Drug-Free Ways to Fight Anxiety

Drug-Free Ways to Fight Anxiety

Drug-Free Ways to Fight Anxiety

Drug-Free Ways to Fight Anxiety

Drug-Free Ways to Fight Anxiety

Anxiety is a common mental issue from which youth of the world is suffering. It is experienced on emotional and physical levels like when a person feels anxious she/he may have negative thoughts. Anxiety is also experienced through various physical sensations like out of breath, trembling, sweating and many more.


A person who has been fully recovered from anxiety knows how difficult it is to manage anxiety. It feels like anxiety is taking control of your body and mind and you can't do anything.

Are you also suffering from anxiety attacks? Well don't worry; there are some steps which you can take to fight anxiety. Below are 4 major steps you need to take to fight anxiety.

Find out what's triggering your anxiety

Symptoms like chest pain, increased heartbeat can help you to know what triggering is your anxiety but after this, you need to give a deep thought to your anxiety. You need to sit alone and explore your feeling and how you can cure it.

One of the best ways to know what's your thoughts are saying to you is to write them in a notepad. Every night before going to sleep write the thoughts which are bothering you and maintain a journal of it. Talking to a friend about your thoughts is also an effective way to fight anxiety.

Focus on the Change

Most of the time anxiety comes from those things which are yet to happen or might never happen. Even though everything is fine, you might feel that something bad is going to happen like you might lose your job or you might catch a flew or anything. Yes, life is unpredictable and you cannot control everything which happens to you but you can always choose how you are going to react to those situations.

Change your attitude toward life. Stop fearing of what is going to happen and start preparing yourself for that. Be grateful for what you have and ask for strength for upcoming difficulties, that's the way you should live life. Sometimes, you might feel anxious by a real situation like fear of losing your job due to recession, in this situation, there is only one thing you can do which is to find a new and better job or start your own business and trust me it is way better than to feel anxious.

Focus of less anxious things

Sometimes to change your mood you need to distract your thoughts from that thing which is making you anxious. Just by directing your focus on a better and positive thing can change your mood completely. To distract your thoughts, you can do some homework, play or just go for a walk, here are some more things you can do when you feel anxious: –

  • Listen to Music
  • Workout
  • Rearrange your wardrobe
  • Draw, paint or just write
  • Read books
  • Watch your favourite movie
  • Meditate

Above mentioned ways can help you in distracting your anxiety and if you keep on doing it on a daily basis, they can also help you in getting rid of it.

Practice Breathing

Whenever you feel anxious, always ask yourself what is that thing which is making me nervous? Anxiety is nothing but a worry from your past of from future.

You might be worrying about some event in past or something which is yet to happen or something you can't change. It is useless to be upset about things which are out of your control. Despite being worried about your problems try to stay in the present moment.

Breathing is the best activity to cure anxiety and it is often overlooked by everyone. Here is how you should practice breathing: –

  • Find a comfortable place to sit and relax
  • Close your eyes and start inhaling slowly from your nose, hold it for few seconds and then release it.
  • Continue this exercise for a few minutes and allow your breath to guide you.
  • This practice is for you to stay in the present the moment by leaving all your past problems in past.

Quote, "past is history, future is mystery but today is a gift this is why it is called the present."

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