Acharya Chhaya Goyal

Pioneering Prosperity through Vaastu Devayah Namah
Acharya Chhaya Goyal - Founder and Principal Vaastu Consultant of Vaastu Devayah Namah

Acharya Chhaya Goyal - Founder and Principal Vaastu Consultant of Vaastu Devayah Namah

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Drawing from ancient Indian architectural and design wisdom, Vaastu has long served as a beacon for creating harmonious environments, channelling positive energies for holistic well-being. Vaastu Shastra, rooted in millennia-old traditions, intricately guides the layout, spatial organisation, and directional alignments of living and working spaces to foster prosperity, positivity, and overall wellness. Embracing traditional Indian beliefs, Vaastu underscores the profound interconnectedness between cosmic energies and physical structures, nurturing environments conducive to health, wealth, and happiness.

In recent times, the allure of Vaastu Shastra has soared, yet realising its full potential necessitates guidance from genuine experts. Among them, Acharya Chhaya Goyal stands as an eminent authority.

As the Founder and Principal Vaastu Consultant of Vaastu Devayah Namah, Chhaya ji is dedicated to crafting environments that nurture the blossoming of abundant fortunes. With a global vision to positively impact lives, she designs spaces with the singular aim of fostering prosperity and elevating overall well-being.

Vaastu Devayah Namah: Sculpting Spaces for Prosperity

Vaastu Devayah Namah, spearheaded by Acharya Chhaya Goyal, stands as a distinguished Vaastu Consultancy committed to sculpting environments that nurture prosperity. With a keen focus on Health, Wealth, Love, Happiness, and Aspirations, Acharya Chhaya Goyal and her team of passionate Vaastu Shastra specialists apply the ancient science of Vaastu Shastra, translating to “the science of architecture.” This time-honoured system recognises the profound relationship between individuals and their surroundings, acknowledging how a structure’s design and orientation influence the energies circulating within, thus impacting its occupants positively or negatively.

Rejecting superstitions and harmful practices, Acharya Chhaya Goyal prioritises the empowerment and security of her clients. Utilising relevant, time-tested, and practical techniques, she infuses personal spaces with vibrant, revitalised energy, guided by the principles of the five core elements - Earth, Ether, Air, Water, and Fire - essential for promoting overall well-being. Through adherence to Vaastu shastra guidelines, Acharya Chhaya Goyal augments positive energy and diminishes negative energy in living spaces, ensuring harmony and balance.

Recognising that Vaastu imbalances can precipitate challenges across various life domains, Vaastu Devayah Namah emphasises the importance of creating harmonious environments for overall well-being. By offering personalised solutions tailored to each client’s needs and goals, Acharya Chhaya Goyal guides individuals toward overcoming Vaastu-related challenges and achieving desired outcomes. With comprehensive guidance and unwavering support, she is dedicated to ensuring that her clients lead fulfilling and prosperous lives.

A Leader in the Making

Chhaya Goyal’s journey begins in the modest town of Modinagar, Uttar Pradesh, where the realm of business seemed distant yet intriguing. Raised in an environment that valued education, her parents ensured she received the best opportunities available. With a natural penchant for learning and teaching, Chhaya eagerly seized every chance to expand her knowledge, even tutoring Bank Managers and Senior Executives in computer skills and accounting software at a tender age of 19, fostering a deep-rooted confidence within her.

In an era where women pursuing higher education faced societal barriers, Chhaya’s unwavering determination, coupled with her parents’ unwavering support, propelled her to attain a Master’s in Mathematics. She attributes her education to equipping her with superior logical and critical thinking skills, setting her apart from her peers.

Chhaya’s entrepreneurial journey unfolded later in life, after completing her Master’s in Business Administration and when familial responsibilities had eased. Immersed in her husband’s professional pursuits and exposed to the intricacies of business families within her social circle, she gleaned invaluable insights into the world of commerce. A voracious reader spanning diverse genres, from business to the esoteric, she continually expanded her knowledge base, enriching her understanding of the multifaceted dynamics of the business world.

