QA Mentor Switching Strategies to offer Cost effective QA Services, Flexible Solutions

QA Mentor Switching Strategies to offer Cost effective QA Services, Flexible Solutions
QA Mentor Switching Strategies to offer Cost effective QA Services, Flexible Solutions QA Mentor Switching Strategies to offer Cost effective QA Services, Flexible Solutions

QA Mentor Switching Strategies to offer Cost effective QA Services, Flexible Solutions 

We are positioned to provide your company with skills and information that aren't taught in any books ~ QA Mentor


New York based QA Mentor offers an array of integrated services in and around the Software QA domain that combine top-of-the-range technology with deep sector expertise. Ruslan Desyatnikov, the supremo, strives to make the name of the company a reflection of transparency, excellence, and hard work. The company understands that businesses have divergent needs and budgets and want flexibility with payments and service contracts. QA Mentor's eight Global locations with two Testing Centers of Excellence in Ukraine and India allow them to cover all time zones with overlapping working hours for clients.


The award-winning QA Mentor was born in 2010 to guide, coach, and train various companies within the United States to improve their QA methodology. Currently they support enterprises from startups to Fortune 500 companies across different geographies. For them, the size, strength, or time zone of an organization does not matter. Neither does the industry a company is in as QA Mentor has clients ranging from healthcare to gaming.

From utilizing their expertise on an as-needed basis, to having a team of their QA Professionals onsite for a long term contract, QA Mentor has a model that will meet nearly all client demands.  Their employees work hard to devise clear processes for managing testing efforts of any kind. Years of experience have helped them to create efficient and effective testing methodologies for all testing types.

Nearly 150 QA experts work with QA Mentor full time in their offices across the world or even from home. These experts have knowledge of and keep updated on over 50 automation tools and solutions across seven different domains. 82% of QA Mentor resources are certified by ISTQBI or Brainbench organizations and have a minimum of three years QA Experience.

Commenting upon the company's culture, Ruslan Desyatnikov, founder of QA Mentor said, "There aren't any politics in this organization as it's a very transparent company. Every month we choose an employee of the month to highlight their great efforts, and our employees are very active in charity works. We bought school bags, books, and notepads and distributed them in different areas of Asia and the US. Our employees celebrated the New Year with hundreds of kids in the US, Ukraine and Thailand in the past."

QACoverage (, offered by QA Mentor, is a new generation test management solution with an innovative vision and workflow to manage Software Test Life Cycles more effectively and efficiently. It boosts test productivity and provides visibility to better handle and control a client's established QA process via comprehensive Requirements Management, Test Design, Test Execution, Defects Management, and Metrics & Reporting modules.

They also have a new proprietary technology solution – Magic Converter that converts business requirements, functional requirements, use cases, and wireframes into detailed test cases through the model-based automated process. They can create 1000's test cases in couple of hours which normally takes multiple weeks and several resources to complete. This magic tool uses a pairwise testing algorithm to create a minimum number of test cases that cover all requirements with a complete traceability matrix.

"Magic Converter supports our unique QA Service – Test Design on-demand. As part of our deliverables, we provide an optimum set of positive and negative detailed test cases with associated test data, UML User Case Diagrams, and Process Flow Diagrams along with a test case priority map for better control and execution prioritization. This product brings huge benefits such as a superfast turnaround time for test design and effective requirements coverage to avoid defect leakages," said Ruslan.

Computer Information Systems graduate Ruslan Desyatnikov holds an MBA in Technology Management from Phoenix University of Arizona and a number of Quality Assurance/Testing and Project Management certifications. He is an active board member of multiple QA Organizations in the United States and Europe.

He has two decades of Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Process Improvement, and Software Testing experience.  He is responsible for growing QA Mentor as a trusted partner for software testing, independent verification and validation, and strategic consulting for a client base around the world.

Prior to expanding operations at QA Mentor, Ruslan worked at Citi for 3 years as the Global Head of Testing of Worldlink Technology. He actually switched to Citi from Sterling InfoSystems, one of the biggest background screening companies in the world. At Sterling, he transformed over 10 non-IT employees to seasoned QA Professionals by providing training, guidance and mentoring and established high performance QA Organization with separate automation, performance and build & deployment practices. As a final mission, Ruslan established a QA Testing Center in Mumbai, India by hiring 80% of junior and entry level resources and growing them into seasoned QA professionals within 1 year.

On a larger scale, Ruslan performed similar duties for 4 years at HSBC bank in a transaction-based environment working with multiple client server platforms and various technologies.  There, he established a Testing Center of Excellence with its own QA methodology and customized Quality Center by launching it to 3000 IT users within HSBC North America and managed over 120 resources located in 8 different countries.

Ruslan has also worked at several start-up companies, including Solbright Inc., Unicast Inc, and DigitalEdge, performing various duties as a Lead Quality Assurance Analyst and Quality Advisor. His skills include QA architecture and Process architecture for Software Development Life Cycles (SDLC) and Quality Assurance Life Cycles (QALC).

"We have very sophisticated QA methodologies and best practices that attract customers. We also have various open-source tools, enterprise versions, and our own automaton proprietary frameworks. We're the only company covering all timezones due of our four working shifts. Our offices in Moldova, India and the Ukraine allow us to operate 24*7. We will launch a product next year that will help QA managers to monitor Quality Metrics and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)," Ruslan Desyatnikov asserted.

Nitin Tawde leads QA Mentor's India operation from the Pune office. Since European resources are becoming costlier, the company is eyeing Asia to set up their extension. Soon, QA Mentor will open two branches in Bangalore and Mumbai and one in Philippines. The company aims to launch an additional group of services by the end of this year relating to testing Big Data and Internet of Things as well as create 5 more e-learning courses.

"Essentially, the goal is to first become the most cost-effective service provider in the world, and secondly to spread our methodologies, our best practices, and our approaches in every single country in the world.  Last, we aim to continue to be an advocate of Quality Assurance. We will educate decision makers on the importance of QA," QA Mentor expressed The CEO Magazine.

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