CEOs Beware! These Health Issues Might Become A Hurdle Between You and Your Success

CEOs Beware! These Health Issues Might Become A Hurdle Between You and Your Success

CEOs Beware! These Health Issues Might Become A Hurdle Between You and Your Success

"The people who think they are crazy enough to change the world and the ones who do" Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple.

The passion and vision that makes a company reach heights of success are because of the leadership and vision of one person, the CEO.

Serving a company for more than 2 decades and putting your sweat and blood into nurturing the company into something that becomes a world renowned brand and retaining its position on the top is not only the job description of a CEO but the real life of numerous world leaders.

Why CEOs Ignore their Health Conditions?

Money for you is not a motivator but creating something bigger, something greater than you is what makes you lose the sense of time. Working odd hours, doing international conference calls or flying to different capitals to make deals happen is something that a normal routine for you but it is worth it if you are unable to survive in good health to see the success?

While building brands and achieving the successful positions in the market, one might ignore the fact the human body is designed to handle a certain amount of stress.

The most essential part of having a business is to control resources and utilize them most profitably, same goes for the human body. The human anatomy indicates symptoms as soon as something goes wrong inside our body, these signals need to understood to avoid the ill health conditions and ultimately death. It is essential to know the symptoms and follow a diet based solution which can be organized by a personal chef.

These are the most common Life-Threatening diseases and their symptoms that CEOs chance to develop along with symptoms and cure that you can adapt NOW to save yourself from enjoying your success being fit:

Heart Failure

The exceeding amount of bills from the cardiologist is an attached part for the CEO position. The most essential and sensitive part of the human body, the heart is at various risks as the CEOs continue to exploit their body. The luxury lifestyle allows you to enjoy various facilities and high levels of comfort making you more prone to a bad level of heart care.

  • Symptoms: Racing heartbeats, chest pain, shortness of breath, dizziness are some of the various symptoms that are once ignored lead to heart strokes and further discoveries of blocked arteries and heart problem.
  • Solution: Tuna, Salmon, Sardines are the Omega-3 fatty acids rich dinner solutions along with soy and corn vegetable oils, red wine, whole wheat bread, and fiber-rich fruits.

Mental Illness

 Meetings, Meetings, and meetings!! A CEO has to communicate with thousands of people in a short period, making sure that he is in sync with all the departments, foreign branches, business associates and government employees. The outcome of this hectic schedule leads to an immense sacrifice of mental health.

  • Symptoms: Problems with drugs or alcohol abuse, major changes in eating habits, excessive anger, hostility or violence, confused thinking, excessive thinking.
  • Solutions: Pay attention to warning signs rather than ignoring them, getting routine medical care especially has a chat with the therapist when you feel the necessity.

Diabetes and IGT

 Impaired Glucose Tolerance is a situation where the blood glucose is raised beyond normal levels leading to the possible diabetes diagnosis. The human body is a sacred system where each organ is set to perform a certain task. A busy lifestyle along with the consumption of alcohol and processed food to relieve the stress levels from constant travel and personal life problems is why most of CEO's have been suffering from Diabetes. In India, 50% of the people are diabetic, the disease is not only life-threatening but is very difficult to reverse.

  • Symptoms: feeling thirsty, blurry vision, extreme fatigue, cuts/bruises, weight loss, tingling, pain or numbness in the hands/feet. Feeling thirsty and hungry very often are also very common symptoms of diabetes.
  • Solutions: Diabetes can be managed easily with simple hacks including consuming fiber-rich products. Adapting a small change of consuming a glass of fresh juice can be replaced with unhealthy soda.


Thrombosis is the most common health conditions that exist in the professionals. Thrombosis is the formation of a blood clot known as thrombus within a blood vessel. Various causes are leading to such a medical condition including inheritance, being overweight, heart failure, age and sitting for long durations.

  • Symptoms: Sudden shortness of breath, chest pain or discomfort, rapid pulse, coughing up blood and feeling lightheaded or dizzy.
  • Solutions: Avoid sitting still especially sitting crossing your legs which can hamper blood flow. Making some lifestyle changes including quitting smoking and losing weight are essential to prevent the deep vein thrombosis from developing.

Hence, while you overuse it for the success it might not be able to survive in its greatest form to experience it. The importance of Health cannot be ignored, no matter what. Especially, when you can avail the services with the luxury lifestyle, putting health on priority is an easier task for you.

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