Know 5 Simple Tips to Gain Mental Calm State of Billionaires

Know 5 Simple Tips to Gain Mental Calm State of Billionaires

Know 5 Simple Tips to Gain Mental Calm State of Billionaires

Humans always prioritize physical health over mental health. For each successful action that humans perform, the human mind and body parts work in coordination. While humans always prioritize physical health and physical body structure, mental health and its optimization are usually ignored. Humans today are a part of a non-stop, busy and hectic lifestyle, which is ultimately ruining the mental health

The New Age Luxury

Luxury is a term used for something exclusive or a state of comfort which is usually at a great expense. Today, the fast-paced world is making it difficult for humans to cope up with the stress, maintaining relationships and recovering from the setbacks. The more it is becoming difficult to live a peaceful life, the more luxurious "Peace" is becoming. This simple calculation of demand and supply is cracked by various business models including the new-age digital platforms.

The Reality of Digital Media and Stress

 The online-based business models are working on the core concept of making people "forget their stress".

Social media and other digital businesses earn money by engaging the users on their websites or applications for the longest time possible. The algorithms work to make sure that each of the users is seeing the most relevant content, one after another, and not scrolling to other platforms to seek content. This makes, humans look at their mobile and laptop screens for hours, resulting in their mind receiving constant signals to stay awake. Slowly, the user's brain gets trained to be using its energy just to see things and not perform any other action. This makes humans agitated when they are not left with any energy to deal with the real people around them.

Calm Mind: A trick to Success

The calmer one is the more efficient it becomes, and that is realized by various world leaders which help them achieve success. The most essential part of becoming more efficient is to train your brain to perform certain actions regularly without forcing it to become distressed.

From Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook the biggest social media platform, to other successful CEOs leading billion-dollar businesses, all use a simple trick of wearing the same clothes. Facebook founder, Zuckerberg wears the same grey t-shirt and jeans to reduce the mind's efforts to take an unnecessary decision.

They have disciplined their brain to focus on the more important decisions rather than wasting their time on decisions of less priority. These people have cracked the code to be successful and yet remain calm. These leaders use simple techniques of "Prioritizing" and "Delegating". First, they prioritize their decisions and then they delegate each of the unimportant decision to the people who are specialized in that area or field.

5 Simple Tips to Boost Your Mental Health

  1. See What You Are Consuming: Today, humans can survive without food and water but not without content. Content is what we consume through blogs, videos and audio using our phones, laptops, television, radio, etc. Just becoming aware of what content we are consuming can make us have better mental health.
  2. Stay Connected: One of the biggest warning signals of having bad mental health is feeling disconnected or staying away from people. Human interaction makes people feel better as they can express their feelings better and relieve from stress.
  3. Choosing The Right Job: Working in a job which yields one satisfaction and helps personal growth leads to a less stressful mental state. One should acknowledge the skills and preference they have in doing a certain task and then search for the most suitable job according to that.
  4. Staying Physical Fit: Physical and mental health, both are interconnected. Various psychologist and experts have done research showcasing that people who engage in the physical activities like exercise or yoga tend to have a more calm and efficient day at work than those who do not exercise. Having a daily routine with exercise and a healthy diet can make one less stressful without indulging in the phone for hours.
  5. Becoming Socially Active: One of the biggest reasons of stress is that humans compare themselves to other individuals. But the problem is that due to social media, people are constantly comparing themselves this perfect filtered images to people they don't know who might be sharing few happy moments of their stressful life online. Dedicating time to the less fortunate and comparing lives with them is great activities that can help people not only relieve stress but feel less stressful.


Human body is like any mobile application which works on programmed algorithms, and just like humans program algorithms, they can also train their brain to act certainly by being aware, staying physically fit and being grateful to ensure that their stress levels are in control.

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