"We believe, just as a paragraph is the building block of a story, we want to be the building blocks of our client's success stories." Harshil Khajanchi

While transiting from a business idea into a realistic business structure, entrepreneurs, in this boosting entrepreneurial ecosystem of India end up heavily investing in their endeavour for scouting a space dealing with the challenges of traditional offices. The co-working spaces emerge as a prominent and affordable solution.

Right from deciding the size of the space, along with the capital required for lease, investment on furniture, AC, maintenance every month, municipal tax, along with office management and other overheads, there are various challenges with the traditional spaces. All these problems are solved by the leading brand, Paragraph Coworking.

They have been effectively assisting aspiring entrepreneurs in Ahmedabad, Gujarat with not only a 'space to work' but a 'space to grow' is Paragraph Coworking. Since inception in 2018 by the entrepreneur and Director Harshil Khajanchi, they have been a key solution provider backed with premium, easy to use, plug and play offices.

The roots of Paragraph were planted while the entrepreneur, Harshil was completing his masters in entrepreneurship, innovation & technology from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland. During his time spent there, he explored and iterated many business concepts and ideas with his and eventually came down to a couple of them. Well, the visionary initially thought of building a 'room sharing application', which is a successful business in the UK. However, in Ahmedabad, he discovered a gap in the market for premium co-working spaces and went to initiate his startup after undertaking all the calculations.


"We acknowledged the challenges in traditional spaces from office management overheads to internet failures, and offered premium co-working solutions to our clients so that they can invest their time, energy and resources on growth initiatives." proudly shares Harshil

Paragraph offers customised services with various operational virtues to each client depending on their requirements. They have a range of services along with basic amenities of super-fast internet, conference room, concierge services, distinctive workstations, meeting room, flexible office hours, mail & courier handling, office supplies & stationery, IT support, business-class printers & scanners, unique common area & breakout zone, community managers, paragraph address on your business card, CCTV and access control secure premises, uninterrupted full day electricity with power backup facilities and much more. Paragraph's Core solutions are:

  • Hot Desk: A perfect choice entrepreneurs looking to kick-start working on their ideas, Hot desk at Paragraph allows grab a seat and work along with network with the working community, build ties, and know people.
  • Dedicated Desk: Equipped with a dedicated workstation & storage space, they allow clients to avail all the facilities.
  • Private Chalet: This is a space designed for teams of different sizes looking for a private and secure space that comes in fully furnished with desks, personal desk with boss chair & visitor chairs.
  • Professional Chalet: Interact with the clients with an executive cabin with Chalet and avail its features of personal desk, filing cabinets and chairs.
  • Custom Buildout: One can design their own office spaces based on their requirements.
  • Conference Room: Paragraph clientele can host a conference with their investors, clients, vendors or their team at Paragraph's prestigious high-end conference room.
  • Virtual Office: An apt solution for those looking for an address on their business card, but don't want a physical office, Paragraph's virtual office attends their phone calls and also handles the mails and couriers.
  • Hourglass Chalet: With paragraph's hourglass cabin, clients can utilise the services as per their requirements and won't have to pay for the whole day.


Paragraph Coworking offers an atmosphere for creative and innovative individuals and brands from different industries, be it freelancers from IT, web development, designing, interior architects to MNCs and corporates who are looking to set their brand in Ahmedabad. Initiated with around 100 seats in 2018, in their short yet significant journey, Paragraph has expanded to 130 seats with full occupancy in their 11000 square feet space with a varied clientele including:

  • Royal Enfield (Cruiser Motorbikes Company, a unit of Eicher Motors Limited)
  • Flipkart (India's Largest E-Commerce Company)
  • Everledger (Uk Based High-Value Asset Analysis Company)
  • Sobha Limited (Pan India Real Estate Developer with a significant presence in the Gulf, also a Listed Company on the Stock Exchange)
  • The Better India (India's Fastest Growing Digital Solutions-Based Media Platform)
  • Cushman & Wakefield (U.S.A. Based Real Estate Consultant Giant)
  • Global University System (Netherlands Based Network Of Educational Institutions around the Globe)
  • Saffron Pharmaceuticals (Pharma Company)
  • Marvel DECOR Leading Company In Window Covering Fashion Industry, Listed Company On The Stock Exchange)
  • Baker Hughes (General Electric, Oil & Gas Company)


While Harshil and his team have been deploying their efforts and yielding positive results working with reference enquiries by satisfied clientele, they are also leveraging the power of technology to boost the brand. Paragraph has been spreading their name via search engine optimisation and Social media optimisation. The dynamic leader is set to work with the plans to implement a model on the website wherein the in-house as well as anyone searching for space can book their space with online payment and get onboard eventually increasing the efficiency with automation and less human intervention.


The entrepreneur has prevailed over the hurdles in the path right from putting the idea on paper to getting it running and from scouting the space initially to dealing with the price competition that exists in the co-working space industry today.

Being a new market in Ahmedabad and Gujarat, people are not familiar with the business centre co-working space industry and thus there is no apple to apple comparison. In such a scenario, Paragraph Coworking exists with a wide range of services and products and continues to face the challenge of creating an aware audience who understand the premium-ness of their services.

With an eye on every slender detail, Paragraph follows a zero compromise policy to ensure the premium services to clients. From an average square feet space being the highest given to any client in Ahmedabad with flamboyant amenities, client's comfort has been a top priority for Paragraph. Equipped with the vibrant interiors to make clients love the space they work in, Paragraph ensures they make working the better half of their day.


Having exhausted their current space, Paragraph is planning to expand to a 23000 square feet space resulting in total space of 34000 square feet with 320 more seats by April 2020 which will be ingrained with all the trendy features and solutions they have been offering. With the sustained passion to grow, they are envisaging to reach 1 lakh square feet of space by the end of 2021.

Harshil and the Paragraph team has been focused on their core USP of community building and with the expansion plans in the pipeline, they are willing to continue offering young aspirants with a network to grow their business by successfully connecting the entrepreneurs with legal assistance, accounting assistance, web designers along with offering access to meeting other clients of Paragraph from different industries.

"We will continue to nurture community building as we strongly believe in 'People make Paragraph' theory of our brand." Harshil Khajanchi

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