Boost Your Metabolism with These Simple Natural Free Tips

Boost Your Metabolism with These Simple Natural Free Tips

Boost Your Metabolism with These Simple Natural Free Tips

Every one wishes to change their body structure whether it's gaining weight or losing weight, but not many are aware of the science that goes behind changing the way everything works. Metabolism, a process through which humans, plant, and animals survive, is a process of chemical changes that take place in the body to generate energy in the cells. Optimizing the metabolic rate is essential for changing the body structure and the way things work.


The Science

The metabolism has two categories, the catabolism, and the anabolism. While the catabolism breaks the organic matter and, the anabolism uses energy to create proteins and nucleic acids which construct the insides of a cell. The metabolic process transforms one chemical to another while the enzymes act as a catalyst. The enzymes help in responding to signals between cells and regulate the metabolic pathways.

The process of Metabolism starts by breaking down the protein into amino acids, turns fats into fatty acids and carbohydrates into simple sugars which help create energy that helps living beings perform various functions from building body tissues to transporting substances from one cell to another.

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The Metabolic Rates

The rate at which the process of metabolism is performed is known as metabolic rate. There are various metabolic rates which calculate the metabolism at different times in the body.

BMS (Basal Metabolic rate): it is the rate at which our metabolism takes place while sleeping. It includes process like heart pumping, lungs breathing, brain ticking and the body temperature.

TEF (Thermic Effect of Food): The rate at which the number of calories burned while the body is digesting and processing food.

RMR(Resting Metabolic Rate): It is the minimum rate which is required to keep one alive and functioning.

TEE (Thermic Effect of Exercise): The thermic effect of exercise is the rate at which the body burns calories during exercise.

NEAT(Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis: The rate calculates the number of calories burned while performing the non-exercise actions like standing, walking around, changing postures and fidgeting.

Metabolism in Man and Woman

While the woman and man anatomy tend to be different, the metabolism of both is also different. The women have a low metabolic rate than me. The male body composition has a higher proportion of lean body mass than females. The females tend to have a higher proportion of fat cells which have a lower metabolic rate than lean muscle cells.

Natural Tips To Boost Metabolism

  1. High Protein Intake: The TEF or thermic effect of food is a rate of metabolism that measures the calories burned to digest, absorb and process the nutrients. Eating fiber-rich food makes the metabolism increase as more calories are burned to process the meal. The protein increases the metabolic rate by 15%-20% while carbs and fats only increase it by 5-10% and 0-3% respectively. While eating protein is important, it is also essential to understand the required protein in each meal.

  2. The High-Intensity Workout: Working out at a high intensity with intervals makes the human body burn fats quick and faster. The HIIT(high-intensity interval training) makes the metabolic rate increase even after the workout has finished. The training provides a high level of metabolism that any other exercise. Working out is an essential part of making sure that the fat consumed is burned and the energy is realized.

  3. Sleep: In the busy lifestyle, youth and elders usually have a high chance of having sleep disorders. The lack of sleep and high amount of sleep both affect the metabolic rate in an unhealthy way. The science of sleep and Metabolism is that sleep affects the blood sugar levels, insulin resistance which can cause Type 2 Diabetes.

  4. Be Hydrated: The human is constantly maintaining body temperature. As each of these activity requires energy, when humans consume cold water, the human body has to work harder to maintain the temperature and ends up burning more calories. The ice-cold water helps prevent long term weight gain and helps in losing weight.

  5. Cut down On refined Carbs: The refined carbs and fats are the most unhealthy source of fat that humans can consume. The refined carbs have a higher glycemic index which is an index that calculates carbohydrates in food and how it affects the blood sugar levels. It directly affects the spikes and crashes in the blood sugar levels resulting in increased hunger. Adapting a diet with the high whole grains helps in maintaining the metabolic rate.


Metabolism is the most essential process in living beings which affects each of the activities. It is essential to understand and be aware of the science that affects how our activities will change our body and apply simple tips that can help boost metabolic rate naturally.

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