Surabhi Chopra

Shaping Legal Frontiers and Advocating for Fairness at Legis Chamber (Law Firm)
Adv. Surabhi Chopra  

Adv. Surabhi Chopra  

Founder - Legis Chamber (Law Firm)

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India’s legal landscape, shaped by its unitary federal structure, reflects a unified bar system. The nation’s struggle marked the journey from pre-constitutional legal norms to a democratic, republican constitution for independence. With India’s legal system comprising a myriad of laws, statutes, and precedents, navigating the intricacies of justice demands a profound understanding of the law and a steadfast commitment to upholding fairness, and the need for skilled and principled lawyers has never been more crucial.

In a system where the innocent must be shielded from unjust repercussions, Adv. Surabhi Chopra emerges as a vital force for ensuring that fundamental principles of fairness prevail. As a lawyer and the founder of Legis Chamber, a premier International law firm, Surabhi embodies the essence of legal advocacy, leveraging her expertise to champion justice and safeguard the rights of individuals within the legal framework.

Legis Chamber: Leading Legal Excellence

Within the distinguished halls of Legis Chamber, Surabhi Chopra’s visionary leadership is palpable. Founded under her own guidance and leadership, the firm has emerged as a prominent legal player, excelling in litigation and extending its services globally. With strategic partnerships and a network of associates worldwide, Legis Chamber ensures smooth service delivery to clients at home and abroad.

With a team of highly qualified professionals educated at esteemed institutions both domestically and abroad, the firm delivers superior legal counsel, drawing from diverse expertise to swiftly solve problems. Upholding the highest standards of professionalism and adhering to international benchmarks, the Legis Chamber is a name synonymous with premier legal services.

Whether navigating the complexities of Indian law or providing expertise in national and international legal matters, the firm remains dedicated to achieving client satisfaction under the astute leadership of Adv Surabhi Chopra. Specialising in a wide range of practice areas, from her expertise in Civil laws, IPR, and Criminal Law to International Immigration Law, Legis Chamber ensures effective resolution of legal matters for clients both domestically and internationally.

Adv. Surabhi Chopra, Founder, Legis Chamber (Law Firm)

In the complex realm of law, where expertise is paramount and dedication is a prerequisite, Surabhi Chopra stands as an exemplary leader. From her early days in Bangalore to founding Legis Chamber, Surabhi’s journey has been remarkable. Her educational foundation was laid at Delhi Indraprastha University, where she honed her legal acumen while mastering the practical intricacies of the legal profession. With a journey that traverses continents and spans diverse legal landscapes, Surabhi’s story is one of determination and a deep-seated commitment to deliver speedy justice.

During her 5-year B.A. LLB(H) course, Surabhi immersed herself in legal intricacies, balancing academic study with hands-on practice at a law firm during her entire study of 5 years. Simultaneously, she championed causes related to women’s welfare, empowerment, and rural development through various NGOs, enriching her understanding of the law and laying the groundwork for her future endeavours.

Driven by a desire to broaden her horizons, Surabhi pursued further studies i.e LLM (International IPR and Trade laws) abroad, securing a prestigious scholarship to the University in London. Her transformative time in the London, UK saw her navigate the legal landscape, establishing herself as a formidable practitioner. Despite several challenges and competition, Surabhi’s resilience propelled her to establish her first office in London, cultivating a diverse clientele across continents and legal complexities.

Extending beyond foreign shores, Surabhi’s desire to return to India in 2016, the zeal to help the people in her own homeland and the urge to feel the need of people in India need more professional advocates to fight for justice, led her to the founding of her own law firm, Legis Chamber showcasing her commitment to her homeland. Surabhi’s leadership, fusing expertise, empathy, and an unyielding quest for justice, positions her as a pioneering figure in the legal realm. Her journey, fueled by passion and perseverance, motivates others to pursue their dreams with determination. As she continues to redefine legal excellence, Surabhi remains a luminary in the field.

The Genesis of Legis Chamber

Surabhi’s journey in the legal profession wasn’t merely a career choice; it was a conscious decision to chart her own course in a profession fraught with challenges and biases at the age of 16 years. Amidst a legal environment marked by cunning and cutthroat practices, Surabhi’s determination to carve her own space became resolute.

Despite the allure of stability and career progression in established law firms, Surabhi’s commitment to justice and independence led her to pursue entrepreneurship. Declining a lucrative job offer from a prestigious UK law firm was one of the pivotal moments that shaped her journey, reflecting her dedication to building something of her own despite the uncertainty. Establishing Legis Chamber was her conviction in the power of autonomy and uncompromising commitment to justice.

