Business opportunities in Agricultural industry

Business opportunities in Agricultural industry

Business opportunities in Agricultural industry

Business opportunities in Agricultural industry

India has been an agriculture-centric country since ages. It was once known as a "golden bird" owing to its large production of different crops. But due to the exploitation done by British government we could not sustain that position. Today, technology has given new wings to our agricultural activities. New avenues have been opened for the agro-based communities. Now, agriculture is not confined to production of crops and rearing of milch animals only. Many subset of agriculture has developed in recent years.

Government is looking to increase the output of agricultural productions. Our country has more than half of its population involved in farming but its contribution to national GDP is a meager 18 %. That is why government is looking to tap the alternatives like Organic Farming, Sunflower Farming and Mushroom Farming etc.  It wants to work as a facilitator for anyone willing to contribute for the agriculture.  Even those who are not very familiar with agricultural activities are getting chance to learn different facets of these activities. Government-sponsored workshops and several programs on TV channels work as facilitators. Tremendous growth in National GDP (Gross Domestic Product) can be achieved if basic methodologies are utilized in a right manner. Government is providing financial subsidies too to some industries so that these industries could yield better output with less effort in least time possible. Many startup companies have blossomed and entrepreneurs are taking agricultural activities as hot cakes. By means of E-Commerce websites   entrepreneurs can easily market their products effectively. There are many players already in the fray who have brought fortunes for them by gaining footholds in agro-industries.

 So, if one is looking to follow the suit, then here we are with a list of few agricultural activities which can be practiced to explore new opportunities of growth:

  • Vermicompost- Organic Fertilizer Production

Due to its low initial investment, it has evolved as a vital part of agro-business prototypes across the country. After knowing the basics one can easily start his or her entrepreneurial venture.

  • Organic Farm Green House

In recent years, interest in organic farming has grown tremendously. People have gained awareness regarding ill-effects of chemical farming and the repercussions it has on their health. Earlier, it was being done on small and family-owned farms. But now owing to the increasing demand of organic foods, more and more enthusiastic people are investing in land for organic farming.

  • Basket and Broom Production

In rural agriculture scenario, this is quite common to see people engrossed in basket making practice. It has been a part of rural culture since centuries. An entrepreneur can make most out of it by giving a twist. Our rural cultures and products associated with them are being well-acclaimed and accepted globally. By doing a little designing and ornamentation, baskets can be sold in Indian and global markets both. Manufacturer and seller both will be in "win-win" situation this way.  Online shopping portals can help a lot to market and channelize these products.

Broom is a part of almost every household. It is being used in almost every house since centuries. It needs moderate capital investment. It can prove to be quite fruitful due to its never ending demand in Indian houses.

  • Sunflower Farming

One having big pieces of land can go for this business. This is a business in vogue these days which generates high margins in profits. It is typically a commercial cash crop. Its oil has become quite popular among masses in recent years owing to its medicinal aspects.

  • Florist

One can generate a substantial online sale by door-step delivery. One needs to have a little knowledge of flowers and a connection with nearby gardener. It is one of the most profitable agro-business.

There are plenty of other options available which can be utilized as per one's needs and choices.

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