5 Daily Habits To Naturally Gain Weight in a Month

5 Daily Habits To Naturally Gain Weight in a Month

5 Daily Habits To Naturally Gain Weight in a Month

5 Daily Habits To Naturally Gain Weight in a Month

Struggling to gain those pounds and look healthier and better? Or Tired of being an easy target just because of your weight? Gaining weight may sound fun and easy to most but working towards it and achieving that weight is not an easy job.


Weight is an essential part of a Human's body image. Being overweight or weighing less on the scale, both can cause not only physical but mental health problems. Especially in youth, while the social media pressure of looking perfect is always high, ignoring weight issues is not an option left with them. While carrying extra pounds of weight is not a healthy situation, weighing less than what is ideal can also lead to various health problems.

Science Of Gaining Weight

The science of gaining weight involves understanding why it is difficult for some people to gain weight. It is because of the fast metabolism. The metabolism in the human body is the process of breaking down the nutrients, fats, and proteins human consume and converting them into energy. The faster the metabolic rate is, the faster the food gets digested and converted into energy and not being stored at fat in the body. That means, to gain weight, one has to maintain optimum metabolic rate.

The Natural Solution

Just like weight loss, various people look for easy solutions to gain weight and that too, fast. Gaining weight may sound easy but there is a lot of science behind every function of the human body. Each human body is unique and has its process. Consuming steroids or beer(alcohol) are the most common examples of how the youth is directed towards the wrong path to gain weight. While these practices may or may not help the people gain weight, they will never gain permanent and healthy results.

5 Habits To Gain Weight Naturally

Gaining weight naturally with a few changes in the lifestyle can make the results not only last longer but also help people live a healthier life in the long period.

  1. The Morning Routine: Usually it is said to have breakfast "like a KING" but most the students or corporate professionals might not have time to follow it. While the saying is right, it is also essential to have the correct quality. A simple tip to gain weight naturally is to have a banana with a glass of milk. It also helps to get the energy to kick-start your day.
  1. Weight Training: While comparing oneself with the overweight, the underweight people should realize that it is not the dangerous body fat that they want to accumulate but the muscle they have to build. Being overweight usually means having a visceral fat around the vital organs of the body like liver which is dangerous to have. The weight training is a way to channelize the fat, protein and nutrients into body muscles.
  1. Protein Rich Diet: While gaining or losing weight, the diet is on number one priority. While the synthetic way of gaining weight may be suggested by people at the Gym, the results are not worth it. Including the right amount of protein along with the high-intensity workout helps gain weight in the way. Adding simple ingredients and food items in your shopping lists is a simple tip to gain weight. These include soy sauce, egg whites, broccoli, beetroot, Greek yogurt and various other protein-rich food items that can be replaced with the ingredients used in a normal diet. The constant habit of using these ingredients with interesting recipes is a great process to get a healthier lifestyle.
  1. Cereal Bars: The cereal bars are not rich in fiber but also a great source of protein as it includes various nuts, seeds, and dry fruits. The quick and easily available snack is a great replacement for unhealthy fried snacks. Along with that, it is a great choice as a fabulous energy booster in the gym.
  1. Healthy Fats and Oil: Be it any food around the world, oil is the most essential ingredient that is being used in almost every cooked recipe. One of the most unhealthy habits of using refined oil is a lead cause of various health problems. The goal of gaining weight can be achieved better and faster by just changing one simple habit of using the refined oil and replacing it with healthy fats and oils like mustard oil, olive oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil. Using these oils while making a salad or cooking food is a simple tip to gain weight naturally.


Changing the body structure is a process that requires time and patience and hence it requires changing the lifestyle. Our daily habits define our body and mind, changing a few habits can make not only gaining weight easier and faster but also healthier.

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