Virtual cards from PSTNET open doors to the international business without limitations.

Virtual cards from PSTNET open doors to the international business without limitations.

In the conditions of rapid technological development, the boundaries between geographical spaces are blurred. A successful modern business is always oriented towards the international market. Financial instruments that meet global demands rather than local ones begin to play an important role.

The PSTNET platform allows for payments to be made from anywhere in the world. It offers a wide selection of virtual dollar cards (Visa/Mastercard). These cards are issued by American and European banks, making them ideal for international transactions.

With the Ultima card, purchases can be made in app stores or shopping on the world's most popular marketplaces. They are particularly suitable for paying subscriptions on Google Play, the App Store, Netflix, and many others. The most valuable aspect is that the card has no spending limit.

For the Ultima card, you can choose a favourable payment plan. Paying weekly or annually. The first will cost $7, and the second will be 99% off (discounted).

PSTNET also offers segmented cards for media buying, allowing you to plan budgets for advertising campaigns. These cards are designed for purchasing ads on Facebook, Google Ads, TikTok Ads, Microsoft Ads, and other popular platforms. They can be used for solo work or team collaboration.

The most prominent advantages of PSTNET cards are the absence of transaction fees, withdrawal fees, as well as fees for declined payments and operations on blocked cards. The card replenishment fee is only from 2%.


Cards can be replenished with cryptocurrencies (via USDT TRC20, BTC, +15 coins), bank transfers (SWIFT, SEPA), and with other Visa/Mastercard cards.

  • All virtual cards from PSTNET provide fast and secure payment solutions thanks to 3D Secure.

  • To get a card, it takes literally 1 minute – just register through your existing Google, Telegram, WhatsApp, or Apple account.

  • Cards are issued instantly, immediately after registration you can start making purchases.

  • With a certain level of monthly expenses, it is possible to receive free cards.

  • Transaction notifications are sent to the personal account and can be tracked via a Telegram bot.

  • Customer support works around the clock. Managers can be contacted via Telegram, email, or any other method.

The service has already received many positive reviews from its users. PSTNET offers favorable conditions for professional media buyers – you can join PST Private and receive 3% cashback on advertising expenses and a 3% replenishment commission. Additionally, you can get up to 100 free cards every month.

All virtual cards from PSTNET open doors for international business. No more additional expenses or limitations.

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