Nisha Johari

MD & Co-Founder, Johari Digital Healthcare Ltd.
Nisha Johari - MD & Co-Founder, Johari Digital Healthcare Ltd.

Nisha Johari - MD & Co-Founder, Johari Digital Healthcare Ltd.

Nisha Johari - MD & Co-Founder, Johari Digital Healthcare Ltd.

The Healthcare industry, one of the largest sectors in India in terms of revenue and employment, has been on the rise courtesy of increasing services, coverage, and expenditure. As extensive is the industry, such is the number of players in it.

Amidst all, Johari Digital Healthcare Ltd., the brainchild of Mrs Nisha Johari and her spouse Mr Satyendra Johari, is one name that stands out as a leading medical equipment manufacturer.

After gaining significant experience in Medical Device Development in the USA, the duo returned to India with a vision to strengthen the Medical Device Landscape here, in their homeland.

At a time when every young person was looking at USA, they decided to pursue the goal of “Make in India” for the Global market 40 years back. In 1979, they laid the foundation of Johari Digital Healthcare Ltd to harness the power of technology, promote wellness, and positively impact people’s lives.

Johari Digital today stands as one of India’s Most Preferred Electronic Medical Device Manufacturing companies helping its clients develop Medical Devices at par with international standards and making healthcare more accessible to the Global Population.

Mrs Nisha Johari consistently focuses on building a team and facility that caters to dynamic Global Medical Device Industry requirements. With a belief in the power of creativity, in-depth knowledge and uniqueness, instead of following the set paths, she always tries to do things differently.

A Science Graduate from the Birla Institute of Technology with more than four decades as a businesswoman, Mrs Nisha is consistently learning and growing in all aspects of life.

In her words, “Breaking moulds and setting on one’s own path has its challenges, but eventually, with efforts in the right direction, every challenge helps to bring out the best in us.”

Incorporating the same philosophy of simplicity and original perspective is ‘Shunyam’, the living abode of the Johari family, which features among the ’50 most amazing Houses of India.

Through her journey from an entrepreneur to an iconic businesswoman, her spouse, Mr Satyendra Johari, has been her pillar of strength. Together they understood the industry gap and embarked on a journey to add value engineering in healthcare device design to make it manufacturable and cost-efficient, so it reaches to masses and impacts Health and well-being.

Mr Satyendra Johari, Executive Chairman & Founder, JDHL

Mr Satyendra Johari holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from BITS-Pilani and a Master’s degree in Finance from West Coast University, US. As a Technocrat, he has achieved numerous recognitions for Johari Digital Healthcare and himself.

Johari Digital Healthcare Ltd.

Johari Digital Healthcare is one of the pioneers in the healthcare industry, offering Design, Engineering and Manufacturing services for Medical Devices. Their manufacturing facility complies with MDSAP, ISO 13485:2016, and FDA (21 CFR 820) standards and processes.

Backed with 40+ years of experience in medical device manufacturing, they have helped global clients create products across categories like Life science, Clinical laboratory, Point-of-Care, In-Vitro Diagnostics (IVDs), Therapeutics, and more.

JDHL caters to its global clients from a 65,000 sq. ft state-of-the-art medical device manufacturing facility in India and an R&D Center in Europe & Hyderabad, India.

Their facility is equipped with advanced capabilities to manufacture complex to high-volume products. To date, JDHL has successfully assisted in commercialising 145+ Medical devices.

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Understanding the Role of Diagnostic Laboratories in Healthcare

Aligning With The Vision Of Make In India, Made For The World

JDHL is focused on manufacturing Medical Devices with,

  • Zero effect on the environment

  • Zero defect

Aligning with the Government’s Vision of Make in India, JDHL has successfully assisted manufacturing & development of Medical Devices for the Global Markets. Post Covid-19, there has been a significant manufacturing shift from China to India.

Global MedTech Players have found India as a potential Manufacturing Destination and partnered with Johari for reliable & dependable manufacturing services. This has been one of the major accomplishments this year for JDHL.

The People Of JDHL

JDHL has 250+ employees working with them across India (Jodhpur, Hyderabad), Europe, and the USA. Talking about her team at JDHL, Mrs Nisha says, “We are proud to have developed a team who are dedicated to taking Company’s vision ahead.”

“The team members implement Kaizen for improvement, maintain the processes in the system, create an ever-growing & learning atmosphere, and each member adds value with passion”, acknowledged by World’s Leading MedTech clients who visited JDHL’s manufacturing facility.

The Journey So Far

What started as a hearing aid production company in a small garage in 1979 went on to become one of the top companies in India to produce hearing aid. This was followed by the focus to design & develop non-invasive, drug-free therapeutic electronic medical devices.