From Humble Origins to Global Influence: Chhaya’s Journey

Fueled by an insatiable thirst for knowledge, Chhaya embarked on a journey of continuous learning, immersing herself in professional courses spanning disciplines such as Vaastu, Astrology, Numerology, and Various Healing modalities. Drawing upon her technical background in architecture and interior design, she adeptly synthesised elements from various sciences to establish Vaastu Devayah Namah.

“In my social circles, I’ve encountered countless inspiring tales and remarkable individuals, each igniting my determination to carve out my own path and contribute to societal betterment. Yet, my greatest motivation has always been internal—a deep-seated desire to alleviate the silent struggles of others and empower them to realise their innate potential. It’s this inherent drive that led me to dedicate extensive time to researching and mastering Vaastu, believing in its potential to benefit everyone across various facets of life,” shares Chhaya.

Her journey within the realm of Vaastu was marked by rigorous exploration, where she meticulously sifted through established practices, discarding superstitions and ineffective concepts. Drawing from a diverse array of life experiences, including witnessing the struggles of loved ones, encountering business setbacks, and observing challenges faced by women in her social circle, she astutely analysed common patterns. Integrating these insights with the principles of Vaastu Shastra, she began applying the science professionally to assist those around her.

As time progressed, Chhaya honed her approach, infusing it with advancements in science, technology, and software. This evolution gave rise to an advanced and contemporary iteration of Vaastu that seamlessly integrates with modern architectural practices, showcasing her unwavering commitment to continual improvement and innovation. Reflecting on her journey, Chhaya shares,

"Navigating the entrepreneurial landscape as a woman has been an uphill battle, with my abilities often questioned. However, I’ve been fortunate to shatter such barriers by consistently proving the effectiveness of my work. I’m grateful that my experiences and perseverance have propelled my company to unprecedented heights, establishing us as leaders in disseminating Vaastu knowledge globally.

A recent milestone in their journey includes their involvement in prestigious luxury housing projects in Dubai, alongside commercial ventures in the UK and Europe. Spearheaded by a European company and guided by the expertise of American and European architects, the Dubai projects are now underway, overseen by Middle Eastern firms. This collaboration underscores the universal relevance and transcultural impact of Vaastu, demonstrating its significance beyond the confines of Hindu tradition.

Creating Harmonious Spaces for Well-being and Success

At Vaastu Devayah Namah, the team’s fervour lies in curating harmonious environments that nurture health, wealth, love, happiness, and aspirations. With seasoned Vaastu Shastra consultants at the helm, they offer tailored advice spanning property renovations, real estate transactions, business growth strategies, and holistic prosperity pursuits. Their focus remains steadfast on implementing proven Vaastu principles to foster business growth by harmonising with natural elements.

Chhaya emphasises, “Contrary to popular belief, Vaastu Shastra doesn’t mandate drastic changes. Instead, it champions a result-oriented, scientific methodology that balances the five elements, promoting overall well-being and prosperity within spaces.”

Vaastu Devayah Namah endeavours to aid individuals and businesses who may have been led astray by traditional Vaastu practitioners, often facing unintended consequences due to a lack of understanding of advanced Vaastu principles. Catering to high-net-worth individuals globally, they address challenges spanning family life, health, business, and financial setbacks, offering transformative solutions through their comprehensive approach.

Navigating the entrepreneurial landscape as a woman presents unique challenges that test one’s resilience and determination. Reflecting on her journey, Chhaya recalls,

“The key challenge has been earning respect and acceptance for my business, even from family and friends, who sometimes underestimated its value due to gender biases.”

Despite initial hurdles, their consistent delivery of quality work gradually garnered recognition, paving the way for a steady rise in success. Evolving from specialisation in home Vaastu consultancy to extending services to commercial properties, offices, factories, and beyond, they have earned a reputation for excellence across diverse clientele, including global businesses and real estate projects.

