How Does Pristyn Care helps patients to Cure Hernia

How Does Pristyn Care helps patients to Cure Hernia

Dealing with a hernia can be a debilitating condition. A hernia is a bulge or protrusion of a tissue or organ from the structure that contains it. It results when an excess pressure or strain applied to the weaker area of your muscular wall. It can happen anywhere in the abdomen, chest, groin or upper thigh region and are classified into different types based on their size, location and severity.

How does Pristyn care help patients cure hernia?

Pristyn Care helps patients suffering from hernia by offering them treatment with the most advanced technology like laparoscopic technique. Most of the surgical treatment for a hernia is invasive and painful. However, with the help of the laparoscopic surgeries offered by Pristyn care, it has become easy for the patients to undergo effectively, safe and pain-free treatment as going through the stiff suture and surgical procedures is quite scary and painful. Pristyn care provides a vast list of expert surgeons and doctors for hernia treatment in various cities. Thus, Pristyn care has enabled the patients to get treated with problems related to hernia in innovative ways. As compared to open traditional and painful surgery, laparoscopic surgery is preferred and highly recommended.

How does a laparoscopic procedure help treat a hernia?

At Pristyn Care, a team of well-experienced doctors work together to repair a hernia with the most advanced laparoscopic technique. During the surgical procedure, small incisions are made on the hernial sites, and a laparoscope is inserted through small incisions in the abdomen. The laparoscope allows the surgeons to view the internal structures of the abdomen and navigate accordingly. It also helps them repair the hernia where the protruded tissue or organ are placed back to its original place. After repairing the hernial sac, the surgeon places a 3D Mesh near the weakened muscle to strengthen it. In the last step, the incisions made on the skin are closed with the help of dissolvable glue.

Advantages of Laparoscopic surgery for a hernia

Laparoscopic surgery is one of the latest treatment option available for a hernia. It is quite an expensive surgery when compared to other conventional surgical options. Pristyn care offer the most advanced laser treatment surgery at affordable prices while also helping cover your insurance plan.

The advantages of undergoing laparoscopic surgery for hernia involve

  • Minimally invasive technique
  • Lower Postoperative pain.
  • Faster recovery, where a patient can resume to their regular routine in just 1 to 2 weeks·        
  • Lower recurrence rate.
  • Daycare procedure and a patient can also leave the hospital the same day.

One can trust Pristyn care, for getting rid of their hernia problems. It is because Pristyn Care offers a reliable surgical procedure which includes laser-assisted and laparoscopic treatments. The laser techniques offered are USFDA approved. Pristyn care also helps patients receive a hassle-free insurance claim while also providing a no-cost EMI option.

Once you have booked a surgery treatment from Pristyn Care, you just have to sit back and relax till your hernia is completely cured. Pristyn care takes care of all your paperwork, provides free pick up and drop facility for hernia surgery. Also guides you throughout your surgery and even after your surgery regarding the dietary changes, consultation and follow-ups.

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