Best Mi Fitness Band in India 2020

Best Mi Fitness Band in India 2020

Best Mi Fitness Band in India 2020

If you dwell in a city, you understand how difficult it can be to get some physical activity going. A fitness band essentially keeps note of whatever movement or exercise you get. Effective and most accurate, a fitness band is helping millions keep up with their fitness goals in the bustling, busy city life. Below we have mentioned everything you need to know about mi bands before purchasing them.

Well, what precisely to look for while purchasing the best mi fitness band in India, or any health band? Now, there are certain technical aspects you need to keep in mind, but there are other essential features and design choices you need to be aware of.

The most basic aspects are the most important

A comfortable, lightweight product is more sought after. It is not only about the features of the band, but also how well it is built and set up. Price and design aspects are essential to look at before making any purchases.

Keep in mind how comfortable the band is on your wrist particularly, a bulky, heavy-duty fitness band might prove a hindrance more than anything else.

Keep in mind how sturdy and durable the band is. A sub-par strap is sure to break sooner than you might think. A weak glass on the display also might ruin your fitness plans.

Keep in mind the accuracy and specializations of the band. Read customer reviews and product specifications to know how and exactly which activity the device reacts to. For example, there is a fitness band made for swimmers and some are made for runners. If you have a specific sport you want to calculate the activity of, check out specific devices that let you do that.

Features to look out for in your fitness band

Technical features give life to a fitness band. Buying the best mi fitness band in India, you need to keep in mind these certain features.

  • Sensors: fitness bands are all about sensors. A fitness band will have a sensor to calculate your various fitness activities. Most bands can be expected to have, an accelerometer for determining linear acceleration, a gyroscope for radial and rotating motion, magnetometers to determine which way is up and a heart rate monitor. Some bands also have a barometer to determine altitude. Essentially more sensors always mean more accurate results.
  • Battery: most bands can last up to 4-5 days easily. Devices with more sensors and/or a touchscreen don't last as much but make that up in features offered. You can choose a band with only a few led lights if you want your band to last months on end.
  • Compatibility: bands can connect to your phone or any other device as well. Keep in mind a single band is generally unable to connect to both, an android device and an ios device.
  • Accuracy: fitness bands use algorithms in accordance with the sensors in place to figure out any physical activity. Fitness bands are not full proof, but more sensors can provide more accurate information. You can also get function-specific devices if you want even more accurate data.
  • Display: bands can come with either simple digital displays, or capacitive touchscreens or a few led lights. There are companion apps available for most bands for you to install on your mobile devices anyway.
  • Health tracking: advanced trackers have to ability to monitor ECG/heartbeat data and can detect abnormalities and inform against any potential failure. A fitness band can even monitor sleep cycles, calorie, and water intake and even set reminders.
  • GPS: if you are into running or cycling, it is essential to get a device with GPS enabled. It can track movements to measure distance covered and even weather changes
  • Water-resistant: make sure your band is waterproof. Since you would be using this during exercise, your band must not be ruined by sweat, or if you go swimming, you need a water-resistant device.

Best mi fitness band for Indians

Below we have mentioned the best mi fitness band for Indians Buying a fitness band isn't easy. Specifications and features listed are somewhat confusing and hard to grasp. Our buying guide is there to keep you informed about how and what to exactly look for in a fitness band. Listed below are the two best mi fitness bands in India.

  1. Mi fitness band: 4

The mi smart band 4 is almost 40% larger than the previous model. It has AMOLED color and a full-touch display with an adaptable glare.

  • With a new music controller on the mi band now you can switch between song, raise/reduce the volume and channel on without even looking at your smartphone.
  • With a durable 5ATM waterproof constructed, you can also go for a swim with the band on. It auto-senses your swimming patterns and captures almost 12 comprehensive data points for tracking.
  • It also has the feature to track your health and wellness with 24*7 reflex heart rating nursing and alerts to advise you when the heart rate is rising.
  • You can also style the fitness band presentation according to your mood with limitless watch faces. Just select a picture from your phone and set it as your watch face.
  • With this mi band on your wrist, you can accept text messages, silence or ignore any call, and also receive notifications from Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook according to your settings.
  • It also offers a long-lasting battery life that runs up to 20 days for continuous performance
  • Begin your day by understanding your sleep pattern with precise light and deep-sleep nursing
  • This fitness band has more than 30 features in one band so they can be your perfect companion
  1. Mi fitness band: 3
  • This model of mi fitness band has up to 20 days of battery backup but if you have switched on the automatic heart rate than the expected battery life will be up to 10 days
  • Use the mi-fit app to connect the phone; during actual use, factors such as settings, operations, and the usage environment will have an impact on the battery life. These features may cause results attained while the actual use to vary from lab data.
  • 78" OLED touch screen. The adjustable strap length is 155 – 216mm
  • Call and notification attentive: read emails and get call popups and alerts from apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, and many others.
  • Constant heart rate check-ups, sleep examination and progressive step tracking
  • Find my phone feature: Ring your phone, if it is misplaced; phone unlock feature (android only)
  • 5atm – water-resistant up to 50 meters
  • You will also receive the weather forecast simply by raising your wrist and watching your mi band.


Making sure you are getting enough physical exercise is quite important. In the matter of fitness, most people assume, going to the gym is going to be enough. Though it certainly helps, general walking, taking the stairs instead of the elevator makes a huge difference in itself. A fitness band not only keeps track of whatever physical activity you might be getting but also analyses and might even have some tips and suggestions for you to get more out of your routine.

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