Surabhi’s journey transcended geographical boundaries, offering her a unique perspective on the contrasting legal systems of India, the UK, and other Western countries. In India, where the legal system deals with a heavy caseload and systemic challenges, Surabhi’s expertise in immigration law had limited scope. Yet, her time abroad highlighted the need for strong legal frameworks and efficient immigration systems, revealing the disparities between nations in handling legal matters.

“There’s a clear contrast in the legal systems between India and elsewhere. While India handles a lot of cases and complexities, countries like the UK specialise more in immigration law.”


Navigating the Legal Labyrinth

The Indian legal system undergoes an arduous battle for justice. Returning to India from abroad, Surabhi felt a strong sense of duty and patriotism, eager to make a positive impact on her country’s legal system. However, her idealism collided head-on with the stark realities of a legal system plagued by inefficiencies, nepotism, and systemic flaws. “There is an urgent need to address the systemic flaws and nepotism undermining India’s legal system,” Surabhi emphasises.

In a poignant juxtaposition, Surabhi lamented the prolonged timelines in India’s legal proceedings, where justice can be delayed for years or even decades. The heartbreaking stories of litigants caught in endless battles reflect the systemic dysfunction and human toll of India’s judicial system. Despite the chaos, Surabhi persists in her pursuit of justice, employing innovative strategies like mediation and consultancy to alleviate her clients’ suffering. She aims to guide disputants towards mutual resolutions, sparing them the prolonged ordeal of courtroom battles.

Shattering Gender Stereotypes

In a predominantly male-dominated legal realm, making her mark was not easy for Surabhi. Her narrative is one of perseverance and determination, as she defied societal norms and familial scepticism to pursue her passion for law. In an era when traditional career paths for women were the norm, Surabhi charted her own course, driven by her innate commitment to justice and advocacy.

“The legal landscape in India is fraught with gender disparities. Despite progress, the profession remains male-dominated, presenting unique challenges for women practitioners,” Surabhi pointed out.

For Surabhi, the struggle wasn’t merely about breaking into the legal fraternity but also carving out her own path without familial guidance or mentorship. As a first-generation lawyer, she navigated the complexities of the law in a competitive environment driven by relentless determination. Balancing various roles, from courtroom representation to shouldering responsibilities as a daughter, wife, and mother of twins, Surabhi defied societal expectations and gender biases, steadfast in her pursuit of excellence. Her journey exemplifies the resilience needed to overcome these barriers, navigating a profession that often favours established lineages and familial connections.

Surabhi asserts, “Challenges will inevitably arise and shall keep on arising, but it’s only through your resilience, determination, and unwavering passion that true success is achieved.”

Her Source of Inspiration

As a female entrepreneur leading a law firm while also caring for her twin children, Adv Surabhi Chopra finds strength and inspiration from her family. Surabhi shares,

“My main source of inspiration is my late mother, whose dreams and aspirations have always guided me. I am continuing her legacy, striving to achieve what she couldn’t. Alongside my late mother, my brother and father, especially my husband, Akshay Chopra, inspire me greatly. His unwavering dedication and hard work motivate me to persevere; it is because of my husband’s unconditional support I am able to sustain and maintain a work balance. Despite our busy schedules, we’re fueled by the desire to make a positive difference in society.”

Akshay Chopra, an Ex-Indian Air Force Pilot and a prominent public figure, (owner of We R Stupid and Mango Herbs), has been a pillar of support for Surabhi Chopra. His distinguished military career, coupled with his success as an owner of two successful companies, writer, and fitness influencer, embodies resilience and leadership, motivating Surabhi in her legal career.

Leadership Mantra

Extending her advice to all aspiring legal professionals, regardless of gender, Surabhi shares,

“In the legal field, dedication, patience, honesty, and a relentless determination to succeed are essential. Persevere through challenges, even when finances may be tight initially.

For women, societal expectations and balancing personal and professional life can be tough, but believe in yourself and your abilities. We need more women in the legal profession and female-owned law firms. I always encourage all budding lawyers, especially female lawyers, to establish their identity and entity with courage, make their own path, and walk till the end; there should be no reason to quit ever.

Regarding women in litigation, it’s disheartening to see the lack of professionalism in some cases, including disregarding the code of conduct. Upholding professional standards is crucial for all advocates to ensure fair treatment and eliminate gender biases in the field.”

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