Krishna Udayasankar

Crafting Myths and Modernity Through Literature
Krishna Udayasankar

Krishna Udayasankar

Krishna Udayasankar, a distinguished author hailing from Singapore, has etched her name in the world of literature with her compelling narratives that bridge the gap between mythological sagas and contemporary storytelling. Her remarkable body of work, encompassing novels, poetry, and academic contributions, has captivated readers globally.

Personal Journey and Educational Background

Krishna Udayasankar's journey to becoming a renowned author is marked by academic excellence and an innate talent for storytelling. She is a graduate of the National Law School of India University (NLSIU), Bangalore, where she honed her academic and research skills. Udayasankar's passion for academia led her to pursue a Ph.D. in Strategic Management from the Nanyang Business School in Singapore. Her academic pursuits culminated in the publication of two textbooks: "International Business: An Asian Perspective" in 2015 and "Global Business Today" in 2014.

Interestingly, Udayasankar's foray into fiction was rather serendipitous. During a session at the Bangalore Literary Festival in 2018, she revealed that her journey as a fiction writer began accidentally. Her first work, "The Aryavarta Chronicles," started as a satirical poem but eventually evolved into an epic modern retelling of the Mahabharata.

Literary Works

Krishna Udayasankar's literary contributions encompass a wide array of genres and themes, showcasing her versatility as an author. Her notable works include:

  • "The Aryavarta Chronicles": This trilogy, consisting of "Govinda" (2012), "Kaurava" (2013), and "Kurukshetra" (2014), offers a modern reinterpretation of the Mahabharata. Udayasankar skillfully weaves a narrative that delves into the intricate characters, power struggles, and moral dilemmas of this ancient epic.

  • "Objects of Affection" (2013): This anthology showcases Udayasankar's prowess as a poet. Her prose poems reflect on the complexities of human emotions and relationships, inviting readers to explore the nuances of affection.

  • "3" (2015): "3" is a novel that enriches the literary world with its narrative. Udayasankar's storytelling prowess shines as she navigates the plot, providing readers with an engaging and thought-provoking reading experience.

  • "Immortal" (2016): This novel explores the foundation of Singapore, intertwining history and fiction to create a captivating narrative that delves into the city's heritage and culture.

  • "Beast" (2019): A departure from her mythological retellings, "Beast" is an urban fantasy thriller that introduces readers to a different facet of Udayasankar's storytelling abilities. The novel, published by Penguin Random House, opens up new horizons for the author's creativity.

  • "Buddha" (Upcoming): Udayasankar's forthcoming novel "Buddha" promises to be another literary gem, eagerly anticipated by her readers.

Krishna Udayasankar's exceptional literary works not only engage readers with captivating narratives but also provide fresh perspectives on timeless myths and contemporary storytelling.

Personal Life

Krishna Udayasankar resides in Singapore, where she lives with her family. Her literary journey is a testament to her ability to seamlessly blend her academic background with her creative talents.

As she continues to explore diverse themes and genres, her impact on the literary world remains undeniable, making her a celebrated author known for pushing the boundaries of storytelling. With each new work, she invites readers on a journey that transcends time and place, creating narratives that are both engaging and thought-provoking.

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