Sikkim, A Perfect Destination For Winter Travel

Sikkim, A Perfect Destination For Winter Travel
Sikkim, A Perfect Destination For Winter Travel

Sikkim, A Perfect Destination For Winter Travel

Sikkim, a paradise on earth gives true justice to its name with its scenic beauty as the high-altitude areas of this North East mountainous state are draped in snow and snowfall. With an average temperature in winters in Sikkim ranges from 10 degree Celsius to 4 degree Celsius, even dropping as low as 0 degrees Celsius makes winter, the best time to visit Sikkim. Here are activities one must do while visiting Sikkim in winters:

Visit the Gurudongmar Lake:

 A popular tourist attraction in Sikkim, the lake is one of the highest alpine lakes in the world, it is not only known for its spectacular beauty but is also revered as a sacred lake by Buddhists, Hindus and Sikhs. Perfect for a little adventure that it provides, one can reach the Gurudongmar Lake after an arduous journey through rugged terrain with little vegetation and human population. Why one must visit this lake in winters? Well, no matter how low the temperatures fall, a part of the water never freezes completely making it a must-visit for travellers in winters.

The lake is not easily accessible though as it is located near the China Border. Visit the lake is not allowed for foreign tourists and even Indian nationals require special permissions from the Indian Army.

Sikkim, A Perfect Destination For Winter Travel

Visit the Tsomgo Lake or Changu Lake

With a high altitude location of 12,310 feet, Tsogmo Lake is also known as Changu Lake. It is one of the famous high altitude lakes in India. The site offers breathtaking views in winters and one must visit the lake for one of the best winter experience in Sikkim. The water body freezes up in the cold season and the thrill is that you can walk on the frozen surface.

One can look at the frozen lake and easily look through the ice to the water below. The deep blue sheet of ice acts as a mirror, reflecting the stunning colours and moods of the sky. Visit this amazing location can be possible with a permit from the Tourism and Civil Aviation Department of Sikkim for visiting Tsomgo Lake. Gear up for the cold winds before making your trip.

Visit the Nathula Pass

 One of the high altitude mountains passes in India; Nathu La is the highest in Sikkim and holds a significant value as it is the border post between India and China. A breathtaking beauty, the mountain pass is one of the must-visit tourist sites in Sikkim. The winter months make the place stand out and the land of perpetual cold more exhilarating.

Draped in the snow, the mountain pass looks out of the world with its exquisite scenery. One can pay a visit to the actual border that separates the two countries. In the case of snowfall, the mountain pass may be closed.

The mountain pass may be closed in case of snowfall, therefore get permission from Gangtok before you travel to the exciting and treacherous route to the mountain pass.

Sikkim, A Perfect Destination For Winter Travel

Visit the town: Pelling

One of the must-visit places in Sikkim that lures travellers throughout the year in the beautiful town of Pelling. Located at a height of 7200 ft above sea level, snowfall is guaranteed in the cold season. The entire town looks like its straight out of a fairytale.

The breathtaking views of the snow-covered panorama of the frozen waterfalls are magnificent especially the Kanchenjunga Peak. One must try out the thrilling adventure options like trekking and mountain biking. The place is perfect for those looking for a break away from the city to forget the worries of daily life and escape to the pure bliss of the mountains as it offers a truly refreshing experience of a holiday in the North-Eastern state.

Visit the Monasteries

Rumtek Monastery

For a perfect winter vacation in Sikkim, experiencing the serenity of the weather coupled with the serene monasteries is essential. The experience to visit monasteries makes it worth it. One must visit the Rumtek Monastery which is counted amongst the largest and oldest monasteries in Sikkim. This monastery is also known as the 'Dharma Chakra Centre' as it is a representation of an ode to the Buddhist cultures and traditions. If one is searching for mental peace, well, this is the place to attain peace as well as know more about Buddhism.

One must also have a look at the popular monasteries that are present in Sikkim to explore in the cold season include Pemayangste, Phodong, Phensang, Dubdi, Enchey, and Rayong among many others. They offer not only amazing scenery but also offers a chance to learn about the vast history and heritage of Buddhism along with experiencing the local traditions as winter is a great time for many celebrations that one must not miss.

Sikkim, A Perfect Destination For Winter Travel
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Experience Paragliding

Experiencing the Adventure that abounds in North East via paragliding is a great option. One must experience to fly like a bird in the clear blue skies of Gangtok with the view of the spectacular surroundings, snow-covered mountain peaks, cities and hamlets, prayer flags fluttering in the wind tempt you to take up the adventure. The experience can be availed even in winters.

One should embark on this adventure with the choice of tandem flying or trying the adventure by themselves with several organizers offering the adventure to try.

Experience Yak Safari

Taking in the full experience of the beautiful land of Sikkim on Yak Safari is an activity one must try. The huge and gentle yaks are the mode of transport in Sikkim, making them a significant part of the place. The yaks cover the tough terrain exposed to natural extremities and even in areas when there are no roads slowly and steadily. The experience of a yak ride is exciting as the gentle beast ensure that one can have a great look of the beautiful scenery around them by making the way through the tough terrain at a steady pace.

The adventurous activity is available even in winters in the locations near Tsongmo Lake and the Dzongri trek where the Yaks dressed in woollen knitwear over the horns and forehead and strings of bells. Yak rides in Sikkim are available near Tsongmo Lake and the Dzongri trek.


All these activities offer a perfect blend of experiences and make Sikkim a must-visit state in India during winters. One can take away a lot of things from a single trip to the beautiful place including adventure, peace, the feeling of visiting somewhere out of the world scenic beauty.

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