Kiran Meena

Co-Founder & Head of ParentsNKids
Kiran Meena - Co-Founder & Head of ParentsNKids

Kiran Meena - Co-Founder & Head of ParentsNKids

Kiran Meena - Co-Founder & Head of ParentsNKids

Gone are the days when women were content doing household chores and any job they had. Today’s women are highly ambitious as they recognise their worth. They are not hesitant to leave a stable job and follow their passion.

Instead of following others, women today are leaders. Kiran Meena is one such leader who has made it her goal to make the journey of new-age parents effortless with her online platforms, which are focused on providing authentic information about child care and their education..

An educationist, entrepreneur and mother, Kiran Meena, the co-founder and head of ParentsNKids, is a woman of many talents. She is a post-graduate from the Department of Botany, Delhi University, and has worked as an Assistant professor of Botany at Hansraj College and Shivaji College, Delhi University.

A Mother to two adorable kids, Kiran, in her leisure time, enjoys classical Dance and arts & crafts. She also holds a senior diploma degree in Kathak. She even enjoys making Tanjore, Gold, Clay, and Ceramic paintings.

The need for a platform to help parents find relevant and accurate information about the right schools and engage with their kids in the constantly changing environment is what led to the genesis of SchoolMyKids, one of the brands under ParentsNKids.

Kiran, as a parent too, struggled to find accurate information and genuine reviews about schools and believed that such a platform would be a value add to all parents globally.

To help new-age moms and dads with everything they care about while raising their Little Ones’, Kiran Meena laid the foundation of ParentsNKids on May 1, 2017. Based out of Delhi, ParentsNKids includes SchoolMyKids, TheParentZ, SMKLabs and other B2C platforms. She is responsible for operations and the content of the platform.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Kiran Meena -&nbsp;Co-Founder &amp; Head of ParentsNKids</p></div>
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RHA Technologies

RHA Technologies, the parent company for ParentsNKids, is a unique product and services company working as a consulting and technology partner to Global MNCs, SMEs, and startups. They provide seamless technology solutions and services to help organisations innovate and realise their business goals.

RHA Technologies help organisations become more innovative, competitive and differentiated by designing, developing, and implementing successful digital transformation and adoption journeys. RHA Technologies has clients spread across the globe in various verticals.


Kiran Meena laid the foundation of ParentsNKids, intending to provide unbiased and accurate information. The core values of RHA Technologies are Integrity, Commitment, Constant Learning, and Value Driven, which remain the guiding principles for ParentNKids.

What started as a platform to provide the right information to parents about schools has now grown to be a diverse platform providing parenting tips and advice for parents for every phase of their child’s growth from infancy to schooling and learning tools for kids of all ages.

All the features that ParentsNKids possess today are based on the demand and surveys conducted on its user base. is part of Kiran’s umbrella brand ParentsNKids which focuses on Parents’ and Kids’ engagement platforms. An Online Parenting, Kids Engagement & Learning, and School Discovery Platform, SchoolMyKids is Kiran’s way of helping new moms and dads in every step of their journey of raising their Little Ones’. With the right set of tools, they also help students enhance their learning experience.

ParentsNKids’ innovation lab focuses on creating products for better parents’ and kids’ engagement, learning and other focused verticals, using AI/ML and new cutting-edge technologies.

RHA Technologies is a strong team of 75 full-time employees, and they scale up based on the project requirements. They also have a large number of freelancers and interns, including students and stay-at-home moms & dads. The platforms under ParentsNKids, have more than 1.5 Mn users per month.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Kiran Meena -&nbsp;Co-Founder &amp; Head of ParentsNKids</p></div>
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A leading parenting and kids engagement platform, is helping millions of parents each month all around the world to ease their parenting journey and provide the right learning tools for their kids.

The team at SchoolMyKids is helping new-age parents with Parenting tips and advice, Naming, Child Growth and Health Tracking, Health & Nutrition Guides, and helping them choose the right school for their kids.

The platform, at present, has more than 3 lakh reviews for schools listed by parents and students. SchoolMyKids is helping parents across more than ten countries to find the right school for their child by providing detailed information and reviews across multiple data points for them to take an informed decision about a school.

SchoolMyKids provides worksheets and DIY Ideas to help parents improve their child’s learning experience. The learning aids and physics, chemistry, and math problem solvers available on the platform are also advantageous for students.

Differentiating Factors

The differentiating factor of ParentsNKids lies in the fact that they have a team of experts, moms and dads, who hold knowledge in parenting, child development, health, and education.

Providing unbiased and accurate details and reviews on the school and other information on the various aspects of parenting, along with a user-friendly UI and features, is helping them grow and differentiate from their competitors in India and outside.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Kiran Meena -&nbsp;Co-Founder &amp; Head of ParentsNKids</p></div>
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Milestones Achieved

2017 - Founded

2019 - Launched multi-lingual content to target a wider audience

2020 - Added learning tools and worksheets

2021 - Helped more than 7Mn parents

2022 - Monthly users crossed 1.5Mn

Success Over The Years

ParentsNKids platforms have seen a 10x growth in their user base in the last two years. Kiran says, “Happy customers and employees are the only success metric we have. Our commitment and value-driven approach has always helped us grow and receive positive feedback in all our engagements.”

Present And Future Scenarios At ParentsNKids

As parents are becoming aware, a considerable number of them are seeking online platforms and communities for information on various aspects of parenting to provide the best data and tools to their kids.

The team at ParentsNKids is working towards creating one of its kind Kids Health & Growth Tracker App catering to the demand of their current user base. It will be a single parenting app with features to track a child’s health and growth, along with vaccination schedules and medicine reminders, activities, milestones, and more.

At ParentsNKids, Kiran follows an approach of ‘Let’s Build Together!’ where clients, employees and partners have grown together as a family. The same approach has helped them grow from a founding team to a strong team of 75.

They will continue to build on this momentum for the future toward being an industry benchmark for collaborative, innovative, value-driven organisations.

In recent times, the user base of ParentsNKids has grown multifold. Kiran Meena and her team have plans to create dedicated platforms for parenting and learning (, They are also incorporating AI to enhance the tools needed by students under their SMK innovation lab (

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Kiran Meena -&nbsp;Co-Founder &amp; Head of ParentsNKids</p></div>
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