Shiivani Aggarwal

A Dynamic Force Spearheading Formula Group’s Leadership in the employee Mobility Sector
Shiivani Aggarwal - CEO & Co-Founder - Formula Group

Shiivani Aggarwal - CEO & Co-Founder - Formula Group

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Relocating employees has always been the norm, whether driven by personal preferences or corporate decisions. While its perks are many, relocation has always been a daunting procedure for everyone, with the complexity of the steps involved. Immigration procedures, finding accommodation, managing logistics, and adjusting to different cultural settings all present their share of challenges. Making a successful transition requires careful planning of the entire process, and that is where the role of Mobility services companies comes into play.

Mobility service companies not only specialise in handling logistics, but they also help both the employee and the management through the entire transition process to make the entire relocation journey hassle-free. Formula Group, a comprehensive mobility services provider, is a prominent player in the field in India.

Steering the organisation is Shiivani Aggarwal, a passionate traveller and a seasoned professional backed by two decades of experience. As a Co-Founder of Formula Group, Shiivani has been driving the organisation towards new heights of success. Her zeal for perfection and exceptional decision-making is transforming Formula Group into one of the best mobility and relocation solution providers in India.

Formula Group: Pioneers in Employee Mobility Solutions

Primarily operating as a travel company and supporting Business travels for corporations, Formula Group was formed in 2004 with a mission to deliver compliant, organised, safe and secure car rental solutions to their clients. The trust and confidence their customers had in them eventually encouraged Formula Group to expand their operations across multiple verticals, and that’s how they forayed into mobility solutions services.

As an organisation operating within the travel industry, they were well versed in the challenges associated with the relocation process. Shiivani emphasises,

“We empathise with the complexities involved with relocating to a new city, adapting to a different culture, enrolling children in schools, or establishing new daily routines for spouses. Millennials, in particular, may find it overwhelming to acclimate to a new culture and secure safe accommodations. However, amidst these challenges lie numerous opportunities.”

Well-trained consultants at Formula Group are committed to assisting individuals in overcoming challenges, ensuring their focus remains on the opportunities that lie ahead.

The entire team at Formula Group is dedicated to meticulously organising each phase of the relocation journey to meet the specific needs of relocating employees and their families, providing support until they are comfortably settled into their new homes.

“At Formula Group, we strive to turn each step of the relocation process into a tailored experience, providing unwavering assistance throughout the transition.”


A Legacy of Growth and Excellence

As the CEO of the organisation, Shiivani, at present, leads the team at the Formula Group. However her journey has not been an easy one. In 2002, when she was 19 years old, Shiivani embarked on her journey with the group, when it was operating as a travel company. “My passion for travel and exploring different cultures was the key to my landing a job at the firm,” recalls Shiivani. In the next 2 years, Formula Group was born to support Mobility needs, and she had a key role to play as a Co-Founder.

Over the past two decades, with her perseverance, she ascended through the ranks, handling numerous roles and responsibilities. Thrilling is the word Shiivani chooses to define her experience. She proudly states, “From reporting to the most junior members of the team to leading the entire company as its CEO, it was a journey worth every challenge.”

Traversing through multiple roles has shaped Shiivani’s unique leadership approach. Instead of viewing leadership as a matter of interest, it is an innate quality that fuels growth and a passionate drive to advance an organisation for her. Quoting her four-year-old son as her source of inspiration, Shiivani says, “Becoming a mother has changed how I view leadership. There is so much you can learn from children. My son, as young as he is, still teaches me valuable lessons every day.”

She further adds, “To be an effective leader, one must possess the ability to execute plans and pave the way for progress.”

The mobility and relocation sector is centred around people, and thus, adding a human touch to every operation is a necessity. Nurturing and empowering employees are the keys to a company’s growth within the sector. Shiivani explains, “When our team members are content and fulfilled in their roles, it directly translates into happier clients.”

Finding Work-Life Balance

Balancing work and life can get tough for someone in a leadership position, but for Shiivani, it is of the utmost importance. She asserts, “As someone who loves travelling and is passionate about her job, it is a necessity that I find a balance between the two. I set goals for the year, and a minimum of two trips a year is what I aim to achieve. Ever since I became a mother, I need to align my plans with the school calendar to manage both our schedules.”

“What I believe is that exploring new places and being happy in my personal life helps me fuse more positive energy in the workplace and among the workforce,” reflects Shiivani.

Tailored Relocation Services

Formula Group specialises in providing personalised relocation services designed to make transitions smooth and hassle-free. Their service portfolio covers all the essentials for relocation, including immigration support, finding a suitable home, chauffeured car rentals, searching for commercial spaces, and household goods relocation.

As a leading corporate mobility service provider in India, Formula Group caters to a diverse clientele, mostly multinational corporations, including Japanese, American, and Swedish companies. Currently, they are working with the top 20 Fortune 100 and several Fortune 500 companies from various sectors, such as FMCG, Automotive, Steel, Hospitality, and Trading, for both inbound and outbound mobility requirements. Formula Group’s key strength– facilitating seamless domestic-to-international relocations through an extremely simplified process and user-friendly technology platform. The platform not only offers real-time tracking and transparency in service delivery but also allows clients, including HR departments, to see through ongoing ground-level operations.

Formula Group’s USP

The market has become competitive over the years, but Formula Group has managed to stand out with its single-window model. One of the major struggles companies have to go through while relocating employees is dealing with multiple providers. As a one-stop solution provider, Formula Group offers a single-window model process to manage all relocation needs. As the only provider in India offering a comprehensive range of moving solutions under one roof, Formula Group stands out as a leader in the industry.

Industry Recognitions

  • NEI Global Service Partner Award 2023: Excellence in Accountability

  • Times Business Awards 2023: Best Employee Mobility Company

  • APAC EMMAS 2022: Most Innovative Use of Technology in Global Mobility - Assignee Management

  • Relocate Awards 2022: Excellence in Technology or Analytics

  • APAC EMMAS 2019: Destination Services Provider of the Year

  • APAC EMMAS 2018: Outstanding Contribution to Global Mobility (Raman Narula)

  • Relocate Awards 2015: Destination Service Provider of the Year

Leadership Insights

Advising young women professionals and entrepreneurs, Shiivani shares, “The most important attribute of a leader is staying strong and maintaining self-belief. With commitment and dedication, you can achieve anything in life. Although success does not come overnight, with a clear vision and a defined roadmap, you will surely reach your goals.”

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