Indian Veteran Cricketer MS Dhoni was pulled up by the ICC after India's World Cup opener match against South Africa on June 5 in line with breaching regulations concerning clothing and equipment. Paying heed, the Cricketer, during the second match, removed the 'dragger' insignia and the 'SG' logo and obeyed the ICC diktat.

The controversy erupted and it became the favourite dish for cricket fans and media a matter to be debated around. While there came an outpouring support for MS Dhoni, but the debate focused on nationalism and patriotism. But these rules weren't framed overnight. Clearly laid down, all players agreed to abide them. Also, ICC is the not only sporting organization to have such rules. Olympics, too, have to abide by a certain set of rules. ICC has laid down several rules and regulations to:

 ensure a consistent approach and to treat all Member Boards equally.

Ensure professional and appropriate standards of appearance of players and team officials.

To protect the sponsorship rights of ICC and its Member Boards (including from ambush marketing

To allow an opportunity for players to obtain some revenue from controlled bat advertising

To prohibit advertising connected with betting and/or gaming.

Let's have a deeper look on the rules laid by ICC

Betting Logo – a Logo which is either perceived, or likely to be perceived, by spectators and viewers, as being associated or connected in some way with betting, gaming or gambling of any kind.

Charity Logo – an ICC Approved Logo of an officially registered charity of a Member Board's choice.

Commercial Logo – an ICC Approved Logo of an entity which is the sponsor of a series, event, team or player.

Cricket Clothing – shirts, T-shirts, skins, trousers, sweaters, caps, hats, helmets, wristbands, headbands, sunglasses or other headgear.

Cricket Equipment – stumps, bats, pads, boots, shoes, gloves (batting or wicketkeeping), thigh pads, arm guards and other visible protective equipment.

Event Logo – an ICC Approved Logo of an international cricket event, which may include (but not consist solely of) a Commercial Logo of the sponsors of the event.

Excluded Events – unless otherwise advised by ICC, in advance of an event, Excluded Event means:ICC CricketWorld Cup, ICC Under 19 CricketWorld Cup, ICC Champions Trophy, ICC CricketWorld Cup Qualifier (or replacements for any of the same), ICCWorldTwenty/20, ICCWorldTwenty/20 Qualifier, ICCWomen'sWorld Cup and the ICCWomen'sWorldTwenty/20.

Logo – means any form of identification or branding including (without limitation) any corporate name, business name, internet domain name, title, flag, emblem, crest, mascot or trade mark (whether registered or not and including any symbol, device or colour(s) which functions or is intended to function as a trade mark).

Manufacturer's Logo – an ICC Approved Logo of the Manufacturer of the item of Cricket Equipment or Cricket Clothing in question excluding, however: a) any Logo which (notwithstanding some connection with a Manufacturer) is also (either at the time of its adoption or subsequently) a Logo of, confusingly similar to or which suggests a connection with any entity which is not a Manufacturer; and b) any Betting Logo. provided, however,that ICC may (in its sole discretion) approve as a Manufacturer's Logo, a Logo of an entity which, although not already a Manufacturer, is nevertheless a manufacturer of sports clothing and/or sports equipment other than Cricket Clothing and Cricket Equipment. For the purpose of these Regulations (including Appendices 1 and 2), all Manufacturer's Logos shall fall into one of the following five categories: • Design Feature – means any design feature of a Manufacturer which is distinctive to that Manufacturer and is used for the purposes of brand identification and/or cosmetic appeal but which does not contain any Manufacturer's Identification. • Identification Strip – a tone on tone or contrasting strip containing a Manufacturer's Identification once or repeatedly. • Manufacturer's Identification – means any express form of Manufacturer identification, including but not limited to a Manufacturer's name, model name, internet domain name, emblem, logo and/or trademark, but shall not include any Design Feature. • Official Product – means the label which identifies an item as an official product of the Manufacturer. • Quality Feature – means the label of the Manufacturer which promotes a quality feature used by the Manufacturer. 20 National Logo – an ICC Approved Logo of a country or its ICC Member Board. 21 Non-Commercial Logo – an ICC Approved Personal Message, visible tattoo or other Logo, which is not a Manufacturer's Logo, Commercial Logo, Player's Bat Logo, Betting Logo, Event Logo, Charity Logo or National Logo. CLOTHING AND EQUIPMENT RULES AND REGULATIONS 19.4 19 22 Official ICC Apparel Supplier – means a supplier of apparel contracted by ICC or IDI,from time to time,to supply apparel to the ICC, IDI and the ICC umpires and referees. 23 Personal Message – has the meaning ascribed to it in clause G1 below. 24 Player's Bat Logo – means an ICC Approved Logo of a sponsor of a player to be carried on the player's bat; provided that such Logo shall not be either: a) of, or confusingly similar to, or likely to be perceived as suggesting a connection with: 1) an entity which conflicts (whether through being a competitor or otherwise) with the exclusivity of any sponsor, supplier, or commercial partner of the Member Board of the player concerned or of an ICC Event; or 2) a Manufacturer, other than the Manufacturer of the item of cricket equipment it is to be carried on; or b) a Betting Logo. ICC shall have the final say in determining whether any such conflict or circumstances exist and no player may pursue any action against ICC or IDI, or against his team's ICC Member Board should he be precluded from displaying a Player's Bat Logo by reason of the same.

Source : ICC

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