Most of their Electrostimulation-based devices have been successful globally and are still in demand in multiple geographies.

Post their successful launch in the therapeutic segment, they came across an opportunity to work with a leading US-based life Science Company to upgrade their Biomolecule Homogenizer Device. According to Mrs Nisha, it was a new segment and a turning point in their journey.

They worked on the industrial design, functionality, software design and other crucial details and delivered a more user-friendly homogenisation device whose appealing aesthetics made it an industry benchmark.

15+ years of business association and five generations of this device built over trust and credibility. At present, 80% of their business revenue is from Global Clients, majority from USA.

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Exploring the Benefits of Ambulatory Healthcare Services

Differentiating Factors

JDHL has stringent processes, robust regulatory QMS, and Cost-optimized Medical Device Manufacturing services. Their expertise across diverse technologies in the medical device domain separates them from their competitors.

JDHL’s uniqueness relies on Taking every challenge as an opportunity to figure out solutions and deliver the best outcome. As a brand, they believe in trust, dependability, adding value and going the extra mile for their clients.

JDHL’s Agility makes them equally efficient at working for clients ranging from Innovative Startups to Global MedTech Giants. Their Futuristic approach and early implementation of the latest technologies help them evolve and adapt according to the dynamic requirements of the industry.

Authenticity, taking the Extra Step, Customer delight, Respect and providing Quality are a few of the core values that have remained constant for JDHL since its inception.

Success For JDHL

Under the guidance of Mrs Nisha Johari, JDHL is working towards making lives better by helping deliver medical care solutions which are accessible and affordable for all. JDHL, over its journey of more than four decades, has more than 100+ clients.


  • Became one of the first Indian Manufacturers to receive US-FDA clearance for Electrotherapy devices

  • Long business association with numerous Global MedTech giants

  • Johari Center of Excellence at Indian Institute of Technology, Jodhpur

  • 80% of business revenue from global clients in different geographies

  • Multifold business growth over the years

  • Manufacturing facility expansion to MedTech Park, Jodhpur, India (Addition of 1,30,000 sq ft. area)

  • Establishment of an R&D wing in Hyderabad

  • Commercialised 145+ Therapeutic & Medical Devices and installed 100,000 products worldwide

  • The regulatory compliance and processes for quality assurance now attract leading global MedTech companies.

  • Today JDHL is working with TOP of the world companies in USA and Germany to support Design for Manufacturing and cost-efficient contract manufacturing so that medical devices can be made affordable.

  • JDHL is the design and manufacturing partner of medical devices by laying process, and regulatory compliance, valued by the Top 30 Global leading medical device companies.


  • Udhyog Ratna

  • India 100 SME Award

  • Axis SCM Finance Award

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The Benefits of Home Healthcare Services

Conquering Obstacles Along The Journey

The biggest challenge in the initial days for Mrs Nisha and Mr Satyendra Johari was to bring a shift in the global perception, not favouring India as a potential Medical Device Manufacturing destination at that point in time. It was a completely new territory for them.

JDHL’s strength was getting international certification at a time when it was an unknown area for India. The journey was far from smooth, but they have come a long way by addressing some of the core challenges and connecting the dots. In the era when India was importing medical devices, JDHL was exporting to USA.

Mrs Nisha says, “All ups and downs have made me grow as a medical device manufacturer and as a person. We still face challenges, but instead of seeing them as hurdles, we make extra efforts to address them and deliver the best by adding value and assisting our clients throughout their Medical Device Development journey with design, manufacturing, and regulatory support.”

Future Outlook

The Medical Device Industry is fast evolving, with multiple technological advancements. Mrs Nisha says, “New-age technologies like AI, ML, Robotics and IoT are ruling the landscape. We adapt to fast evolving client requirements efficiently & assist them in manufacturing Medical Devices leveraging these futuristic technologies.”

Mrs Nisha Johari has no plans to stop anytime soon, for she believes age is just a number and shouldn’t hinder fun and learning. She is focused on positively influencing the lives of people with pursuits like meditation programs, music sessions, and creative art sessions.

Her mantra is to “keep learning at all stages of life and keep alive the joy of living.” On the professional front, she, along with the team of JDHL, is focused on continually expanding their R&D and manufacturing operations in different locations in India and Overseas to keep up with the huge manufacturing requirements.

To young entrepreneurs, Mrs Nisha Johari’s advice is to follow their passion. She says, “It is imperative first to understand yourself and your true passion for identifying a worthwhile goal as an entrepreneur. This will ensure that your enthusiasm and focus are consistently high: “Do what you love, and eventually, you’ll love what you do!”

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Nisha Johari -&nbsp;MD &amp; Co-Founder, Johari Digital Healthcare Ltd.</p></div>
Medical Laboratories - The Backbone of Modern Healthcare

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