A Place to Excel for Digital Marketers
Techmagnate – A Place to Excel for Digital Marketers

Techmagnate – A Place to Excel for Digital Marketers

Techmagnate – A Place to Excel for Digital Marketers

Without Digital Marketing, in this day and age, your business may as well be a dead entity.

Digital marketing is mandatory to plan and execute business marketing campaigns for promoting products and services online as it paves the way for enormous customer reach and higher visibility for your brand.

For this purpose, we bring you a one-stop agency offering complete solutions for your entire digital marketing strategy, Techmagnate. Incorporated in 2006 by Mr. SarveshBagla, Techmagnate today, is an award-winning agency with a multi-dimensional approach to digital marketing.

Located in Delhi, the digital agency provides full-suite services that include SEO, PPC, web design and development and social media optimization to billion-dollar conglomerates, leading brands, SMEs and professionals in India as well as the U.S.A., U.K. and Australia.

Techmagnate believes in building up a strong team of professionals who excel in their work and hence deliver excellent results to our clients. The company trains and enables its team to adopt a consultative and customized approach for its clients to increase traffic, leads and sales in the result-driven industry.

It combines creative and technical expertise to implement  a client's entire web promotion strategy. This includes everything from re-designing a website, to SEO services,Social Media Optimization to developing online applications for customer engagement.

Techmagnate has offered its impeccable SEO services to preeminent clients such as Fortis Healthworld, Bajaj Finserv,, Cilory, British paints and more.

Make digital marketing work wonders for your business with Techmagnate

As mentioned above, Techmagnate offers a 360 degree digital marketing approach offering all the services quoted below:

  • SEO Services

  • ORM Services

  • PPC Services

  • SMO Services

  • Website Designing

  • Conversion Optimization

  • App Store Optimization

The industry, which has been around for over a dozen years, is still struggling with talent shortage and a perception of 'loose ethics'. To this Mr. SarveshBagla, Founder and CEO, says,"We recognize that the digital platform is dynamic and many operators take advantage of its ambiguity.

Hence, for us, sincerity, integrity and transparency are facets that we cannot compromise on.

We promote them vigorously in our organization; it is of utmost importance that each employee strives to keep learning, improving andpromises only what he or she can deliver and then deliver on those promises."  –  Mr. SarveshBagla, Founder & CEO

'To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.'

It goes without saying that employees who deliver growth to clients are the most successful at Techmagnate.

As a top SEO company of India, the team comprises of dedicated professionals with more than decades of SEO experience. The team of SEO experts will make your business grow by giving you top visibility on search engine results pages.

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What makes Novo Nordisk Global Business Services a Best Place to Work?

An attitude of winning is the star personality trait that is demanded here. For them, an ideal team member should be pro-active, ready to solve problems, open to learning and should be willing to adapt to different roles within the organization.

He/she should be willing to go that extra step to exceed expectations. The work environment can be abridged as – open to speaking, sharing, learning and growing.

The company invests heavily in training its team. Tools such as performance analysis metrics to analyze performances and strengths and then shift employees to other departments based upon their talent encourages the employees to learn on the job and become experts.

Team building here is of immense importance which promotes undertaking monthly and annual employee engagement activities such as annual events, fun evening for managers, etc., that build comradeship, trust and interdependence.

With an aim to ensure that their employees always remain on top, the agency recognizes employee efforts via Reward, Award, Recognition and Appreciation and presents out-of-turn promotions, to deserving candidates, without waiting for annual appraisals.

Flexible timings, work from home and leave policy are adopted to ensure that the employees are able to meet personal commitments without compromising on professional ones.

Celebrating festivals, sports days, organizing team outings and hosting special events, providing health insurance and emergency leaves are an inherent part of the organisation's efforts to improve work-life balance and foster an environment of positivity.

Failures & Results – The 'TM' team has a methodology

Failures are a part and parcel of any organization's makeup. Mr. SarveshBagla pushes his team, "First you have to accept that there is an issue or a failure. Only then can you undertake an in-depth evaluation of 'why' and 'how'.

We encourage the teams to ask themselves 'why was there a failure?' and 'how can they ensure that it is not repeated?' A pro-active effort by the team helps identify issues, followed by corrective actions."

Irrefutably, results are an undeniable part of a company. As a pioneer in digital marketing space, results matter not only for the agency but for all clients as well. The team follows the mantra, 'Results cannot be achieved without efficient and effective processes.'

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Techmagnate – A Place to Excel for Digital Marketers</p></div>
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The Man behind the Success of TechmagnateMr. SarveshBagla (Founder & CEO)

A Master's degree owner in Information Networking from Carnegie Mellon University, Mr. SarveshBagla founded Techmagnate in 2006 and under his stewardship the company has distinguished itself as a provider of high quality and ethical SEO services.

An avid reader and an SEO expert himself, Sarvesh takes great pride in having grown Techmagnate into a globally competitive brand. He has been awarded the Kennametal Fellowship for outstanding academic performance and research work and the proud Verizon Excellence award holder.

Milestones of the organization

The agency which began as a two-man team in 2006 now boasts of more than 100+ professionals, Techmagnate has achieved remarkable milestones:

  • Signed their first Fortune 500 company – DCM Sriram – in 2008.

  • Their first award in 2009 as The Best SEO Company in India by TOP SEOs fuelled aspirations.

  • Receiving the 'SEO & Company of the Year' award in 2014 by CIO review magazine.

  • Setting up SEO Training Institute for training and equipping candidates with theoretical and practical knowledge related to the field.

  • Launch of two startups – FReD and WFM. Where FReD is a mobile reporting tool for Retail Merchandising, Field Marketing, Field Data Collection, Retail Audits, Field Sales and more and WFM is a Marketplace for Home Improvement & Home Building.

Eager anticipation of the future  

Having worked with more than 500 businesses over the years, Techmagnate has positioned itself as one of the top search marketing companies of India.

As they have worked hard to be rankedNo.1 SEO company in India, they want to leverage this platform to accelerate their growth as they-

  • Continue to hire the best talent, invest in employees and help them become leaders in their respective fields.

  • Get more top brands as clients by continuously delivering fantastic results and growth.

  • Stay committed to experimenting with new offerings in technology and widen their portfolio of services, scale up the levels of service and expand strategic partnerships within the Industry to widen skill set.

  • Establish an even larger global footprint and work towards expanding offices across India.

  • Remain steadfast on never compromising on ethics and ideals as they continue their march towards future success.

  • Keep investing in Research & Development and training to become the preferred brand for all candidates aspiring to excel in the field of Digital marketing and partners seeking digital marketing services.

At Techmagnate, we work to excel at all levels.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Techmagnate – A Place to Excel for Digital Marketers</p></div>
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