few prestigious projects across countries like USA, UK, Australia, Middle East and others.

Till today, there is no turning back. eOrchids enjoys its position as the IT Consultant for one of the largest Real Estate Company, Health Care, HRM, companies in USA and UK, taking care of all their IT related needs.

The firm has been positioned among 50 Most Valuable Consultant Companies.  eOrchids has also been recognized under 20 Most Promising Retail Solutions Providers and 25 Most Promising Energy & Turnkey Consulting Companies in India.

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From Founder's desk

"Nothing is difficult in life. Today's bitter is tomorrow's Sweet; it is on you to accept it as difficult or easy. Take the incident easy but the teachings of that incident are a serious one.

This is the core of business and life. Two things in life are inevitable, change and failure. Whenever a change or failure is happening, just trust your creator and yourself, there is something good and positive will be the results after this change/failure.

To be here is an entire difference scenario ever since we started. Growing from two to forty in strength; these are not just the numbers but a happy family. I am happier to interact and indulge with all 40 friends of mine, taking care of them, participating in their good and bad.

And with eOrchids Educational and Charitable Trust, we are making way for many to spin their Dreams into reality. What we have achieved in social responsibility is less when compared to others, but yet we would like to change the life of many as we can."

Musthafa Kamal Hussain

Managing Director

Expansion Binge & Journey Ahead

Matching its expertise with the current trend of mobility, eOrchids is working on a product that would take the efficiency of mobility to next level across different industries to communicate between seller and buyer.

Spearheading over the vision to grow and keep growing, eOrchids is striving to bridge a gap between nature and technology to create a sustainable and technological lifestyle. Despite witnessing the pit fall of many start-ups and small business closing down in one way or the other, the firm is progressing slowly and steadily.

The aim to attain and trend into mobile technology has played a major contribution towards eOrchids' growth this year. Furthermore, plunging more into Big Data and its methodologies would be the bull's eye for the organization.

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