Their accolades include securing the top position among Vaastu consultants in the UK, USA, UAE and Europe, distinguishing themselves as pioneers in extending expertise to countries worldwide. “I am deeply grateful for the acknowledgement as a foremost Vaastu consultant, both in India and globally, by esteemed publications and clients alike,” shares Chhaya, encapsulating her journey of triumph amidst challenges.

What Sets Them Apart

Amidst the rising fervour surrounding Vaastu Shastra, there is a surge of purported experts in the field. However, Chhaya stands out distinctly due to her technical prowess and analytical approach. She consistently challenges conventional wisdom, a practice often overlooked by others. The culmination of her diverse professional qualifications, ranging from a Master’s in Mathematics and Business Administration to diplomas in Interior Design and Computer Applications, provides her with a significant advantage over her competitors. Chhaya expresses her gratitude, noting, “I am thankful to some of my clients, particularly Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, who have recognised the distinct edge in my practices compared to others.”

Another factor which sets Chhaya Goyal apart from others is her commitment to continuous learning. Despite her extensive experience spanning over two decades, she remains proactive in participating in forums and courses relevant to her profession. This dedication enables her to stay abreast of the latest developments and trends in her field. She also stays updated on current affairs and studies legal cases, ensuring she remains informed and able to identify opportunities in her industry.

Empowering Diversity and Inclusion

Prioritising diversity and inclusion, Vaastu Devayah Namah strives to create an environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered, regardless of their gender, race, or ethnicity. Identifying as a staunch feminist, Chhaya emphasises,

“As a woman, I have always advocated for equality for females in terms of work, family life, and opportunities. Some of my most important team members are women. It’s incredibly rewarding to see these women, who were previously held back by societal constraints, flourish and grow into skilled, confident individuals. I’m proud to say that they now earn more than anyone else in their families through their invaluable contributions to Vaastu Devayah Namah.”

Her approach to team building at Vaastu Devayah Namah is distinct. Rather than solely seeking experienced professionals, Chhaya prioritises identifying individuals who haven’t had the chance to showcase their talents or find consistent work despite having relevant skills. By providing them with opportunities across different roles within her business, she has effectively guided and nurtured them into competent employees.

“In return for the trust placed in them, they’ve demonstrated remarkable loyalty, contributing to our high retention rates. I also prioritise flexibility for all employees, particularly women, allowing them to work from home and take holidays as needed. This ensures that they can balance their family commitments while continuing to grow professionally within our organisation,” shares Chhaya.

Future Outlook: Educating, Enlightening, and Advocating for Vaastu

With incomplete knowledge, people often hold numerous misconceptions about Vaastu. An important initiative undertaken by Chhaya’s team is to educate individuals about Vaastu practices and counter misinformation surrounding the subject. As a business, they’ve made significant investments in digital marketing and search engine optimisation, aiming to expand the reach of Vaastu globally and enlighten people about its benefits while steering them away from misconceptions and superstitions. Their mission is to combat the defamation of Vaastu caused by scams and malpractices perpetrated by both ill-informed individuals and selfish experts.

Their focus also extends to reaching a broader audience, particularly real estate developers and construction companies. They advocate for adherence to Vaastu guidelines to create energy-balanced spaces conducive to happy, healthy lives. By engaging with these industries, they anticipate a ripple effect, leading to more people choosing Vaastu-balanced homes and fostering positive-energy environments.

Leadership Mantra

Advising aspiring female entrepreneurs and professionals, Chhaya shares, “Keep learning continuously and put yourself first. By investing in yourself, you can become capable of educating and helping others effectively. It’s important to not only work hard but also work smart, seizing opportunities as they come your way. If you work with the goal of creating value for people in your immediate surroundings and work with empathy, you have the power to transform lives with your work. Always stay positive and never back off from a challenge, as the challenges will be the ultimate bridge to your growth as a professional and as a person.”

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