Why Indians Should Focus on “Artificial Intelligence” Jobs?

Why Indians Should Focus on “Artificial Intelligence” Jobs?

Artificial Intelligence is an industry that is becoming an important and inseparable part of the various other industries. And hence its importance is increasing at a fast pace. The fact that it is the future of the world economy makes it; one of the top career options in India and abroad.

Artificial Intelligence is the technique which enables a machine to mimic human behaviour. It is a process of developing a computer system that learns to adapt and respond to humans. It includes learning key elements of human intelligence; such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision making and translation between languages.

Artificial Intelligence holds an insignificant place in the future growth of India and other developing countries across the world. Various reports and surveys have highlighted that the jobs; that artificial intelligence can create in India can also be in healthcare and agriculture sectors. Which are the two industries that are on top priority for India to ensure its growth and development. This is making AI, a skill essential to learn especially in India.

Why Artificial Intelligence is Important?

Support Human Tasks:

Artificial Intelligence has been in the industry for decades. But it is becoming one of the most trending technologies now after being used by various industries; leaders like Google and Infosys. Various technologies like voice recognition adapted by Google in Google Assistant and Google Home has proved; that artificial intelligence can bring business by supporting human activities.

Competitive Advantage:

Since its role is becoming more and more popular, various companies from different industries want to adapt it to ensure better, faster and efficient delivery of services to customers. While being in a tough competitive market, companies are looking towards achieving a high competitive edge with Artificial Intelligence. Companies are hiring personnel that are backed with artificial intelligence knowledge and skills to operate on AI.

Automate Decision Making:

Artificial Intelligence is working with clouds to store data. As the cloud matures, the artificial intelligence will enable humans to work more efficiently. Especially while taking decisions, moreover it will guide human decisions with their previous data like website visits.

AI presents recommendations that humans are unable to understand, especially algorithm and logic behind; but they use it and it works. It is called the humanization of AI tools which will control or manipulate human decisions in the future. Since, it can affect the customer decision based on his/her behaviour, it can being more sales.

India Needs to Re-Skill

AI is expected to create millions of jobs by 2020 replacing millions of jobs it will be eliminating. Artificial intelligence requires people to re-skill themselves to be able to become a part of the future workforce or sustain in their current job positions. Artificial intelligence as a career is not present for everyone but restricted to people with potential. Though there are various fields available and hundreds of niches to be focused on. People interested in data science, computer, maths, are the ones with higher chances to become a part of this AI industry.

To match future Job requirements:  India holds one of the largest population of millennial and youth and will be continuing to do so in the future. Hence it is important to understand the importance of re-skilling the youth as a part of the country to match with the future requirement of jobs.

To survive in current jobs:  While AI has bought automation in various jobs the people willing to invest in the up-skilling or re-skilling to survive in their current jobs as well.

India's Plan to Meet Job Opportunities in Artificial Intelligence Industry

With union budget 2019 we can see how the government of India is taking Artificial intelligence and other technology trends into consideration. In her speech, India's finance minister Nirmala Sitaraman stated, that as many as 10 million youths of the country are ready to undergo training in the areas defined as new-age skills.

India's famous initiative "Skill India Campaign" has branched out another scheme called "Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana" that will help train more than 40 crore individuals from all around the country with various workshops to improve their skills. The government of India is realizing the change that is needed to become a developed nation with the principle of dynamism in labour.

Training To Join Global Jobs in AI

Finance minister's emphasis on how the shift in the demographic trends has led to drastic changes in labour in major economies around the world. To be prepared for such a global work culture and job requirements, training provided to the youth will include language training.


Artificial intelligence is one of the key skills that are required to survive in the future work scenario. AI is a trending technology and it is going revolutionize the way the world works. To become a part of this booming industry, the Indian youth needs to possess the desired potential and skill to ensure their jobs in the future.

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