Mobile Applications That Can Help Any In Legal Professional

Mobile Applications That Can Help Any In Legal Professional

Mobile Applications That Can Help Any In Legal Professional

There's no question that if there's anything that's omnipresent in today's world then it will be smartphone applications. From the complicated to the basic, from the award-winning to the indie, mobile applications have completely revamped the ways we get things done.

As digitization continues to effect radical changes in the world of business more applications will continue to pop-up. Smartphone apps are at the head technology revolution and they will continue to amplifying efficiency across all industry at an exceptional rate. Attorneys are the one who can get unlimited numbers of benefits from the use of mobile applications. Here is a shortlist of some extremely useful applications attorneys can harness, at little or no cost, to automate their work and lives more than ever before.


Asana is both a website and mobile app designed to automate and maximize productivity. This app allows its users to create a group or individual task lists with deadlines that can repeat at any interval. Users can not only create the tasks but they can also review the progress made by their colleagues so they can track and analyze it. With Asana, firm-wide coordination becomes as seamless and efficient as possible.


Slack is one of the important applications not only for law firms but for every industry. However, Slack's value to entrepreneurs is considerable enough to earn it an honourable mention. This app helps you to instantly connect with any individual, communicate among the members of the organization and it is available in both mobile and desktop version. It also allows one to add a specific person in a specific channel for a particular project, case or anything. For example, a large firm may create a channel especially for property cases and another for murder cases. Communication is crucial for any successful business, and slack is a fantastic option available to optimize your firm's internal chats.

Box and Dropbox

Both Dropbox and Box are already quite popular amongst attorneys, but they're so fantastic that it's worth mentioning them to anyone who may not have caught on yet. Both of these document management and sharing platforms are super helpful for firms looking to go either partially or completely paperless. Both platforms are incredibly secure, making them reliable databases to store sensitive client files and information. As these applications were not dedicatedly made for law firms, it is advisable not to rely on them completely. Instead, look for practice management software that integrates directly with either of them as it will help you to take full benefits of fully functional software designed with and for attorneys in mind.


Zapier is an application which can be very helpful when used with your practice management software.  It serves as a middleman between the practice management software and other of your applications. This means that, even if your software does not integrate directly with your favourite app, Zapier will serve to connect the two, thereby effectively creating the integration for you. Evernote

Evernote is widely known by the reductive description, "note-taking app." In reality, it's so much more than that. In short: yes, Evernote both simplifies and automates notes. However, it also enables its users to annotate documents, as well as save articles and publications. It also automatically syncs any changes to every device on which you access Evernote, meaning that updates are comprehensive and instantaneous. Evernote places your notes into various notebooks or tags. It is not limited to notes only but can add images, videos, gifs and various other media formats. Well, there is more to this application and it can be very beneficial to legal professionals and other entrepreneurs.


Document management can be a real chore when you're in the field. That's where CamScanner comes in. Available for both iOS and Android, this legal app harnesses the power of your mobile device's camera to generate PDF documents that you can then annotate, share, and upload on the fly. Its password protection feature gives top-quality security for all important documents and the built-in optical character recognition can automatically detect text, images and other characters into the PDF that can be edited.


Well, applications have made most of the organizational task easier for us. Though this can seem overwhelming, it is a gold mine of opportunity. Legal professionals throughout the world have unprecedented amounts of platforms available to perform any functionality at the tips of their fingers. By starting with this short-list of the essential apps every lawyer should have on their device, you'll be poised to automate your firm and maximize more productivity than ever before.

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