Top Luxury Jewellery Brands

Top Luxury Jewellery Brands

Top Luxury Jewellery Brands

Top Luxury Jewellery Brands

Top Luxury Jewellery Brands

Jewellery has always been an intricate component of mankind's history and still remains to be so in the present times. In the earlier times, jewellery was aimed to represent familial roots, significance and social status. Today, people don jewellery for diverse reasons. Some wear it to add zest to their fashion get up. Others sport earrings and a matching necklace to exhibit their individuality. Of course, many rock jewelleries to avow their passion and love, such as wedding and engagement bands. That being said, not all jewellery pieces are made alike, some are in a league of their own such as jewellery that emits extravagance and elegance. We have curated a list showcasing the top 10 luxury jewellery brands in the world which ooze opulence and grandeur, check the list below:

Harry Winston

A brand that echoes in the jewellery business, Harry Winston initiated his business in 1932 and has been the crème de la crème ever since. Created with the prime gemstones and superior metals, Harry Winston's jewellery is contrived only by the masters of jewelleryartistry. Not only are the pieces from the Harry Winston's collection extravagant and elegant, they can easily stand the test of time and are durable as well.


Founded in 1860, Cartier is a name that has been around for ages. Cartier has been the go-to jeweller for royals who wanted to own a personalized collection. The panther is Cartier's most identifiable design, which has been re-conceptualized and modified to appeal to the ever-changing preferences of their customers.

Van Cleef & Arpels

Van Cleef & Arpels was found when Alfred Van Cleef and Estelle Arpels decided to make their collaboration a permanent arrangement. While majority of its collections portrays the type of sophistication seen in Old World items, it has other items that exude its own class and style.


Buccellati commemorates its Roman roots by creating distinguished jewellery items from Italian gold. The Rome-based jewellery company creates Roman inspired designs and assimilates them in their collection. Roman styled necklaces and bracelet cuffs are some of their best sellers.

Tiffany & Co.

Everyone knows that Tiffany is a humungous luxury name when it comes to jewellery, primarily because of their pieces that are wearable day in and day out, whatever the occasion. Producing exemplary designs since 1837, Tiffany's creations are made by cognoscente artisans.


Graff is abrand that is very popular among the rich and the elite. Graff's collection is special not just because of the sheer craftsmanship or quality of the gemstones and metals used but rather the size of the stones Graff uses in its jewellery collection as they are huge and Graff's founder, Laurence Graff, sure likes it that way.


Founded in 1874, Piaget initially started as a watch making company, as the business grew, the brand ventured into jewellery and excelled in it, crafting elegant and luxurious items. Its most famous look is the Rose, which has become Piaget's signature design.


Bvlgari is a well-known brand of luxury items, from fashion to watches to jewellery. When it comes to jewellery, this Rome-based brand combines opulence and luxury very well without losing its passion for traditions. Bvlagri's collection still flaunts its signature bold shapes, large gemstones for centrepieces, and the use of cabochon stones& 18-karat gold for its collection.


Mikimoto's founder, Kokichi Mikimoto, is not just known for his collection, but also for the fact that he invented the use of cultured pearls in creating jewellery pieces. Mikimoto's collection only incorporates the finest pearls which include white pearls, pink conch pearls, Tahitian pearls, South Sea pearls, and other rare specimens and uses 18k gold &platinum and top-grade diamonds.


Aside from making luxury Swiss watches, Chopard is also known for its luxurious jewellery collection. Using superior materials for their pieces, Chopard's line of jewellery is crafted using rich layers of 18-karat gold and precious stones of the highest class and is very desirous on precision &detail, which adds more value to their line of products.

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