Repeat orders are Our biggest awards, says Ravi Tenneti of Computer Port IT

Repeat orders are Our biggest awards, says Ravi Tenneti of Computer Port IT

investing heavily on R&D to deliver Cutting Edge Technologies

Tech Desk, TCM, New Delhi: Ravi Kumar Tenneti, an Engineering graduate and MBA, always aspired to serve customers with unique solutions. In association with IIT Kharagapur, he started Electronically Networked Life Long Learning. Then he served different companies like D-Link, CtrlS for couple of years. After closely working with these organizations and understanding the problems faced by the Customers, Ravi felt the need of providing better solutions to clients. Ravi's brainchild Computer Port IT Solutions came into existence in 2012. The company has been started with the motto of Serving the customers with unique solutions. It follows 3S motto – Solutions Service Support. They give unique Solutions, give Service to the Solutions and Support the customer for their existing and new setups.

Computer Port IT Solutions is a technology partner of choice for organizations like Redington, JNTU , Toshiba, EPTRI , State Bank of India, IICT-Hyderabad and Visalaandhra that  strategically transform in today's competitive business environment. The company has state-of-the-art offices in Hyderabad (HO), Bengaluru, Chennai and Visakhapatnam. There are presently twelve people working and half of the strength are in Technical department. The company's culture is making sure that every one learns something new every month. They also make sure that the knowledge is spread to all the employees.

Computer Port IT Solutions is investing heavily on R&D and implementing In-house PoC (Proof of Concept) Centers. In a conversation with The CEO Magazine, Computer Port IT Solutions said,

" Almost all of our competitors are offering their solutions taking the help from the Principals. Other competitors are talking about the latest technologies like Private Cloud but we already have implemented most of the Cutting Edge Technologies. We have implemented Private Cloud and the same has been uploaded to our YouTube Channel also. Our biggest awards & Recognitions have come from our customers with repeat orders and some of them have given us the Testimonials attesting our capabilities."

" Most of the competitors will be delivering the solutions of Virtualization with VMware and the difference with us is that we can not only deliver the same solution with VMware but also with KVM or Xen at a substantially lower price with the same or better features," said Ravi Kumar Tenneti, who is penning a book on Virtualization.

Solutions offered by Computer Port IT Solutions:

  1. Virtualization : Be it on VMware, Xen, Linux KVM, Proxmox or containers
  2. HCI: Hyper Converged Infrastructure Solutions using Compuverde
  3. Private Cloud : With OpenStack/OpenNebula/CloudStack
  4. VDI Solutions: Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Solutions using UDS Enterprise
  5. 2FA/OTP : Second Factor Authentication Solutions with Wikid/LinOTP
  6. Storage Solutions: Innovative Storage Solutions using Compuverde, Open-e, QSAN, Gluster, Ceph, FreeNAS, OpenMediaVault, OpenAttic, ESOS-Project, Nexenta etc.,
  7. Mailing Solutions: Implementation of different mailing solutions like Zimbra (Zimbra India Partner), MS Exchange, Google Apps for Work,

O365, Kerio etc.,

  1. Backup & Restore: Innovative Solutions for Backup & Restore using Sep Products ( and also using BareOS (
  2. High Availability : HA Solutions and DR Solutions using LINBIT and Sep products
  3. Mail Archiving: Developed a product for mail archiving known as Mail

Discovery which will work with any Mail Server like Exchange, O365, Google Apps for Work, Kerio, Zimbra etc.,

  1. Security Solutions : Vulnerability and Penetration Testing Services and also Software, Firewalls using pfSense, OPNSense, Vyatta
  2. Migration Services : Cloud migrations from in-house or vice versa.

Apart from Solutions to Enterprises and SMB, the organization trains educators also. At JNTU Hyderabad workshop they have trained the faculty and students on Virtualization and Clouds for two days.

When Toshiba was looking for a reputed partner for OTP/2FA Implementation in Hyderabad, they found none other than Computer Port IT. Computer Port IT has implemented different solutions like Linux based ADS  for  for more than 650 + users. The company has Software Defined Storage Solution for a Datacenter. Computer Port IT has also implemented Mail Archiving Solutions on behalf of two big Organizations. Both of them benefitted immensely because of the implementation.

Commenting upon their services Ravi Kumar Tenneti asserted " Storage is growing by more than 100% YoY. One of the classic problems that is being faced by most of the CIOs as well as CTOs is that all the storage solutions that are being offered by big vendors will not scale and will pose a problem of Storage Silos. We propose Software Defined Storage Solutions with which an Organization can increase the storage capacities horizontally meaning the way a new Desktop or Laptop is connected to the existing network, in a similar way a Storage box can be attached."

"Also the storage solutions have to be carefully chosen as 80% of the data is unstructured data that needs to be stored and the existing Storage boxes will be costly to store this type of data. A CIO/CTO/CFO have to take this into consideration while buying a new Storage solution. A Scale out / SDS Solution is a must in the present circumstances. This will help the Organizations in the next 2-3 years" he added. The usage of Compuverde Storage Solutions for scale out and HyperConverged Infrastrcuture will help the Organizations in reaping all the benefits of Virtualization with Software Defined Storage within a short span of 6-9 months. Also the usage of Gluster & Ceph Scale Out Storage Solutions will help the Enterprise as well as SMB Customers," he added.

Computer Port IT Solutions now plans to set up of Proof of Concepts for all the solutions so that the prospective clients can visit the Solutions and take a correct decision for the problem they are facing.

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